Kmart Doubles Matchups 6/3-6/9 {Money Maker on Venus, CoverGirl, Olay, Free Wet ‘N Wild and Kraft Dressing}

June 4, 2012 21 Comments | Disclosure

Good news Kmart shoppers! Kmart will be doing double coupons everyday this week!

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★- means the price is better than generic/wholesale/mass store prices!

means this is when we stock up!!! {aka Extreme Couponing… done right}

If we don’t star an item but it’s listed here, that means it is around the same price you would see at a superstore on any given day.


Double Coupon Rules

Kmart has a few rules for double coupon events. Make sure you understand them before you try to shop it!

        • You must reach $25 in grocery and drugstore merchandise (before coupons)
        • You must have a Shop Your Way Rewards Card (give to cashier first, before you scan any items or coupons)
        • Scan all items before scanning any coupons, to be sure you get to $25
        • Kmart will double manufacturer’s coupons up to $1
        • Limit of 5 coupons doubled per day
        • No cash back or credit given (no overage)
        • Limit of 4 of the same items
        • Excludes B1G1 Free Offers
        • This promotion is NATIONAL, see Kmart Coupon Center for more details.



Deal Scenario

2 Bounty Basic Paper Towels $18.98
1 Tide Detergent $11.97
4 Kraft Dressings $4
1 Oreo Cookies $3.85
1 Sugar Daddy $7.99
Total Before Coupons: $46.79
(2) $1/1 Bounty (will both double $1)
$1/1 Tide Detergent (will double $1)
(2) $1/2 Kraft Dressings (will both double $1)
Free Oreos, (found in store, see above)
Price Sugar Daddy comes off automatically
Pay: $24.95
Receive $10 Catalina for P&G
Final Price: $14.95


This is the info on the $5 Venus/CoverGirl/Olay Catalina that I received from the catalina machine last week.


  1. Where can we find the MIR info? Thanks!

  2. KShauers says:

    I just got back from doing this just now – #1 my $2 off my razors didn’t work, since it didn’t scan they didn’t accpet it. #2 the $5 cat never came out either, (Receive $5 Olay/CoverGirl/Venus Catalina)
    where does it state that you get it…? so i can go back and show them? …also the $10 cat….is that suppost to be an actual cat, because mine printed out with my recpit, to use in store only.

  3. I just closed down kmart. I didn’t see I had a 10,000 credit on my card until 8:00 tonight. Just couldn’t let it go to waste…so off I went. I tried to do the deal above but they didn’t have any of the Cover Girl Lash Blast volume, so I had to wing it. This is what I did

    pantene 4.99
    pantene 4.99 – 2.50 1/2 off
    olay moisturizer 8.49
    olay moisturizer 8.49 – 4.25 1/2 off
    5 Cover Girl mascara on clearance for 2.89 each = 14.45
    2 venus razors 1/7.99 = 15.98
    oreo cookies 3.85
    4 kraft dressings 1.00×4= 4.00
    total 58.49

    $3/2 pantene
    $1 olay
    $1 olay
    $1 cover girl x 5
    b1g1 venus – $7.99
    $1/2 kraft x 2
    oreo kmart coupon – $3.85
    5 $1 coupons doubled
    = $28.84

    $58.49 – $28.84 = $29.65. I used my rewards points – $11.14 = $18.51 oop

    I received
    $5 gc to be used on 6/18
    $10 off grocery, health and beauty with purchase of $10 or more cat
    earn 5,000 points on your next grocery with $50 or more cat
    $3.00 on your next shopping order by p&g cat
    $5 on your next shopping order by p&g cat
    1 picnic voucher (spend $50 on grocery or drugstore. Accumulate 5 vouchers and get a coupon for each of: 3 pkgs bar-s hot dogs, 3 pkgs of hot dog buns, 3 bags of msart sense chips and 3 smart sense sodas)
    PLUS I can submit for the spend $50 get $10 p&g rebate

    Not so bad!

  4. KShauers says:

    Would it be worth looking into, going back to the customr service desk to ask about the $2 venus razor coupon and my, last doubler that didn’t double? or is there nothing they can do now that my transaction is done, and it would be a diffrent day?

    • KShauers says:

      i also don’t know how to state, to the CAT company that it the $5 CAT didn’t print, where does it say that it will?

      • It never hurts to ask, they should easily give you the extra doubled coupon. The Venus one might be more of a challenge.

        I added the little cat info pic above. Just say you bought Venus/Covergirl/Olay and were expecting to receive a $5 catalina, but didn’t. They will ask you some info from you receipt and then if you qualify they will mail it out to you.

        Did you spend over $50 before coupons? If so you should have got a picnic voucher. Did you get that? My guess is the catalina machine was off or offline. It has happened to me before and the catalina company can fix it for you.

        • KShauers says:

          no picnic voucher, i did call the cat company so we will see what happens. I did however go back to get the double coupon fixed and asked about the $2 coupon (i brought back in the razors) and she got it all fixed up for me :) so far im at a $5 MM, hopfully they will mall my $5 cat. THANKyou so much for you help and fast answers! :) its a bummer that the cat didn’t work, still not even sure how those work, or how your suppost to know that they will print out.

          • It shoulds like your catalina machine was off, out of paper, or offline. I think you should have gotten a picnic voucher, a $5 cat and a $3 cat. Hopefully they will send you out all of these. I am glad you got the rest straightened out. It always ruins even the best of shopping trips when the cats don’t print, but it is always worth a phone call or email to fix it for me.

    • The $2 venus coupon I had expired on 5/30. I must not have pulled it out. Would have saved me a little bit!

  5. Shannon says:

    At KShauers, how many coupons did you use that should’ve doubled? I know they are limiting up to 5 coupons to be doubled daily.

  6. Just left my neighborhood Kmart…I’m new to this, so I inquired about the double coupon info. I was informed that my Kmart ONLY does double coupon on Wednesday and Saturday on the last week each month. I thought double coupon was a national policy? Help! :)

    • They have doubled everyday for a few months now, but it was Wednesday and Saturday at the first of the year. I would show them the ad this week or the monthly ad. It is clearly stated in both. Also my Kmart has signs everywhere to advertise this. If you do a transaction, the computer should double the coupons anyway, even if the cashiers are unaware of this promo.

  7. Price matched the Kool Aid at WM. Got 70 packs for $3.50 (5 cent a pack). Thanks for the great tips, even if we don’t have a Kmart nearby, we can sometimes work the same deals :-)

    • I added that wrong, more like $4.90 (so 7 cents I believe). Amazingly, I have actually had problems with this coupon. First time I used it was at Fred Meyer and I didn’t look at my receipt till I was already on the road (unusual for me). For some reason the coupon only took off 10 cents total and they had their packs on sale for 10/$1 at the time. I was really bummed but couldn’t turn back. I was expecting each coupon to take off 50 cents, right?

      • Yes it should have taken off $0.50 cents it is buy 10 get 5 free, making it 15 for $1 or 7 cents each.

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