Free Groceries at Albertsons Northwest

May 12, 2012 19 Comments | Disclosure

Starting Sunday the 13th (through the 24th) when you buy $100 in Gift Cards from the Albertsons Northwest Gift Card Mall, you’ll get a Catalina for $10 in Free Groceries on your next shopping trip.

We highly recommend you take advantage of this deal ONLY if you were going to spend the money anyway (we never want you to overspend).  My family needs to buy an air conditioner, lawn mower and weed eater for our new place, and Lowes price matches, so we’ll for sure be taking advantage of this deal.  The Catalina for FREE groceries expires one week from the day you buy the gift cards, so plan accordingly.

There’s lots of gift opportunities coming up

Or maybe you are going to do some home improvement?

  • Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts
  • Graduation
  • Father’s Day
  • Home Improvement
  • Teens going to college
  • Back to School shopping

Gift Cards Include

but are not limited to:

  • Starbucks
  • Subway
  • Lowes
  • iTunes
  • Kohls
  • Barnes and Noble

Usually the only cards excluded from this type of deal are Visa and Mastercards.  I love using mine on Amazon gift cards, so let us know if the Amazon ones work for you! Amazon Doesn’t work :(


  1. My husband tried this this morning in Meridian, ID, and the cat didn’t print. Nobody there knew anything about the promo. He did Lowe’s and Amazon. Do you know by chance if it is only good on the items pictured? They didn’t have any info in the store.

  2. I had the same issue this morning! I bought a Best Buy (using my albertsons card of course) which is not pictured but I had my fingers crossed it would be included. We need to call the CAT company tomorrow and ask about it. Anyone know the number?

  3. I went in today and there is no signs and the managers knew nothing about it. But, they were super helpful and gave me Wednesdays ad which clearly states the deal starting on 5/13. I am holding off until Wednesday and hopefully the cat will be fixed!

  4. I called 1-888-8coupons to check on why my Best Buy didn’t trigger a coupon and it isn’t a participating gift card. Boo! Maybe Father’s Day will have a Best Buy deal…

  5. I received a cat with the details on Sunday. It says “$10 free groceries when you buy $100 or more select gift cards”. It lists Starbucks, Subway (which I wanted for grad gifts), Lowes, ITunes, Kohls, Barnes & Noble. Valid 5/13 through 5/24. I was hoping to get Amazon and JiffyLube…hope we can find out more info soon.

  6. I did this today with Lowe’s and it worked. One item to note… you can only buy $100 worth per transaction. I tried to buy $300 in Lowe’s cards and only got one $10 back. The fine print says “buy $100 or more in gift cards…”. So, you will have to do multiple transactions :)

  7. If you get multiple Catalina’s can they all be redeemed in one transaction? Anyone know if the Disney cards or Cheeseake Factory will work?

  8. The $10 cat says “limit one coupon per transaction per day”. I’m guessing that means you can only use one per transaction?

    • If the cat has printed on it “limit one coupon per transaction per day” be sure to only use one per transaction. This way Albertsons is able to get paid back by the Manuf. for the coupon. You should be able to do 2 transactions in a row and pay for them each with cat’s without any problem.

  9. I am going to try the Amazon one and see if I get a $10 cat. Not sure if it will work or not.

  10. @ Tina – Any news on whether Amazon works …?

    Thanks much!

  11. Stephanie says:

    This am I asked in the store. The manager read the signs and said he thought it just excluded visa and mastercard, so to go crazy. I bought Olive Garden, Pennys, American Eagle and Starbucks. CAT didn’t print, but he forced it because he told me to go crazy I guess. I am thinking sadly it is just the ones in the picture. I wanted to get more giftcards, but I am thinking I am out of luck. On another note- I did get a $5 of my next $5 purchase. I am in Eugene, OR and wondering if they are starting up the points thing here? Not sure why else I got it??

  12. I did starbucks and subway yesterday and it worked. I am nervous about trying amazon. I might try it today :)

  13. I am going to be buying a vacuum on Amazon so I thought I would going ahead and try the Amazon gift card and it didn’t work!! BUMMER!

  14. I did notice Applebee’s advertised on one of the promotion cards at my store. I haven’t tried it though since we don’t eat there

  15. danielle says:

    yesterday I bought 2 $25 iTunes cards and 2 $25 Lowe’s cards and got the $10 cat + a $5 off next order over $5. But then today I bought 4 $25 iTunes and only got the $10 cat. So…..does anyone know if there a seperate Lowe’s promo perhaps???

  16. I was debating with whether to get Home Depot or Lowes, thinking they both were included. I went with Home Depot and no cat printed. I am a little bummed but oh well.

  17. Is the $5 one you are talking about on the bottom of your receipt? If so those ones are based on your points (I have been getting alot of those with all the gift cards!)

    I have done Lowe’s and that one does work. I have been doing Starbucks and Subway :)

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