Kmart Doubling Coupons Up To $.99!!

October 24, 2011 42 Comments | Disclosure

Kmart is having a double coupon event!

The Details:

  • 1st, check your store ad to be sure your store is participating.
  • Kmart will double up to and including $0.99 manufacturer’s coupons from 10/23/11-10/29/11.
  • Kmart store coupons will not be doubled
  • Amount of credit from doubling a coupon cannot exceed the current retail price of the item.
  • You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons
  • You must use your Shop Your Way Rewards Card. You can sign up for free on!
  • Kmart does not offer overage. No cash back.

Here is a list of Fab deals you may find at Kmart this week!

Nesquik Powdered Drink Mix 7 serv. $1.00
Double $.60/1 Nestle Nesquik Powder 10/16/11 SS
Final price: Free!

Old El Paso Seasoning $.79
Double $0.50/1 Old El Paso Product 9/18/11 SS
Final price: Free!

French’s Worcestershire Sauce, Extra Tenderizing, 10 fl oz. $1.75, or 5 oz. $0.89
Double $0.75/1 French’s Worcestershire Sauce 8/21/2011 SS
Final price: Free!

Welch’s Concord Grape Jelly 18 oz. $.88 or Jam $1.49
Double $0.75/1 Welch’s Grape Jelly or Jam (Watch Video to unlock coupon)
OR $0.55/1 Welch’s Jelly or Spread 09/25 SS
Final price: Free!

Bar-S Bologna 16 oz.
$.88 w/ in ad coupon
Double $0.75/2 Bar-S Frank or Bologna 10/23/11 RP
Final price: $.13

Double $0.75/2 Bar-S Frank or Bologna 10/23/11 RP
Final Price: $.54
Double $.50/1 Success Rice Product 10/2/11 RP
Final Price: $.49

Mentos Gum 15 ct Bottle $1.25
Double $0.55/1 Mentos Product 10/09/11 SS
Final price: $.15

Double $0.40/1 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix 10/02/11 GM
Final Price:  $.87

Carnation Evaporated Milk 12 oz. $1.00
Double $0.50/2 Carnation Evaporated Milk 9/25/11 RP
Final price: $.50

Peter Pan Peanut Butter $2
Double $0.50/1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter All You Sep. 2011
Final price: $1.00

Double $0.50/1 or $0.75/1 Tabasco Sauce 9/18/2011 SS
Final Price: $.09- $.59
Double $0.25/1 SunnyD Product 8/07/11 SS
Final price:  $.50
Double $0.75/1 Sunsweet Prune Juice 9/11/11 SS
Final Price:  $.19 

Double $0.75/1 Twizzlers Candy  8/07/11 SS
OR $0.50/1 Twizzlers Candy 8/07/11 SS
Final price: $.50

Edge Shave Gel 7 oz. $2.00
Double $0.55/1 Edge Shave Gel 09/25/11 SS
Final price: $.90

Xtra Detergent 68.75-75 oz. $1.88 w/ in ad coupon
Double $0.50/1 Xtra Detergent 8/28/11 SS
Final price: $.88
Double $0.50/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue  8/14/11 RP
Final price: $3.99
Whisker Lickins Cat Treats 2.1 oz. $1.39
Double $0.75/2 Purina Whisker Lickin’s 10/02/11 RP
Final Price: $.69
  Before you go, check out Kmarts TOP 5 WEEKLY DEALS!
We’d like to know where/what deals YOU are finding at Kmart!


  1. Michele R says:

    Nampa K-mart:

    Twizzlers on clerance $1.30 /.30 after double

    also any BOGO or B2GO q’s will still be doubled if .99 or less,

    ex Mars candy coupon B2GOF

    bought 3 M&M’s @.99 ea, 2.97
    1.98 was deducted, paid $.99 for all 3

    Skintamate shave gel is 2/$4
    use .75 off printable = .50 each

    shick hydro shave gel 2/$4 use .75/1 only .50 each ( they were out this am but check back in a few days )

    I didnt not see that they carried the small pouch of nesquick Just an FYI

    • It was in the small shelving units near all the groceries almost at the end as you turn the corner to candy. there was also other baking items on display

  2. They also have Chinet plates $1.49 with peelies for $0.55 off double that and pay $0.39 each pack

  3. Just like with albertsons doublers, walmart in meridian is matching this :)

    • That’s what I’m talking about!!! hahaha I was going to call wallys, now I don’t have too. Thanks!

    • emily marino says:

      do you have to have the kmart ad or anything else with you(besides your coupons-lol) to do it? i get the press tribune and cant find a kmart ad at all! Also has anyone tried this…did they have trouble with the cashiers figuring out how to do it?

    • I’m in LA, and there is a KMart right across the street from our Wal Mart. I read this and called my Wal Mart to check because KMart is wiped out! I was told by customer service that she was sure they could because she had looked for, but couldn’t find, someone to answer my question. Right before I hung up and was going to gather my things to head there, she said “wait! There’s a BDM!” and put me on hold. This woman got on the phone and obviously irritated with having to answer my question asked me “What I Wanted” and after my brief explanation told me NO, they were not, and hung up. Two points to my typing this:
      1. Check before you fill your shopping cart
      2. I am new to this… Would any of you try to contact Wal Mart elsewhere to report how rudely I was treated and to let them know I will be doing my shopping elsewhere this week? If so, where do I call and/or e-mail? I would hope that they would change it, and allow me to double my coupons if I bring it to their attention.

      Thanks for any input!!!

      • Jennifer L says:

        I personally wouldn’t waste my time or my breath in contacting Walmart. It won’t get you anywhere and nothing will happen – not even a PFO letter, e-mail or phone call – nothing. The best voice you have is to not spend any money there. Take your coupons and get the items you can for free and any overage you can. I personally limit my Walmart shopping as much as possible and I’ve been couponing for about 2 1/2 years. I believe that every person regardless of how they pay for their items at checkout (coupons, food stamps, cash, check, debit or charge) deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

        If your options are limited, you might want to see if Kmart will place an order for you. I don’t know if they will but it’s worth a shot. In the Boise, Idaho area, Rite Aid and Walgreens are usually good places to find some great deals. They aren’t necessarily “stock up” stores – you may only be able to get one or two of the item. Just remember, show and stead wins the race!

      • I’m in FL, and the Wal-Mart here was the same way! I’m fed up with the store in general… This is what I found on their website…
        Walmart Home Office
        702 SW 8th Street
        Bentonville, Arkansas
        Or fill in the online survey about your experience (which is what I did)

    • Are they matching all coupons or just the food/health & beauty. I know the Kmart ad says grocery/health & beauty and I think that some may consider cleaners/laundry/baby products as part of “grocery” and some don’t.

  4. Michele R says:

    Walmart is matching but the Kmart ad says grocery and health & beauty only, and walmart was following that rule, / so they would not dbl paper goods / diaper wipes etc… so YMMV! ( this was at the caldwell walmart )

  5. So… just to make sure I understand, only coupons that are .99 or less they will double, right? They won’t double a 2$ coupon (but only do it for .99)?

    • They will only double the ones up to $.99. They will not double any coupons that are over $.99. I was hoping they would double the bigger ones up to $.99, but they would not.

  6. I went to Kmart last night and got a lot of hot dogs and one thing of gum.

    I could not find the french’s Worcestershire sauce and all the shave gel was gone.

    Hope to go back in a few days and get the shave gel, I went to the Boise Kmart :)

    • Aimee in Meridian says:

      The Bar S hotdogs are cheaper at walmart. .68 cent use the .75 off 2 and get the overage! The cashier doubled all my coupons that were under $1.00 take your ad to walmart!

  7. My mentos coupons say “do not double”… is KMart or Wal Mart doubling these?

  8. Are all of these stock up prices?

    • Jennifer L says:

      The mentos gum for 15 cents is a stock up price for me. I think it’s about my maximum though. The Nampa K-Mart has strawberry twizzlers for $1.30 on clearance so with the 50 cent coupon doubled they are just 30 cents a bag. That’s a stock up price for me. I didn’t see anything in their ad (but I honestly didn’t look either) and the register just did the doubling automatically. There was no manual adjustment or forcing through on any of my items.

  9. Does anyone know if we need the ad with us to double the Q’s at the Meridian Walmart? If so, are they only at K Mart? I did not see the ad at all in any of my papers. Is their a limit on how many, 10 or so? Lol, sorry lots of Q’s 😛

  10. Are we sure the K Mart in Boise is doubling? I haven’t been able to find it in their ad.

  11. Does anyone know if the Idaho Falls K Mart is doubling? I didn’t get an ad.

  12. So… We can bite Kmart’s hand? ;0)

  13. Soo… Is K-mart only doubling health, beauty and grocery only?? The match up has laundry soap… wouldn’t that not be included?

  14. I went to two Kmarts and couldnt find that they carry that size welches jelly :(

  15. I went into the Meridian Walmart today and did the doublers with no problem. I didn’t have the ad, just mentioned it at the register, they already knew. I did have to point out the the 75 doubled to 1.50 and not just a dollar, but no problems! I didn’t find any SUPER deals, but did get a bunch of kids Crest and cat treats, now I don’t have to use Albies doublers for those. Remember that they only double the coupons up to .99, so takes out all the 1.00 coupons! I had fun!

  16. I just left Kmart in Jax,fl and the hot dogs were only .30 before coupons! needless to say with coupons we stocked up. About 50 packs.

  17. I scored some coupons for Extra Gum on a display at Walgreens for .50 cents off one package. At Kmart this week the Extra gum is on sale for 1.00 a pack. The .50 cent coupon double to 1.00 so the gum is FREE!!

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