FREE Small Appliances at Kohls!

November 25, 2013 53 Comments | Disclosure


Do You Want Free Appliances?

Or want to build up your Wedding Gift Stockpile?

Right now Kohls is offering  $12 rebates on 4 appliances (limit FIVE rebates per ITEM!)
That means max of 20 items per household!

Plus $15 cash back for every $50 you spend!

Plus use discount code BLACKFRI to save 15%


Crock-Pot 4-qt. Programmable Slow Cooker

Bella Rotating Waffle Maker

Presto Cool Touch 20-in. Electric Griddle
Presto Cool Touch 20-in. Electric Griddle

Bella Panini Maker
(This is the only Bella Panini Maker on the site, but for some reason it doen’t have the rebate info on it.)
So if you buy it, understand it not the correct one, but $12 for a Panini maker is still FAB!

Best Deal

Buy 3 Appliances for $19.99 each ($59.97 for 3)

Use Code BLACKFRI at Checkout to bring your total to $50.97
Receive $15 Kohls Cash
Submit for (3) $12 Mail in Rebates
Final Price: $0.03 MONEYMAKER!

Just want one?

Buy 1 Appliance for $19.99 each

Use Code BLACKFRI at Checkout to bring your total to $16.99
Submit for (1) $12 Mail in Rebates
Final Price: $4.99


(You’ll get 6% cash back if you sign up and shop through Ebates!)

Plus, if you are new to Ebates, join here & choose a FREE $10 Gift Card!

You will receive your $10 gift card sign-up bonus in the mail after you’ve made your first $25 purchase from an Ebates link (within 25 days of joining).


Kohls Department Stores Inc


  1. Not to mention 10% cash back through

    • How does shopathome work? I’m registered there but I’m used to ebates. With ebates I click on the store and it takes me to a page that will calculate the rebate. I don’t understand how shopathome knows what I buy if they don’t give me a special link. Thanks!

    • Do they ever restock this deal?

  2. Woo Hoo!! I just got 2 Christmas Gifts and a new Waffle Maker for us for FREE! Thanks!

    • I got a waffle maker for my family too since we don’t have one 🙂 I also went ahead and got a crock pot and electric griddle and will give one to my cousin who is getting married right before Christmas.

  3. Is the rebate something that I apply for after the purchase?

  4. how do I get the 15 kohls cash if I do this online? also you can get the kohls gift cards at Albertsons this week still and get your 20.00 cat to albertsons

  5. Leah Solorzano says:

    How do u get the Kohls cash if u ordered online?

  6. Thank you! I tried last year and couldn’t get them but got three of them this year!

  7. If you read the fine print on the rebate form it says limit 5 rebates PER PRODUCT! I just completely restocked my wedding gift stash free 🙂

  8. Dannyel Crane says:

    Do you know if you have to send in a seperate rebate per item of will one rebate work for all items if they are all on the same receipt?
    Thank you

  9. Laree @ Ever Heard Of Euless says:

    At that price, how can you NOT buy these!

    but I’m a bit of a rebate newbie here – I read over the form and it says that you must send in the upc symbol (no photocopies) Does that mean that when they come I need to cut it off all three boxes and mail those in?

  10. Great deal! Thanks!!

    I’m just not sure that I understand how to get three original receipts or packing lists. Little help? Also, what do they mean I can submit five rebates per product? Does that mean if I buy five, I can submit up to five?

    Thanks again!

  11. The SKU on the panini doesn’t match what’s listed on the rebate form even though it’s the only Bella Panini available on the site.

  12. so you could only get the rebate if you use a gift card?

  13. Without a printer what is another way to get the rebate form?
    Thank you,

  14. Those items are $7.99 on Black Friday (including online), so I think you’ll get them even cheaper!

  15. what time does Kohls online open for Black Friday sales?


  17. I just used “20FORU” and it took off 20%!!!! I got 20 items for a total of $341.00. I will get $240 in rebates and $90 in Kohl’s cash.

    $341. – 5 products
    $240 – rebates
    $ 90 – kohls cash
    $11 for 20 items.

    OMGosh! This is awesome. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. So the 12.00 rebate is per item?

  19. The crockpot is sold out.

  20. It’s been mentioned that the SKU on the panini maker doesn’t match the one on the rebate form. I just ordered one and now I am worried I won’t get my rebate for that. Can you confirm that it is the right one??

  21. josmary flores says:

    do i fill one form for every purchase or i can included all in one thanks

  22. I have a quick question… I just purchased mine (YAY, awesome deal!) with the intent of giving one item as a gift… I notice I need to cut out the UPC. How do you do that with gifts you’re giving?

  23. I just called Kohls and they said that the Bella Panini Maker that is on the site is NOT the one on the rebate, so it does not qualify. Just thought that was important to make clear before anyone else ordered it.

  24. Lyn in Denver says:

    Looks like it is sold out now… thanks for telling us ladies! You rock!

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