Introducing…(drum roll please) Rosauers!

March 21, 2012 19 Comments | Disclosure

So a big, brand new grocery store, Rosauers (pronounced Rose-arrrz) opened on Eagle Rd. in Meridian.  I couldn’t wait to swing in and see if the deals would be worth my (ahem, our) time.  I popped in today, and by popped in, I mean I waited eagerly at the front entrance while all of the corporate men/women in suits thanked their families, country, etc. and cut the Grand Opening Ribbon.  (The store actually opened a few days ago, but today was the big soiree).   It did not disappoint in aesthetic appeal! It was beautiful. The sale prices were great, and the regular prices were, well, regular prices. I plan on doing a full ad match-up, but found a few must post deals that I thought I would throw out to you, in case you find yourself in the neighborhood!

Navel Oranges $.29/lb

Western Family Skim, 1%, 2% or Whole Milk $1.99 {First 2 only}
Use $.75/1 Any Brand Milk printable coupon
Final Price: $1.24

Langers Apple Juice $1.99
Buy 2
Use B1G1 Free Hangtag
Final Price: $.99

★ Tostitos Tortilla Chips $2.50
Buy 2
Use Buy 2 Tostitos Tortilla Chips Get a Tostitos Salsa FREE peelie
Final Price: $5.00, plus FREE Salsa (salsa is priced at $3.69)

Stay tuned for the full match-up!


  1. I was going to ask about match ups for them. I planned on being at the ribbon cutting with the Meridian Chamber, but did not make it. I did pop in on my lunch hour, which was a mistake. it took forever to find a parking spot and them couldn’t even get around inside. I left very quickly. Will go back again when things settle down, Glad you had a momernt to take a look.

    • Fab about Albertsons says:

      I loved it! I recommend checking it out! A full list of the ad match-up is scheduled to post at 11:30 today, so check back for all of the deals!

  2. It was ok…I asked and they don’t have loyalty cards and don’t offer in store coupons. Their prices are there prices. They will have didn’t sales and such..their thing is walking you’re groceries out to your car for you. I’m not expecting to much from them but its nice to have a new store in town.

  3. They will have different**

  4. I went today and fell in love!! I think that there will be some good coupon deals that come around, but regular prices seem pretty close to Fred Meyer. I love the variety of products that they have! I know that if I need something special I will be looking their first from now on

  5. I went in today and the cashier told me they dont take coupons

  6. any freebies with the grand opening?

    • Fab about Albertsons says:

      Yes! They are handing out coupons for FREE bags of salad, FREE lighthouse dips/dresssing products. Also, you get a FREE grocery bag for stopping in (They are over by the Huckleberry’s side of the store). There are a ton of places to sign up for give-aways as well–flat screen t.v., bbq, groceries, etc.

  7. I actually have a Rosauers here. They are a bit on the pricey side at times. But they have these awesome 13 hour sales every so often. So far this year we have had a 13 hour produce sale, cereal sale and seafood sale. I did go to the produce one and walked out with a shopping bag full of fruit and veggies for very cheap. They also like to use as much local produce as possible. At least here they do.

  8. Butter is 1.79 and lightbulbs .50
    Thought these were good prices.

  9. Rosauers is an amazing store. I grew up in N. Idaho, so have been a Rosauers shopper my entire life. My brother is actually a Rosauers employee of 25 years. Here are a few things i know:
    They DO accept manufacturer coupons
    They Do have amazing 13-hour sales
    They Do have a wonderful natural foods section called Huckleberries
    They Do have very competitive sale prices
    They Do have excellent customer service
    They also treat their employees good!
    I’m very exctied about the new store in Meridian, and can’t wait to experience it for myself. I’ve heard it is gorgeous.

    • Fab about Albertsons says:

      I agree on every account! I LOVED the store–it is gorgeous. Make sure to check back around 11:30 today for the full match-up–there are some really great deals. I plan on heading back over with my coupons in tow!

  10. Their Lindsay Olives are $.69 a can, I thought that was pretty good. I thought that their normal prices were a bit high, but their sales prices were great. They had tons of stock, so no worries about running out of sale items, and their service was wonderful! They will walk you out to your car everytime! They don’t have cart returns in the parking lots for two reasons: 1. They said that it will reduce vehicle damage and 2. They want to bring back old fashioned customer service. It was fun going there.

    • Fab about Albertsons says:

      My thoughts exactly! I think if you stick to shopping the sale items, you will be able to find some really great deals. I did a match-up of the entire ad, so make sure to check back around 11:30 for the deals!

  11. Georgia says:

    Great store. Would like more info about cooking classes. Is signup available on line? Is there a list of classes? Thanks!!

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