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June 13, 2011 32 Comments | Disclosure

This week my shopping strategy was all about taking advantage of the $20 gift card deal at Albertsons. (Spend $100 on gift cards with the exception of Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Albertsons cards and receive a $20 coupon good on your next purchase). I purchased $500 in gift cards this week to stores or sites I know I’ll be spending my money at over the next few months.  Stores like Home Depot,Nike,Ebay,and

In return I earned a total of $100 in Albertsons store coupons. I don’t include my retail gift cards in my oop grocery total, because after all…  I don’t buy my groceries at Home Depot.  However, if I can stretch my grocery budget by purchasing gift cards to stores I plan to shop at anyway… you can bet I’m going to take advantage of it.  Because in my opinion… every penny counts no matter where it comes from.

Here’s what I was able to pick up with my (5) $20 coupons.

24lbs of chicken tenders for $1.94 (after (2) $20 coupons).

Bagels, cream cheese,bananas,apples,cantaloupe, snap peas, and carrots .71 (after $20 coupon).

5 lbs of butter, 3 FREE Seattle’s Best Coffees (free with the coupon from the 6/5 SS {Seattle}) and 1 sugar snap pea. FREE (after $20 coupon).  Why did I buy just 1 snap pea?  Because I was .05 short of $20.  It just so happened that the single snap pea cost me .05… just in case you were thinking I sat there and weighed every single pea in the produce department until I found just the right one. :)

2 Caesar salad kits, fancy mozzarella cheese, dipping chocolate,2 boxes of pectin 1 free (wyb2 pectin coupon) bag of brown sugar.  I paid .25 (after $20 coupon)

Cantaloupe and baby watermelons were on sale last week at Fred Meyer for $2 each… plus I picked up a quart of whip cream for a grand total of $9.79.

I also stopped by Costco for 2 gallons of milk and a half gallon of 1/2 and 1/2 and paid $8.58.

I was so excited about the FREE Ken’s Steak House salad dressing this week at Albertsons… I was able to pre-order  my favorite varieties so they were ready for me to pick up on Sunday morning when I went in to do my double coupon shopping.  I paid $1.37 for everything you see above. I only had to pay for the beef… everything else was free with a double coupons.

And last but not least… if you’re like me… and like to occasionally use one of your free Starbucks gift cards you’ve earned with your Swagbucks points to buy yourself a little treat to help make your double coupon trip a little more exciting… then you should know you can currently pick up a free 10 song summer mix at Starbucks when you buy one of their yummy frappuccinos.  Yay for double coupons… and double yay for free Starbucks. :)

Total spent this week $21.27

Total spent year to date $545.16

So how about you?  What was your favorite grocery item you placed in your cart last week?

Jeep Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover


  1. When does the gift card deal end at Albertsons?

  2. My store was saying that the catlina’s from that aren’t working on dairy. But I see you got butter. Does that vary from store to store. They weren’t saying they wouldn’t do it, but that it wouldn’t work. I know dairy has some strange rules.

    • I believe the rule applies to “liquid dairy.” In Washington I’m not allowed to use it for Milk, Fresh whipping cream, 1/2 and 1/2…. but butter… YES!

    • Sometimes they state no dairy on them but i believe these only say “no gift cards, lotto and alcohol” I have purchased milk and soy milk with mine

  3. I took your advise and stocked up on Lowe’s gift cards since we had a ton of yard work and supplies needed for it. Now my yard looks great and my freezer is stocked. Stocked up on chicken, pork, breakfast meats, and then of course used my doublers and spent $43 oop when I left. My husband loved the idea and it was the most food I have ever left Albies with for that dollar amount. Thanks Mavis!!!!

  4. Helen in Meridian says:

    Yesterday I saw a Planters Pistachio cardboard display up front as I walked into Albertsons. They were 2/$5 and there was a tear pad of $1/1 coupons on the display. I bought 9 pkg of Planters pistachio nuts for .50 each.

  5. Heather F says:

    The store I go to most Orchard and Overland in Boise says a note on display that says it’s only valid on a few stores which I thought was odd since the add or excludes the few it says. They had a list of about 5 places and no Home Depot which bummed me out. Went ahead and got a Lowe’s one. HD is usually a tad cheaper

    • Shannon Clark says:

      Heather – My husband works for Lowes and they will price match anyone else plus 10%. Just an FYI so you can use your Lowes gift card and pay Home Depot prices:)

      • The price match plus 10% doesn’t apply to everything. I price matched the other day for some plants with Mclendons and they only gave me the price match because there wasn’t a “specific” item. I also have Military Discount and they didn’t give me that either on the price match or clearance items. So there are some limits.. be sure to check first!

    • I’ve price matched at Lowe’s from Home Depot, Best Buy, and even Sears. They’ve almost always done the match + 10%. And their customer service is way better! Buy another Lowe’s gift card and convert! :)

    • Heather, your store gave you incorrect information. I had Meridian store try and tell me the same thing last week (I think he was just guessing as he also said they had received scant info from Corporate on the promotion). I posed the question on Albertson’s facebook page and received a response back right away from their Customer Service which says the gift card promo applies to ALL gift cards available in the store except for those excluded per the ad (Visa, M/C, Albertson’s, Amex). I did go back and pick up 3 different cards the next day with no problem (none were pictured in the “ad”, and plan to go get some Home Depot cards yet this week. Your store needs to update their facts and check with corporate!

  6. Can we use these catalina’s at Fred Meyer? Their produce is so much better! If we can, what are people’s thoughts on that? Do you think it is ethical couponing? I realize Fred Meyer made the policy, but are they just going to have to eat the $20?

    • The Albie’s gift card deal is a store Q…cannnot be used at another store. If it was a MQ Freddy’s would take it. Safeway is running a gift card deal too, but with limited number of merchants. $10 Safeway Q for every $50 spent…I think you may need to buy in separate xsactions if you want more than one.

  7. Theresa says:

    Mavis, how long out is the expiration date on the $20 catalinas for the giftcard purchase? We leave for Disneyland at the end of the week so was gonna pick up a bunch of Disney giftcards, but wanna make sure the Cat will still be good for us to buy our groceries when we get home from our trip. 😉 Thx!

  8. The $20 Catalina’s also say you can’t use more than one per day. I don’t know if everyone is following this rule or not, but I didn’t try to use more than one at a time.

    • Meridian Mama says:

      I asked my cashier about that and he said “let’s try it and we’ll see” and there was absolutely no problem using the second catalina. No beep, no override needed at all…

      • I just try to follow what the coupon says, just because the computer doesn’t recognize it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t follow what the coupon says.

    • I have used two in one day but they were in separate transactions.

  9. I did this deal this last week 3 different times after reading your post. What a haul!!

    I am now looking at the weddings/baby showers and birthdays coming up to pick up more gift cards and save.

    Great idea Mavis and I would have missed it if you had not written about it. Thanks!!

  10. That is amazing! Very inspiring :) Keep up the good work!

  11. I love, love, love the gift card deal at albertsons…It just so happens that my kids grandparents sent them both $150 each just b/c. We were planning to use the money to get the boys there summer cloths (thank god for grandparents!) So when i herd about this deal at albertsons i jumped right on it! I thaught not only could i get the kids summer stuff they need but i could get $60 in free groceries. I went to albies and purchesed two hundered in Kohls gift cards (love Kohls) and fifty in toys r us and fifty in K-Mart, thus earning me free groceries. Money has been tight this last month so this really helped our family stock up on some groceries! Thanks Mavis for the tip!

  12. I have a question about the Zaycon meat orders. I did the chicken and so far am pleased with that (except I overcooked some of the breasts I cooked… DANG!!!… I’ll know better next time!) I received an email about Hickory bacon $2.97/lb , all-beef steak dogs $2.87/lb, 80/20 chopped steakburger patties $2.97/lb, and German sausages $2.87/lb. Wondering if these are a good deal, and how the quality of these item are. Has anyone tried them?

    • I thought this may help a bit more:

      Fresh Hickory Smoked, regular sliced Bacon: With fantastic flavor, this fresh from the farm product keeps 60 days in your refrigerator. With 4 convenient packages per case, it would be easy to share with a friend if you didn’t think you could use the entire case. Case size is 30 lbs (4 pouches – 7.5lbs each ). Price is $2.97 per lb.
      Premium All Beef Steak Dogs: Each 10 lb case includes 50 steak dogs. Easy to repackage. These all beef steak dogs are made from steak pieces. Price is $2.87 per lb.
      German Sausages: Each 10 lb case includes 50 sausages. Easy to repackage. Price is $2.87 per lb.
      Premium 80/20 lean chopped steak patties: Each 18 lb case includes 6 packages for a total of 72 patties (with 12 patties in each 3 lb package). Price is $2.97 per lb.

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