Grocery Budget Challenge {Week 32}

How are you doing with your Grocery Budget?

Did you know we have a weekly challenge going?  Lucky for you, it’s not too late to join!  Here are the details about our 2012 Grocery Budget Challenge. Even if you are not yet using coupons you need to start saving by setting some goals!

We hope you will join us! Set a goal today and get on the path to taking control of your grocery budget!

Here is how some of the fabs are doing…

Monica: Feeding a family of 4

Monthly grocery budget: $150

Spending this week: $0
Savings this week: $0

Spending for August: $0
Savings for August:  $0

Year to date spending:  $938.28
Year to date savings: $1,389.26

I avoided the store this week and tried to use up all the food in my fridge. We are going on a 13 day trip and I did not want any of my food to spoil. I am bummed that I will be missing doubles and round-ups and Albertsons!

Becky: Feeding a family of 3

Monthly grocery budget: $200

Spending this week: $35.30
Savings this week: $74.06

Spending for August: $176.54
Savings for August:  $142.70

Year to date spending: $1379.65
Year to date savings: $2111.72

I’m not going to be under my “monthly” budget for August.  I’m warning you now.  I’m probably going to be WAY over.  Our fridge is empty and Albertsons Double Coupons ROCK!  But, because I’m so far under budget for the year (I have a  little over $200 extra), I’m not stressed.  Check out some of my shopping trips to see how I’m doing it.

So are you ready to track your spending and join our challenge?

#1 – Pick a monthly grocery budget amount. {Tips for setting a budget goal}

#2 – Complete the form below with your #’s, and be entered to win our monthly $20 amazon gift card drawing.

#3- View the results below and see what sort of goals other Fabulessly Frugal readers are setting!

Tools to help you:

  • Here is a grocery budget tracking spreadsheet to help you keep track of your spending/saving each week. It’s nothing fancy, but it will help you track your spending so you can quickly enter in your #’s each Monday afternoon.
  • {NEW!}  We also encourage you to download our Fabulessly Frugal Budget Tool to easily set a budget, track your spending and compare your actual spending to the budget you make.

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