How To Roll Catalinas

September 14, 2010 14 Comments | Disclosure

coupon help, tipsThe secret to saving 90% on your groceries is rolling catalinas!  You probably saw Ambers Albertsons & Walgreens shopping trip post yesterday where she actually left the store with $13.70 MORE  in her pocket than when she went off shopping!

She reveals this secret of successful couponing in this 10 minute video.  She’ll show you step by step how she got “paid” to shop!

You can view a break down of her Walgreens transactions, and the Albertsons transactions, so you can go do these shopping trips too!  (The Albertsons sale ends at MIDNIGHT!).  The Walgreens deals go all week (and the John Frieda goes all month!)

Want to learn more secrets of successful couponing?  We show you all of them in our 90 minute DVD, The Seven Secrets of Successful Couponing.  Order it today and we’ll get it right out to you!


  1. I’m a little confused about the $3 Hamburger Helper catalina. Mine says save $3 on your next Hamburger, Chicken, or Tuna purchase and the checkout person told me it was to save on the actual meat the next time I shop. I have 3 of them now, so are they good on any transaction or just on meat?

  2. Great job Amber!!! How helpful for all the newbies out there!! I am personally teaching my neighbor right now with all of the great deals and her freezer is stocked! She couldn’t thank me enough. I am just so happy to help her. I can’t thank you ladies enough for all the lessons I have learned from this site! Once again…. You all are AWESOME!!!

  3. Great video. Thanks. I just have a couple of questions…
    When did you buy your ebay coupons? After you knew about this deal? Or do you buy when high value coupons come out on products you like?

    • Megan, I’m not Amber, but I will chime in on my coupon-buying experience.

      I’ve only bought coupons from ebay a handful of times, and all but once it was well worth it. When a coupon comes out for a product that my family consumes regularly and that I would stock up on when the price is right, I’ll buy some and wait for a sale. I look for a coupon value great enough that it would result in free or really really cheap price after doublers and an expiration date that is a ways out.

      In my case, the coupons I’ve bought were all ones that were not included in our local newspaper inserts. But even if they were, I might buy more coupons for a good stockpile product. For example, there were some Starkist tuna coupons for $1/2 last winter, but we did not get them locally. I bought 20 on ebay for around $1 (+ shipping), and sure enough, within a couple of months the tuna went on sale for $1/ea so I was able to stock up on tuna free with doublers. Tuna has a long shelf life, so I stocked up on a year’s worth of tuna when it was free.

      Same with the Capri Sun juice boxes. When the $1/1 coupons came out last spring (not in Idaho tho), I bought some on ebay knowing that I could almost certainly score free juice with doublers, which did.

      The only time I bought coupons after a sale was announced was just a few weeks ago, for the Quaker deal. That didn’t work out too well. In anticipation of doublers I bought a bunch of $1/2 granola bar coupons, but we had that roundup deal instead, so the $3/5 in-ad coupon ended up being a better bargain.

      So, it’s a gamble, but it has paid off well enough for me that I will continue to buy coupons on occasion.

      • Oh my heavens Susan… I think we are twins separated at birth! I have done the EXACT same things! Tuna fish – check! Capri Sun – check! Quaker Granola Bars – check! (In fact, I was just looking at my nice big pile of unused Quaker coupons that are about to expire, wondering what the price is on them right now and if it’d be worth it at all to double a few and get a couple boxes!)

  4. Lynn Fox-Embrey says:

    Great video!!! Questions, I’m in Arizona and new to using coupons. If our Albertson has doublers where would I find them? Is it on the sunday/wednesday paper? Or found in the paper somewhere else? Also is there a place where one can find out what catalinas are in their stores?

    Glad I found your site. Hopefully I can find a helpful site here in Arizona with our policies and ads.

  5. I really enjoyed your video Amber. I met your Dad at Wal-mart in Ontario about a month ago. He saw my coupon binder and asked what blogs I follow. When I mentioned yours he said that his daughter Amber helps with that one. Your Dad is proud of you and the help you give others. Thank-you

  6. Very helpful! Thank you so much for breaking it down for me :)

  7. i am on facebook donna kay sanderson, if you could send friend request after question please. i am still learning, today will my first time really couponing, so i let you know how it goes. but i do have a question. i see vidoes on all other stores but the only one i have near me is food lions after food lions. i am taking two coupons on the ones buy 1 get 1 free, but what else can i do at food lion to bet there cost. PLEASE HELP. thank you.

  8. Heinz Schmidt says:

    I work in retail, and these multiple transactions that you do are killing us. If you don’t discontinue this practice retailers will be forced to stop printing Catalina coupons. We don’t have the payroll to spend an hour with one customer. You are going to ruin this for the vast majority of customers who use the system properly.

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