Just Printed 8 Milk Coupons from One Computer!

June 1, 2012 40 Comments | Disclosure


The Milk and Cheese coupons have reset! Again!!!

There must be magic in the air because I got a message from Ang saying she printed 8 coupons from ONE computer. I tried it too and it totally worked! {8 coupons from one computer, so excited} So… hurry…run … and print!!!!!

$0.75/1 Milk Coupon any brand
$1.00/2 lbs Cheese Coupon any brand

Milk and Cheese are my favorite coupons. I use them every time they are available. I print them twice from every computer in my house, but this time you can print EIGHT. I love that they work on any brand of milk or cheese. Hopefully they reset for you too!

 (Must be in ID or UT to use these, so  you will need to use zipcode 83702 to find them.)


  1. I was able to get four..it’s not 8 but I will take it! Whoot! Whoot!

  2. Coupons.com keeps crashing on me. Anyone else having this problem?

  3. Wait..I was wrong. I forgot to refresh my screen, it let let me print another 4! 8 total for me too. Thanks for the heads up ladies!

  4. Cherie: What browser are you using? I always have issues with IE. I suggest Google Chrome if your not already using it.

  5. Soo awesome! Rosaur’s has 2lbs cheese for 3.99!

  6. I had that luck last month…..but this month I can’t find any milk coupons, even when I give it a different zip code. So be sure to use all your milk coupons, you might not get them next month!

  7. Nikki Bell says:

    Got mine!! Thanks!!! I am helping a friend get started and she can use some of mine now 🙂

  8. Melissa L says:

    I stopped at 4. Can ya freeze milk? Theres no way we’ll drink 8 gallons of milk in a couple weeks 😉

    • Yes you can freeze milk. Also pay attention to the expiration dates as you buy it and as you use it.

  9. I’m soooooo jealous.I live in CA. Congrats to all 🙂

  10. Jenny Baker says:

    I had already printed out both once and just now found/printed another cheese, but can’t find the milk.

  11. Meridian Mama says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Loving this!!! We go through 3-4 gallons a week, so this is awesome! It was great to get 4 the last couple of months but 8 is even sweeter! Thanks for sharing this!

  12. June is national dairy month, sillies.

  13. winkiephil01@aol.com says:

    I am in Oregon and printed 8 each. If anyone wants them let me know and just send me a SASE and I will get them to you ASAP!

    winkiephil01 at aol.com

  14. I live in NY 🙁 I need a milk coupon too!!

  15. I went to Albertsons this morning and they told me that the coupons were coming up fraudulent (both the milk and the cheese). She said she knew it was not my fault, but that there was a problem with the web site I got them from. Anyone else have this experience? Anyone have success using them?

    • Which store are you shopping? I have heard that the state street store is telling people that, but they should not be. The coupon is completely legit coming from coupons.com. The only problem would be if people are copying them or using them outside of ID OR UT.

    • I have also been running into this problem at my local Paul’s Market; when the coupon is scanned a “counterfeit coupon” alert comes up. 🙁

      • The reason the “counterfeit coupon” alert comes up is to remind the cashier to examine the coupon further. The coupon is only supposed to be used it UT, ID. If couponers try to use it in other states outside of UT, ID than they would be using it in a counterfeit way.
        So let your cashier know, because they probably don’t know that.

  16. Nikki Bell says:

    Shopped in Rexburg, ID this morn and used 9 coupons for milk and all worked just fine. My checker has a policy that if they scan, then they are legit. I even use only black and white print outs, no color prints at all.

  17. I love love this site, I just am disappointed on the milk coupons this month, everytime I visit the site this month it says the milk coupon has reached it’s printable limit. I go through milk at 1 gal. a day with 2 teens in the house.

  18. nope no luck takes me to coupon.com no milk coupons.april

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