Mock Mojitos

Last week, SuperValu sent Monica and me to New York for a media event they had officially launching the Essential Everyday private label line.  We had a great time meeting some SuperValu executives as well as making several recipes using Essential Everyday products!  Over the next few weeks, Monica and I will be sharing our favorite recipes with you so you can give them a try!  This drink was so delicious and refreshing!

Mock Mojitos


1 (0.75 ounce) package mint leaves, stems removed
2 tablespoons Essential Everyday™ Granulated Sugar
3 cups reconstituted Essential Everyday Frozen Limeade
1½ cups Super Chill® Club Soda
Ice cubes


Roughly chop mint leaves and place in a 2-quart pitcher; add sugar.
2. Using a muddler or spatula, vigorously press mint and sugar together until well combined
3. Add in limeade and club soda; stir to combine. Fill pitcher with ice and stir.

Disclosure: Supervalu paid for our trip to New York and did not ask us to blog about it or share recipes.  I am sharing it because it is so delicious!


  • Linda

    It’s better to leave the leaves whole below muddling . . . then you don’t get little pieces of green in your teeth!

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