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January 24, 2010 4 Comments | Disclosure

You can probably tell that we are excited about the upcoming Quaker Sale at Albertsons! Cathy has already ordered 100 coupons. Not all for herself mind you she is going to share with others. Hopefully with me too. ūüėČ

Did you do the math on that? 100 coupons= 200 boxes of granola bars. That’s a lot of granola bars!!! So how will we make sure that we get the granola bars we need¬†and still¬†save plenty for¬†all of our friends?

How do you place an order?

1. Figure out how much you want. You need to consider a few things to make this decision.

  • There are two big Quaker sales each year. One in January and one in September. There will be several small sales in between.
  • How many people in your family eat the product.
  • How quickly your family goes through a box.
  • How many coupons you have.
  • How much you can spend from your monthly grocery budget.
  • EXPIRATION DATES, you do not want to stock up on granola bars for 8 months that will expire in 4 months.

2. Decide which variety you want.

  • Look at the ad in this post to see what is included
  • Go to your store and look to see which variety are your favorite. If you don’t already know.
  • Example: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, variety pack. It stinks to have to settle for fat free, or no sugar if that is not what you were looking for.

3. Go to or call customer service and ask to make an order with the grocery manager.

  • Be sure to do this towards the begining of the sale so it will have time to arrive.
  • They will call you when it arrives, or tell you when they expect the shipment.
  • If you want a few of this and a few of that you are better off getting a raincheck or simply shopping the first day of the sale.

4. If you don’t get to making an order and your store runs out of what you want GET A RAINCHECK!!!!!


  1. I’ve never placed an order before. If I have coupons for 20 bottles of the Purex, and I place an order for 20 bottles, can you please tell me what to expect when they arrive? How does it work with coupons? Do I have to do 20 separate transactions to get the CAT? Thank you for your help! :)

  2. Neil Bohmer says:

    If I intend to use doubles at Albertsons and make an order do I have to purchase everything all at once? I can use only three doubles in one transaction and some cashiers get crabby when I do three transactions in a row. Do I have to buy my whole order three Twice the Value coupons at a time, take it out to my vehicle and come back and do it all over? So how does it all work?
    Thank you for your time and service. My family has already benefited much from couponing not to mention it is a lot of fun!

  3. Zarabeth M. Anderson says:

    I want to do this for September. How do I order….and where are the coupons from and what are the price points? I am in Missouri now but will be back home in Nevada and they have Albertsons.

  4. So when placing an order for an item what are the steps when you go to purchase it. Do you have to have a doubler for every item or do they just let that slide because the order is big? Do they make you do seperate transactions for each of the items? I need more info here! Thanks!

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