HOT! HOT! HOT! Gillette and Old Spice at Rite Aid!

June 6, 2011 30 Comments | Disclosure

I got all of this AND made $1.50 at Rite Aid! You can too!

This week at Rite Aid you receive a $10 +Up when you spend $30 on participating P&G products (limit 1). This is what I did:

(4) Gillette Body Wash ($3.50 each)
(3) Old Spice Body Wash ($3.50 each)
(2) Old Spice APDO ($3.50 each)
Subtotal: $31.50

$3/$15 Rite Aid Survey Coupon
(2) B1G1 Gillette Body Wash 6/5/2011 P&G
(2) $2/1 Gillette Body Wash 5/15/2011 RP
(2) B1G1 Old Spice Body Wash wyb Old Spice APDO 6/5/11 P&G
(1) $1/1 Old Spice Body Wash P&G MIR Coupon Booklet (if you have it)
(1) $1/2 Old Spice Products 6/5/2011 P&G
OOP: $8.50

Received: $10 +Up

Final: $1.50 MM

 Remember when planning your scenario that Rite Aid now has a limit of 4 like products. AND keep your eyes peeled for these Old Spice APDOs with a FREE full sized body spray attached to make this deal even more FAB!

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Happy Shopping!


  1. Shaylin says:

    I love deals like this and I could actually use some of this but I am also so worried if I load up all my kids to run to the store and they will be all out! :( Its happening sooooo often now!

  2. Kelly Stone says:

    I’m getting this coupon thing done right!! I got two shampoo/conditioners today and got PAID for them. They were 2/$7. at Walgreens. I had a $4. voucher, so I paid $3. out of pocket. My receipt has another $5. credit on my next shop. So, so far, I’m ahead $2. The shampoo/conditioner had a rebate form on it, so I will be receiving a check for the full $7 that was the original price!! :) So, I got them free AND came out ahead $9!! Woo hoo!! I love saving (or in this case…making) money!!

  3. As much as I LOVE this deal, I know that we do not need all of this right now! we got some on the last gillette deal! :) makes me proud that i can restrain myself and instead of buying because its a good deal, letting someone who really needs it get it from the store :)

  4. I apologize for the lame question, but what does APDO stand for?

  5. It stands for antiperspirant/deodorant.

  6. Karnisha says:

    Although this is a good deal, the fact that you have to come out your pocket first, then get back UP is a little hassle to me. I just wished you could purchase the items, use the coupons & just still manage to get a good deal without having to spend so much $$ up front. However, I think since I have some UP rewards from my earlier purchases, I’ll try this deal

  7. That is the same way i feel Karnisha

  8. I know the ups often have you paying out of pocket, but if you wait until you know they will be out, you can get a rain check. Then, when you go back to get it later, they just credit the ups that you would’ve gotten to your purchase, leaving you with a smaller oop total.

  9. Katrina says:

    I don’t get to Rite Aid often, so the UP rewards can be a bother for me too. Sometimes, I will thrink ahead about any items I might need at Rite Aid. As soon as I get my UP rewards, I will use them right away in another transaction. My Rite Aid has milk and bread, which I rarely have coupons for and would be happy to get for free. Just an idea :)

  10. I tried this today and it failed badly. I didn’t get the UP reward and paid oop $17.45 plus $3.56 in tax for a total of $21.01 . I asked the cashier and she thought I got a better deal. I even had the $3 off $15 coupon. Our store had these items 2/ 7.00 but they rang up $4.99. Shouldn’t it have been $3.50 ? I used B1G1 and $1 off coupons. My total before coupons should have been $32.49 triggering the $10 Up reward . I used 4 B1G1 , 4 $1 off and my $3 off $15. The cashier didn’t want to redo it and said I got a great deal ! No one else was in line but I had to go get my child. It’s all just going back :( Now my coupons are history too !

    • Jackie- couple questions:
      1. did you use your wellness+ card? (you will only get sale prices and +ups when you use the card.)
      2. are you certain all the products you purchased are part of the sale?

      If the answer to both of these is yes, I think you should take your receipt and head back to the store and have the manager fix it for you. Depending on your manager and/or your relationship with them you may also want to take your products (just in case). I hope you will have no issues with this, but IF you do, while you are still in the store call 1800RITEAID and let them help you. You should have recieved the sale price and the +up if you used your wellness card and purchased the correct items. Be sure to take your patience and your smile with you cause it may take them a bit to fix this mess for ya. But they can and they should.

      One more thing, now, I am not one to argue with cashiers either, so I get it… but that is your hard earned money and you are working hard to get the most out of it so if a deal does not go how you believe it should don’t be afraid to ask them to redo it. If they are difficult ask for the manager- and if they are difficult just walk away. There will be another deal right around the corner. There is no need to get upset or angry, but you have every right to get the most value from your money and your coupons!

      Hope my chatter is helpful.
      Let us know how it goes! Good luck!

      • I was very careful in my math about how it should work out.So I went back to Rite Aid ready to just return the items, The same cashier helped me again and insisited I got a better deal. When a manager came over to approve the large return she notice my wellness card had not been scaned and if we tried to rering the whole sale it might work now.Yes I was sweet, calm and polite. Although I placed the wellness card on the counter when ask She forgot to scan it earlier that day. Now it all.. coupons and product got credited back to my visa and the whole thing re rung. this time it worked out and got my $10 UPS also used a previous $5 UPS reward and yet another $3/ $15 sale. So until this all clears my Visa I either spent $1.23 each or OOP only .13 cents OR I make $9.87mm. Hope it’s the last one…..will let you know !

  11. can we make this deal slightly better by instead of using the $1/2 old spice products can you use (2) $1 off old spice deoderents from the p&g (fb giveaway booklet). because if im understanding this right

    theres 5 old spice products
    the (2) b1g1 old spice is for the body wash
    the (1) $1 OS bw is for the third and final body wash
    leaving (2) OS deo so can i use (2) $1 off deo instead of the (1) $1 off 2 OS products?

  12. OMG!!! Did this earlier it was a disaster!! New to couponing but have been doing pretty well. I love it and it has been saving me quite a bit of money. The cashier would not stack my OS coupons. I kept trying to explain how it works and she was just not having it. Found out today what I do not like about couponing. I wanted to crawl into a little box. I felt as though she was just giving me a hard time because I was getting such a great deal. She even threatened that there was more of the coupons she used that she should not have and she made a mistake. Do these type of situations happen to people a lot. Feel embarrassed to go back. =(

    • Mon-
      First- Welcome to couponing! We are thrilled to have you! :)

      Second- yes. it happens. Because cashiers are human and they have bad days and they make mistakes just like you and I. As you begin to frequent your store you will learn which cashiers are more ‘coupon friendly’ and which are not, but remember everyone has bad days and there are a million reasons she may have treated you this way. That DOES NOT make it right, and YOU DO NOT DESERVE it, but PLEASE DO NOT let it discourage you.

      When something like this happens to me I will nicely ask for a manager to clarify the policy (it happens at times that the cashier may just not know the coupon acceptance policy). Usually that clears up the confusion and the transaction moves forward… but if it doesn’t I say I am sorry, thank you, take my coupons and walk away. Then I can chose to try a different cashier, a different store, or just wait for the next deal.

      There is learning curve to couponing and you will make mistakes… and they will make mistakes… the key is to learn from them. As long as you are acting in a manner that you are proud of and doing your best to follow coupon policy and ethics you have nothing to be embarrassed about.

      Hope this is helpful and encouraging… that is how it is meant.

  13. This is great and I cannot wait to try out this deal! I do have a question though, I wanted to make sure Rite Aid accepts the $1.00/2 OS coupons along WITH the OS BOGO coupons? Looking through their coupon policy ended up confusing rather than clarifying for me. :)

    • Yes. You are allowed to use a “cents off’ coupon in combination with a BOGO coupon. If you use the $1/2 use 2 BOGO along with it… four products, two paid for with the BOGOs and the other two with the $1/2. Does that make sense? The scenario I posted above and coupons used are exactly what I did in the store, so if you have the same coupons and purchase the same products you should have the same results! Good luck!

  14. Now could you use the coupons solely from 6/5 inserts? Does this work out right?

    (4) OS Deodorants
    (4) OS Body Wash
    (2) Gillette Body Wash

    Sub Total: 35.00

    Use (2) $1.00 / 2 OS
    Use (2) OS BOGO
    Use (1) BOGO Gillette Body Wash

    • Yes! If you use what you have listed your final after +up rewards should be $12.50 or $1.25 each (not a fab price unless you really need these items).

      If you have them available you could use:
      (4) OS BOGO
      (2) OS $1/2
      (1) BOGO Gillette BW

      and your total after +up would be $5.50 or $0.55 each which IS a fab price!

      • Hmmm… I tried your suggestion today and it didn’t work. It cost me the $10.00 + reward.
        Did I do something wrong? If the item in the (?) is # of items, it would be short.
        Each item is $3.50 (on sale 2 for $7) so you would need 9 items total to get above $30.00
        I was at $28.00. I assumed you meant (2) Gillette BW with the BOGO. But I still needed one more item. (I should have added it up first)
        If the (?) was referring to the # of coupons then it would be 12 items at $3.50 ea. would be
        $42.00 … well over the $30 needed to get the + reward. About 3 items too many.
        Help… what did I do?? I am so confused.

        • (#) was the number of products and you would need 9 products your right. she has nine listed. but dont feel bad i wrote out the deal added/changed coupons wrote out a list of products, coupons even why this deal would work (in case the cashiers gave me a hard time) what did i do? i only bought 8 products even though i KNEW i needed 9….but we were able to work it out and fix the issue. sorry your transaction didnt go over so well :(

          • opps im sorry here i was trying to be helpful and i probably misundestood. LOL i thought you meant you tried the original transaction posted above. sorry if i complicated things father or steped on your toes mel…

        • Gina- if you are referring to my response to Krysta’s question (comment 14.1) the (#) is the number of coupons she could use if she intended to purchase the 10 products she listed in her comment (14). Let me try to clarify:

          She intended to purchase 4 OS Deodorants, 4 OS Body Washes and 2 Gillette Body Washes. For this purchase (if the coupons are available) I suggested using 4 OS BOGO coupons (which pay for the 4 OS Body Washes), 2 OS $1/2 coupons (which pay for the OS Deodorants) and 1 Gillette BOGO (which pays for one of the Gillette Body Washes). Using these 7 coupons on these 10 products would bring the total down to $15.50 and trigger the $10 +up making the total after +up $5.50 or $0.55 each.

          In the above scenario it would be wonderful if there was also a coupon for the other Gillette Body wash, but I believe she was trying to do the deal with only coupons from 6/5/11.

          You are correct, you need to purchase 9 items to reach the $30 mark, the coupons you have will determine what products you will use.

          I am sorry to confuse you! Hope that helps!

          • Yes, Mel… I was referring to 14.1
            I understood that she was trying to use only coupons from 6/5/11 and so was I. So I thought you were telling her how to get the best deal using only coupons from 6/5, not just to buy all the products she listed.
            That’s OK… I should’ve done the math myself. Lesson learned.
            Thanks for the clarification.

  15. Hi I just need a little clarification… can you use a b1g1 coupon, along with a $1/1 coupon say if you were buying 2 items or how would that work… and can you do this in different stores than riteaid? thanks

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