Kitchenaid Stand Mixer as low as $105.49 Shipped!

November 25, 2013 52 Comments | Disclosure



Kitchenaid Classic Plus 4.5 Quart Stand Mixer (Silver) $229.99 (Reg. $299)
Apply 15% OFF Coupon Code BLACKFRI (- $34.50)
OOP: $195.49  (plus tax)
Receive $60 Kohl’s Cash (put something for $4.51  in your cart)
Submit for $30 Mail In Rebate found here
Final Price: $105.49!

Kitchenaid Classic Plus 4.5 Quart Stand Mixer (White) $229.99 (Reg. $299)
Apply 15% OFF Coupon Code BLACKFRI (- $34.50)
OOP: $195.49  (plus tax)
Receive $60 Kohl’s Cash (put something for $4.51  in your cart)
Submit for $30 Mail In Rebate found here
Final Price: $105.49!

Want the Artisan instead (it’s 5 qt!)?

Kitchenaid Artisan 5 qt. Stand Mixer $349.99 (Reg. $449.99)
Apply 15% OFF Coupon Code BLACKFRI (- $52.50)
OOP: $297.49  (plus tax)
Receive $90 Kohl’s Cash (put something for $3  in your cart to get the higher cash back of $90)
Submit for $50 Mail In Rebate found here
Final Price: $157.49!

Got your heart set on the big one?

KitchenAid Pro 600 Stand Mixer $449.99
Save 10% with the Black Friday Sale ($404.99)
Use Code BLACKFRI to save $60.75
Plus $7.50 Shipping Surcharge
Pay $351.74 OOP
Receive $90 Kohls Cash (buy an additional $5.76 to receive another $15!)
Submit for $50 Mail In Rebate!
Final Price: $211.74
($196.74 if you buy another $5.76!)

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  1. Won’t the $15 Kohl’s Cash that you get back for every $50 spent, make the Black Friday deal better?

    • Kohl’s Doesn’t have any kitchenaid mixers listed in their black friday ad…

      When I mentioned Black Friday, I was talking across the entire spectrum of all 39 stores we’ve posted deals for!

        They do have them in their Black Friday flyer. The Classic Plus is listed for $199. I am so confused as to which is a better deal. I think, when it comes down to it, going ahead with what you have listed may be better, but its early for me and the brainy parts aren’t in full action mode. 😛
        Thanks for all of your deal postings!! They are helping SO much!!

        • Wow! Don’t know how we missed that one! It’s early, but my math is working! (I think!)
          $199.99 includes 30 MIR
          -10% (19.99)
          -$45 Kohls Cash
          Final Price: $135.00

          • Okay, that is what confused me, the way they had the MIR listed.
            So, the deal now is best. 🙂
            Does the BF sale price in the add also include the extra 10% off?, that is how I understood it. That would make the 199 include the MIR and 10%.

            • I had to update my math again… maybe that’s why the person who shared the list with us didn’t include it… to confused, but I got it now! You pay $0.50 more today, and don’t have to figure out how to spend $45 in Kohl’s Cash.

              • marge cross says:

                I can figure out how to spend kohls cash without a problem. Seems to benefit to having to pay only .50 more is 1: not fighting a crowd, 2: getting it. No idea if they’ll have enough when you get there, 3: not having to try to fix that great big box in the small buggy or carry it through the store (those suckers are heavy), 4: you’ll probably spend more than .50 driving there then driving around the parking lot until you find a place on a very crowed day, 5: it comes right to your front door. Not sure about you guys but that is worth .50. 🙂

            • Whew! I have WAY too many numbers running through my head and WAY too long of a list this year 😛
              Thank you SOOO very much for your help!
              You are awesome!!!

          • So, if you don’t count the shipping surcharge, it’s $0.50 MORE to buy it today, and you don’t have to mess with Kohl’s cash 🙂

  2. I can’t get the $50 rebate to print- is it the correct link?

  3. Where is the $50 rebate? The link takes me only to the $30 rebate.

  4. Am I doing something wrong mine is coming up as $82 so with 30 off that only makes it $150

  5. If I buy it today, the Artisan one, how much Im going to pay?

  6. When the price of Early Birds are going to show up?

  7. The difference between buying it today and waiting for black Friday is using a %20 percent today and not getting kohls cash and using a %15 coupon on black Friday and getting kohls cash. Price on black Friday $229.99 -%10, drops the price to $206.99. You can then use the %15 coupon and you will pay $175.94. Subtract the $30 rebate and your subtotal will be $145.94 plus you’ll get $45 in kohls cash.You’ll have to add tax and the $3.50 shipping surcharge if you have it shipped.

  8. Thank you for this! I am very excited to get a mixer!!

    The $30 rebate link doesn’t have all the necessary rebate info. It is missing the rebate amount and address to send the rebate. Am I doing something wrong???

  9. This is by far the best deal than the one on the kohls black friday ad ( I did see their $199 sale a few days ago and figured out the numbers); however, in my head getting it shipped to my house and not having to spend and extra $45 in kohls cash is totally worth the extra $.50!!!! I bought mine a 1/2 hr ago and couldn’t be happier. Thank you for taking the time to post these deals and allowing me to enjoy this rainy day with my kids at home and not worry about going to stores looking for deals.

  10. Please, where I put the 20% code?

  11. I just bought the 5qt. Artisan mixer, and like Deedee, mine came up with $225.06 after the $50 rebate. I must have missed something too.

  12. Are you calculating in sales tax? It is going to be the $259 before tax, and then tax added based on where you live. That could be making up the difference that you get to $225 after the rebate is accounted for?

  13. Don’t forget, you can save even more (an additional 6%) if you go through first!

  14. How long is the early bird running? I was about to purchase evening of 11/23 and the price went back to 349.99 for the artisan one? Thanks for your help.

  15. marge cross says:

    Crap after all that I missed this deal. Oh well staying off internet this afternoon to do Christmas decorations as a family while she is home for the weekend is worth the extra .50 after all.

  16. do you know if the classic kitchen aid is available online by 8pm on thanksgiving (black friday)??

  17. My order was over $200 but I only got $45 Kohl’s cash. Why is that?

  18. Hi Becky.

    So do you still think the Nov. 23 price is better than today’s deal?

  19. arcadia pena says:

    I would love to buy a mixer…is there still any sales going new to this site???? any info would help thank you

  20. arcadia pena says:


  21. Amanda Draper says:

    So I ordered mine on 11/23. They are saying I wont get my kohls Cash cause there was no promotion going on for kohls cash..
    Did I do something wrong?!

  22. eliza soeth says:

    I ordered my kitchenaid from kohl’s nov26 and it was processed received an order number and it was deducted from my acct and then the next day they sent me a cancellation notice and returned my money i have emailed them 3x and call 4 x and always get disconnected this was a wedding present for my son and i told him when it was coming so un happy with kohl’s

  23. I ordered the Silver Classic 4.5QT Kitchenaid mixer and thought I had the correct rebate form, but it says the UPS should start with 0 50946. Mine is 0 88304. Can you help me find the right form? I bought it on 11/23.

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