Fred Meyer Shopping Trip & Gift Card Giveaway! {48 Hours to Enter} CLOSED

April 3, 2012 484 Comments | Disclosure

CLOSED… View the Winner  <——HERE

Time for a Gift Card Giveaway!

To help us celebrate Easter coming on Sunday Fred Meyer has donated TWO $25 gift cards for us to give to TWO lucky FruGals!

In honor of our giveaway I decided it would be fun to see if I could plan Easter for my family with $25!

Here is what I bought at Fred Meyer for Easter:

Potatoes $1.99
Strawberries $2
Asparagus $1.23
(3) Butter $1.66 each w/ in ad coupon
Ham $9.08
(2) Nestle Candy Eggs $1.50 each
(3) Whoppers Candy $1.67 each
Used $1/2 Nestle Nesteggs, 8 oz 03/25 RP Insert or printable Nestle Coupon
Used $2/3 Hershey’s Kisses, or Whoppers Bags, 8 oz+ 03/25 SS Insert
Final Price $24.30 plus $1.64 tax

Since I am frugal I have Easter baskets, egg dye kits and plastic eggs from last year for my kids. Last week I got eggs for .99 and sour cream for .99 at Fred Meyer. I also have a cheap cake mix in my pantry to make Strawberry Shortcake with my yummy strawberries! So I think that covers everything. 🙂

Now for the gift card giveaway…

To Enter:

You can do one or all of the following entries….

  1. Tell us in the comments what you are buying at Fred Meyer to get ready for Easter.
  2. Go to the Fred Meyer facebook page, thank them for the awesome giveaway and tell them you’re a fab!  Leave a comment below to let us know you did.
  3. Leave a comment on our facebook page here and tell us how much you want to win (or how much you love us… either way works).  Leave a comment below to let us know you did.
  4.  Subscribe to our FREE daily newsletter, and tell us in the comments that you did (or already do)!
  5. Share something you’ve pinned from our site on Pinterest.  {Here are ideas of what others have been pinning}.  Leave a link to your pin for this entry. Need an invite? I can invite you to Pinterest.
  6. Update your facebook status and share this giveaway with your friends, leave a comment to let us know you did.
  7. Share this giveaway using our “sharing tools at the bottom of the post, leave a comment to let us know you did.   

The Rules:

  • You are allowed one entry per category for a total of 7 entries.
  • Must make different entries example comment #85, #88, #91 will give you 3 entries. :)
  • Invalid entires will not win
  • There will be two winners
  • Giveaway ends Thursday April 5th at 11:30 pm MST
  • Winners will be chosen at random, using number generator
  • Winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize and will forfeit prize if no response.
  • Have fun! and Good luck. :)

Fred Meyer sent me a gift card for my own shopping. Aren’t they fab? Thanks Fred Meyer for the offering this fabulous giveaway to our readers!


  1. I subscribe to your newsletter 🙂

  2. Kimberly says:

    Left comment on FM FB page.

  3. I’d love to win one of these to help buy Easter dinner! I’d buy one of their flame crafted hams, potatoes and cheese (for cheesy scalloped potatoes), some wine, and something yummy for dessert!

  4. I repinned the Target finds pin on Pinterest!

  5. Kimberly says:

    Commented on FB post.

  6. I’m getting side dishes at Freddy’s to get ready for Easter.

  7. Kimberly says:

    Already subscribe to newsletter.

  8. Left a comment on the Fred Meyer Facebook

  9. Left a comment on the Fab Facebook page

  10. Danielle B says:

    We would use these to complete our side dishes for Easter, some flowers and a few sweet treats too!

  11. Danielle B says:

    Posted on FM FB page!

  12. Already a newsletter subscriber.

  13. Danielle B says:

    Left a comment on your FB page 🙂

  14. sarah mitchell says:

    I shop at FM because it’s one of the few places that have foods that my fieonce can eat and because of the great quality.

  15. I repinned the homemade dishwasher soap.

  16. sarah mitchell says:

    Left a comment on your FB page 🙂

  17. Just the other day I was at Fred Meyer and noticed they had the cutest Easter outfits for little kids. I’ve been so behind on shopping, but I would use this gift card on one of those little outfits for my son! He’s turning 2 on Thursday and it would be so fun to get for him!

  18. I already subscribe to your newsletter. 😉

  19. Gina Pittman says:

    I will buy a flame crafted Ham for Easter, it’s so yummy!~

  20. I shared on my fb wall.

  21. I posted on the FM facebook page.

  22. Gina Pittman says:

    Left a comment on FM FB page:)

  23. Crystal Weldon says:

    I will be buying strawb

  24. I like Fred Meyer and thanked them for this awesome giveaway!

  25. I subscribe to your newsletter

  26. Shared via the bottom buttons.

  27. I left a comment on Facebook about how much I want to win!!

  28. I will be buying all my easter day items at Fred Meyer. Candy, basket items, eggs, decorating kit, dinner food.
    FM is my store of choice!

  29. Jennifer says:

    I would buy the kids a Wii game for their easter baskets because I already have everything I need for Easter…or maybe I’d use it to buy the fruit tray and veggie tray I need for Easter 🙂

  30. Desiree Gabel says:

    I am buying supplies for a tropical carrot cake!

  31. I left a comment on your facebook page. 🙂

  32. Crystal Weldon says:

    I’m not sure why My firSt comment was cut short but I plan on buying strawberries, yogurt, ham and two small toys :). I left a comment on Fred Meyers fb page

  33. Jennifer says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter!!

  34. I am probably just going to be buying candy since I don’t celebrate Easter!


    There’s something I pinned awhile back. 🙂

  36. Jennifer says:

    I left a comment on your facebook page 🙂

  37. I left a comment on your Facebook page 😛

  38. Left a message on Freddies FB page thanking them for the giveaway cards

  39. I’m going to buy butter at Fred Meyer because I have a lot of baking to do! 😉

  40. I left a comment on the Fab Frugal FB page.

  41. Crystal Weldon says:

    Left a cOmment on fb

  42. Jennifer says:

    I shared this on Facebook!

  43. I posted on Fred Meyer’s fb page.

  44. Left comment on your fb page

  45. Kalli Barker says:

    I plan on stocking up on butter this week at FM for Easter pastries 🙂

  46. I shared this post using your tool bar

  47. Finally got around to subscribing to the newsletter! Sorry for taking so long hehe. 🙂

  48. I shared this post using your tool bar!

  49. I have updated my Facebook status so people know about this giveaway!

  50. I posted on your fb page.

  51. I re-subscribed to your newsletter.

  52. I gave Fred Meyer some love on their fb page…

  53. I subscribe to your newsletter… (awesome info, thanks!)

  54. I posted on your facebook wall!

  55. Sarah Harrier says:

    I need to buy eggs and candy for our Easter activities and a ham, along with my usual groceries from Fred Meyer.

  56. I’d love this giftcard to get things to make a wonderful spongecake/cool whip/fresh berries concoction for our family dinner, plus get some supplies for my daughters first Easter Egg Hunt! (Well, technically second, but she was 3 months old last year this time…) 🙂

  57. Gina Pittman says:

    left you acomment on your page

  58. I also tweeted about the contest!

  59. If the FM brand of butter is the simple kind like Darigold, with no added crap, then I’ll definitely be heading there this week to pick some up! 🙂 Also, haven’t had ham in awhile. Could pick up some of that deliciousness for an Easter dinner of sorts.

  60. I just tweeted about the contest, too.

  61. I’m buying cream cheese

  62. I re-pinned this recipe for lemon brown sugar chicken. It looks soooo good!

  63. Sarah Harrier says:

    Commented on Fred Meyer’s Facebook page.

  64. I really want to win! Love Fred Meyer!

  65. commented on the Fred Meyer fb page!

  66. I still need to buy candy for Easter baskets!

  67. with the gift card i would buy well the fixins for the perfect Easter dinner for my family!

  68. I left Fred Meyer some love on their facebook page!

  69. commented on your fb post for another chance to win!

  70. I shared this giveaway on fb using your sharing tools.

  71. I left a comment on the fab frugal facebook page!

  72. I would buy treats to fill my kids’ baskets that will otherwise be empty this year.

  73. Courtnee says:

    I will be buying nothing at fred meyer or anywhere for that matter, because im only 25 so i still get a free delish meal from the family! SCORE 😛

  74. I have subscribed to your daily newsletter for a while now!

  75. I already subscribe to your newsletter 🙂 And I LOVE it!!

  76. I left a comment on Fred Meyer’s fb page

  77. I told about your giveaway and added a link to it on my fb status.

  78. I updated my facebook status and shared with my friends!

  79. I left a comment on your fb page.

  80. I used the sharing tool to email the giveaway info out!

  81. Sarah Harrier says:

    I also commented on your Facebook page.

  82. Sarah Harrier says:

    I’m now a subscriber!

  83. Left comment on Freddie FB page….Thanks!!!

  84. Catherine says:

    Where to start! Using your FABULESS web site I made my Freddies grocery list and found not one but TWO spiral cut hams marked down almost half price due to their seals being broken (liquid was still there though!) then I picked up some Pillsbury orange sweet rolls with .40 coupon and Ocean Spray cranberry juice (bogo coupon). With spring break this week, I’ll make scrambled eggs (we have our own chickens so no need to purchase eggs) and sweet rolls served with juice … my boys will love that. Easter dinner looks like ham, some frozen stir fry veggies found on sale $1.00 each, a fruit salad made with Dole pineapple and my home made rhubarb (from my garden) pie. Thanks gals … you make shopping so much easier and less time consuming!!!

  85. Terressa T says:

    left a post on fred meyers wall (facebook)

  86. Terressa T says:

    commented on your facebook post

  87. Terressa T says:

    I’m stocking up on butter and grabbing some produce to help with my Easter meal!

  88. Terressa T says:

    I get your daily emails! woot! woot!

  89. Well, if I’m getting ready for Easter I would have to be getting some Chocolate!!! Probably the cheap/free mars brand!! 😀 and I love the cheap eggs too!!!

  90. commented how much I love this giveaway and you on the fb post!!! 🙂

  91. Left a comment on Fred Meyer’s fb page thanking them!! 😀

  92. Sarah Harrier says:

    After spending an hour on Pinterest, I finally came back to post one of the many things I pinned!

  93. Shana E. says:

    I would love to be able to purchase a really nice potroast to share with friends and family.

  94. Shana E. says:

    I like Fabullesslyfrugal on Facebook.

  95. Shana E. says:

    email subscriber

  96. Sarah Harrier says:
  97. Sarah Harrier says:

    Also shared it on my FB page.

  98. I’m buying Easter bunnies and candy!

  99. Submitted a comment on Fred Meyer FB page.

  100. Left a FB comment on your page!

  101. myssssss says:

    I am getting some butter and bread, possibly the ham too..wooooo whoooo a gift card..Love the frozen veggies in 12 ounce bags, the milk is very reasonable, some bake and serve buns, salad fixins oh, my..Plus some flour to make a lemon pie..Love your blog, could use the gift card…

  102. I would have to say butter! What is it with a pregnant Mama and butter anyway??? Love it. Thanks guys for all your hard work!

  103. I don’t do Easter so I’d just buy my regular groceries at FM.

  104. I commented on the FM Facebook page.

  105. I subscribe to your newsletter.

  106. I shared the giveaway on my Facebook page.

  107. Terri decker says:

    I made a commment on the Facebook post

  108. Liked your post on FB. Awesome giveaway!

  109. Heather Miller says:

    It would be great to win a FM gift card for items to fill the kids easter baskets! Candy, toys, books, etc.

  110. I would splurge and buy a flame crafted ham because I lLOVE them!

  111. Wrote on Fred Meyers Facebook wall!

  112. Denise S says:

    Commented on the giveaway post about splurging!

  113. Denise S says:

    Long Time email subscriber!

  114. I left a comment on Freddies facebook page.

  115. Denise S says:

    I repinned your cornbread recipe that I am using to go with dinner tonight!

  116. Denise S says:

    Updated my Facebook status and shared on Facebook!

  117. Denise S says:

    I +1ed and tweeted giveaway also thanks ladies for another FAB giveaway!

  118. I plan on buying a ham, potatoes and organic veggies at Freddies for our Easter celebration.

  119. I am going to buy some treats my kids saw…. love fred meyer!

  120. michelle says:

    I shared this on my facebook page.

  121. Melissa L says:

    I LOVE Fred Meyer!!!! I am a subscriber to your newsletter also! 🙂

  122. Melissa L says:

    I liked FM page and thanked them 🙂

  123. Melissa L says:

    I will be buying a ham and potatoes for a family dinner on Easter! Yum!

  124. I will be buying ham and potatoes for Easter. I also went and bought a few toys for my kids easter basket at Fred Meyer this past weekend.

  125. I took advantage of those cheap eggs last week at FM and we decorated them last night!

  126. Thanked FM on their Facebook page!

  127. Wrote on your Facebook wall!

  128. I subscribed to your e-mails!

  129. Jessica Baker says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter!

  130. Thanked them on facebook!!

  131. Commented on the Fab Facebook Page!! I would LOOOOVE 2 WIN!!!

  132. I get your daily e-letter!! Love Ya Gals!

  133. Heather says:

    I would love to get a ham for Easter dinner. This giveaway could make that a reality!!

  134. Shared on my Facebook page!!

  135. I would love 2 get some meat at Freddies for Easter……I also love their organic section!!

  136. MMMM Ham Potatoes Carrots buns candy

  137. Thanked Fred meyer on their FB page

  138. Bridget says:

    I still haven’t purchased easter candy, so I’m going to Fred Meyer today!

  139. I bought ham, and will buy eggs…. silly since I have chickens, but brown eggs just don’t look as pretty when you dye them!

  140. Commented on Fabulessly Frugal page

  141. Subscribed to your newsletters

  142. I subscribe to your newsletter

  143. I bought a bunch of Easter candy at FM

  144. Subscribe to your newsletter.

  145. Going to Fred’s to get some candy and a bike for my son, who’s birthday is this weekend too!

  146. I subscribe to your newletter! Love this website!

  147. Melanie says:

    My husband is treating me to dinner out on Easter, but I did snag a good supply of Dole Pineapple at Freds for 50 cents per can using a $2/4 coupon!

  148. I went to Fred Meyer’s facebook page and let them know I am a fab

  149. Melanie says:

    And I am a subscriber!

  150. colleen says:

    buying candy at freddy’s!

  151. I tried to subscribe, error coming up, but I did share your giveaway, and posted on Fred Meyer page!
    Yay for Fred Meyer, our family Loves to shop there. i went to Fred Meyer the other day, and I love their selections, and whole milk is only $2.39 a Gal. WOWWWZA…

  152. This week I’m getting the stuff for our easter dinner, since the basket shopping is done

  153. I went to your facebook page and said I would love to win!!

  154. commented on Fred Meyer’s page

  155. Brandie says:
    I just love this idea on pinterest!!

  156. commented on facebook

  157. Brandie says:

    I left a message on your facebook page about how I love Fred meyers and your website!!

  158. Brandie says:

    I left a message on Fred Meyers Facebook page!

  159. subscribe to the newsletter

  160. Brandie says:

    I have been getting you daily emails for over a year now!

  161. I am buying candy and produce

  162. Brandie says:

    updated my facebook status!!

  163. Brandie says:

    I shared the link on my facebook page!

  164. I subscribe to your daily email

  165. repinned your sales cycle pin

  166. Jennifer says:

    I am looking forward to getting the free snickers eggs I thought I missed out on (@ Walgreens) and sweet potatoes……enjoy shopping @ Freddys-thanks for the great giveaway

  167. I’m getting ham and sweet potatoes for Easter dinner.

  168. shared your giveaway on my facebook

  169. Used your share tool to share this giveaway

  170. Nikki Bell says:

    I love Fred’s! I transfered 5 prescriptions to their location and received $125.00 on my Fred’s card. It was a slim week and that helped to purchase dinner for our huge family and Easter basket candy and a new steam mop as mine had died. I used coupons to stretch that $125.00 even further. I spent a total of almost $200.00, but after figuring in the coupons dropped it below the amount on the card. I was ecstatic! Now when shopping their for my weekly great buys (like currently butter is $1.68), I can pickup my scripts too.

  171. Amanda B. says:

    I’m in need of some heavy cream for an Easter dessert, so I might hit Fred Meyer’s for that. 🙂

  172. Amanda B. says:

    I posted on the Fred Meyer’s Facebook page!

  173. Amanda B. says:

    I posted on your Facebook post about the giveaway.

  174. Donna Rhoten says:

    I posted on fred Meyers page and thanked them for the giveaway and told them I was a fab.

  175. Amanda B. says:

    I already subscribe to your newsletter

  176. Heather says:

    I am getting Easter candy at Fred Meyer this week….5 Easter baskets to fill this year!

  177. I bought some starburst jelly beans there but ooops. They were spotted and the family dug in them. Well not really a jelly bean family they loved them (so it says alot for the starburst ones) I have not bought anything else for easter yet.

  178. I get your daily email

  179. Heather says:

    I thanks Fred Meyer on their Facebook page! I love Freddies this week!

  180. Amanda B. says:

    Pinned this giveaway on Pinterest!

  181. Mami2jcn says:

    I’ll be buying eggs to decorate!

  182. I will buy all the goodies for my girl’s Easter baskets at Fred Meyer.

  183. Amanda B. says:

    I shared the giveaway via email. (entry method #7)

  184. Rid Sparks says:

    I’ll be buying fruit to take to my side Easter morning and all the makings for deviled eggs for hubby’s side for Easter afternoon.

  185. I thanked Fred Meyer!

  186. I commented on the give a way on your FB page!

  187. I’m thinking I might need to pick up some of that gorgeous asparagus!

  188. I’m a subscriber!

  189. I pinned your shower cleaner!

  190. I shared the give a way!

  191. Mami2jcn says:

    I wrote on your FB wall with my username Mary Happymommy.

  192. Rid Sparks says:

    I posted on your Facebook page, thanks again!

  193. Mami2jcn says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter.

  194. Already subscribe to newsletter – love it!

  195. Suzanne says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter!

  196. I’ll be buying rolls and asparagus for Easter dinner…. maybe some cute easter socks for the kiddos too! 🙂 I LOVE Freddys!!!

  197. commented on Fred Meyer FB page

  198. Commented on your FB page too!

  199. brianna vicklund says:

    I would buy Easter dinner!

  200. brianna vicklund says:

    I went to freddies and told them rock and thanks for the giveaway!

  201. MaryBeth says:

    I think I’ll be buying strawberries. Those ones in the picture look delicious!

  202. MaryBeth says:

    I thanked Fred Meyer for the giveaway on facebook and told them I was fab!

  203. MaryBeth says:

    I wrote on your FB wall about how much I want to win.

  204. MaryBeth says:

    I subscribe to your emails

  205. MaryBeth says:

    I updated my facebook status to share the giveaway

  206. Freddies here I come…..for all my easter goodies!

  207. MaryBeth says:

    I pinned your Dave Ramsey pin. He is changing our life right now 🙂

  208. My son just turned 2 and this Easter Bunny needs to purchase some bunny ears, eggs, and candy!

  209. I am going to stock up on crunch eggs! Love those things 🙂

  210. MaryBeth says:

    I shared using the “sharing tools” on facebook

  211. i a a subscriber to your newsletter.

  212. I bought a nice easter basket from FM.

  213. Crystal Waddington says:

    I left a comment on the Fred Meyers Facebook page

  214. I left a comment on your FB page.

  215. I subscribe to the newsletter 🙂

  216. I thanked Fred Meyer on their fb page!

  217. Stephanie M. says:

    I am buying Easter Candy!!!! Thanks for the post!

  218. Stephanie M. says:

    Commented on FB

  219. Definitely buying butter this week. Haven’t heard what I’m supposed to bring for Easter dinner yet so don’t know what else.

  220. Thanked FM 🙂

  221. Stephanie M. says:

    Shared FB status!

  222. Left you a fb msg 🙂

  223. Stephanie M. says:
  224. Shelly :) says:

    I need to go and grab a ham. They are delicious! 🙂

  225. Stephanie M. says:

    Used the Google + button at the bottom of the post!

  226. Shared the giveaway on FB.

  227. Shelly :) says:

    I left a “thank you” on the Fred Meyer FB page.

  228. Updated my status.

  229. I will be buying Easter Candy and food for Easter dinner:)

  230. Shelly :) says:

    I left a comment on your FB page.

  231. Maryellen D. says:

    I bought eggs and Fred Meyer butter.

  232. Shelly :) says:

    I pinned the Hootenannies (aka German Pancakes) here:

  233. Shelly :) says:

    I shared this giveaway with my peeps on FB 🙂

  234. Shelly :) says:

    I shared about this giveaway on Twitter here:!/smilinshell11/status/187571056670818307

  235. The things that I have bought at Fred Meyers for Easter is the eggs. They were a really good deal last week. I need to go and get some of those crunch eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt. 🙂

  236. I commented on Fred Meyers FB Page. I thanked them and told them they were great of the giveaway. 🙂

  237. I left a comment on your FB page and told you how much I wanted to win and that you guys are great for all of the help you give me with budgeting. 🙂

  238. I subscribe to your newsletters. 🙂

  239. I need to go to Fred Meyer for Easter Basket stuff! 🙂

  240. I’m getting asparagus, some Easter candy, butter and dye kit at FM this week. Last week took advantage of their egg sale.

  241. I commented on Fred Meyers wall about the gift card! woohoo

  242. I bought the on sale frozen beans and cream of mushroom soup for green bean casserole to get ready for Easter!

  243. I left a comment about wanting to win big (on your facebook post)! 😉

  244. I have subscribed to your newsletter for awhile now, I look forward to them daily!

  245. I pinned this!

    Perfect time for Easter

  246. I shared this post/giveaway!

  247. On Pinterest- I pinned 7 smoothies that aid in weight loss and a new breakfast smoothie idea.

    Thanks for the ideas

  248. I updated my status on Facebook! 😀

  249. I updated my status on Facebook. PLEASE PICK ME!!:)

  250. candy of course 🙂

  251. I used your sharing tools to e-mail my friend about your giveaway. I could really use a gift card.. Thank you Fred Meyers and Fab. Team. 🙂

  252. left comment on your FB post thanks for the chance 🙂

  253. cindy T. says:

    Am going to buy lots of fresh produce and a ham! Thanks!!!

  254. Brittany says:

    I’ll be buying eggs from Fred Meyers for Easter!

  255. Told Freds thanks for your giveaway on FB 🙂

  256. cindy T. says:

    Posted on FM FB page! Yay for FM! I need to win!

  257. Victoria says:

    I subscribe to the great newsletter!

  258. I went to Freddies and bought the Whopper Eggs!!!

  259. Victoria says:

    I would buy a ham and asparagas and rolls. I would also buy everything to make green bean casserole. My husbands Birthday is also this weekend and that is his favorite.

  260. Jennifer says:

    Just bought some pansey 4pks from Fred Meyer for .79! Almost all are in the ground now and my yard is Easter ready 🙂

  261. cindy T. says:

    TRYING to leave a comment on your facebook page and can’t find the Comment button 🙁

  262. cindy T. says:

    Already subscribe to your email newsletter! Love it! Thanks!

  263. I’m sharing in Easter dinner with family and haven’t been told what I’m supposed to bring, but since Fred Meyer is pretty much the only place I shop, I know I’ll buy my Easter groceries there!

  264. I will be picking up some of the candy mentioned!! For the kids…….of course!

  265. Kimberly says:

    Roasts and kool-aid for dying our Easter Eggs.

  266. Kimberly says:

    I subscribe to your emails!

  267. I thanked Fred Meyer!

  268. I left a comment on your Facebook link!

  269. I updated my status with your FAB giveaway!

  270. I’m suscribed to your newletter via my newsfeed.

  271. Helen in Meridian says:

    I will definitely be getting the Nestle crunch eggs and the Whoppers with my coupons. Also they have a great deal on fresh yams and sweet potatoes. Don”t forget Sat 7″00-2:00 is their fuscia/geranium DIRT DAY. They will fill any container you bring from home with potting soil. I usually buy my flowers a few weeks later, because of the threat of freezing. They always have the best flowers and hanging baskets all summer long.

  272. Kimberly says:

    I left a message on Fred Meyers facebook page!

  273. Kimberly says:

    I left a message on FF’s FB page!

  274. Kimberly says:

    I shared this giveaway on my FB page!

  275. I’m thinking of buying Ham to stock up on, but need to find room in the freezer! HAHA

    • Helen in Meridian says:

      You can keep those hams in your fridge for a long time before you freeze them. Check their dates on pkg before you freeze.

  276. Amber Laddusaw says:

    I shared the FB link : )

  277. I posted on Fred Meyer’s facebook page

  278. I tweeted about your FAB giveaway! (McChefdeCuisine)

  279. I subscribe to the newsletter!

  280. Helen in Meridian says:

    I always look forward to my subscription to your lob each day.

  281. cindy T. says:

    I pinned this: on Pinterest!

  282. I posted how much I want to win on your facebook page!

  283. I shared on my facebook page!

  284. I used the share tool!

  285. We do not host Easter dinner so I do not need to buy food. We are cutting WAY back on Easter baskets this year and focusing more on Jesus.
    I will be heading to Fred Meyer tonight to buy 1 book each for the kids, a fun little toy and a little bit of chocolate.

  286. Brandi O says:

    I would buy salad fixins and veggies for a veggie platter!

  287. cindy T. says:

    Updated my status on FB! Love FF!

  288. cindy T. says:

    Shared this post on FB! Yay! I want to win!

  289. Mary Johnson says:

    i liked freddy’s on facebook… i wish i could love them.

  290. Mary Johnson says:

    I will be buying some strawberries, salad, whipping cream, milk and butter if I win this gift card!!

  291. Mary Johnson says:

    I left a comment on your facebook page letting you know how awesome this is.

  292. Mary Johnson says:

    I shared on Facebook with your handy sharing link. 🙂

  293. Samantha says:

    We will buy pickles for potato salad. 🙂 A family favorite.

  294. Katie W. says:

    I Liked Fred Meyer on Facebook!

  295. Katie W. says:

    I shared the giveaway on facebook!

  296. Katie W. says:

    I got some Easter candy from Fred Meyer to help get me ready for Easter!

  297. Katie W. says:

    Commented on your facebook page!

  298. Katie W. says:

    I pin lots of your stuff!!

  299. lft commoen on Fred Meyer page

  300. Rachel C. says:

    Thanked Freddy’s and told them I’m a FAB! Thanks for the great info! 🙂

  301. Janet Masters says:

    Left a comment on your facebook page!

  302. briannavicklund says:

    I left a comment on your fb page saying you ROCK!

  303. briannavicklund says:

    I have been subscribed to your newsletter forever now!! 🙂

  304. We love FM organic section!

  305. Candy!! Great deals at FM this week!! I also love their toy selection at the 5 Mile/Overland store!

  306. Yep, have to say candy because of the deals!

  307. Stephanie B says:

    I will be buying candy at Fred Meyer for sure!!!

  308. I don’t get much to get ready for Easter, but i might be getting some candy at Fred meyer now that you posted some good deals!

  309. I left a comment on your FB post

  310. Jessie C. says:

    We’d be getting ham and produce

  311. Jessie C. says:
  312. Jessie C. says:
  313. Jessie C. says:

    daily newsletter subscriber

  314. Jessie C. says:
  315. Jessie C. says:
  316. I’ve been following your blog for over a year nowand love you guys!

  317. I posted on Fred Meyer’s facebook page

  318. I posted on your facebook page

  319. I am planning a trip to Freddie’s tomorrow, to pick up some candy for my kiddos and Easter Lily’s for my mom and mother in law.

  320. Cheap asparagus and butter and free Snickers eggs.

  321. I love Freddies and am going to buy candy, crackers, juice and bread this week.

  322. I subscribe to your newsletter

  323. I commented on Fred Meyers facebook page telling them how much I love them!

  324. I posted on Fab’s FB page!

  325. Christy B says:

    I definitely need a ham, eggs, and some fresh organic fruit and veggies from FM for Easter dinner.

  326. Christy B says:

    I posted on FM facebook page.

  327. Angelic Buckley says:

    I am planning on getting all of my Easter candy at Fred Meyer

  328. Christy B says:

    I posted on FF’s Facebook page.

  329. Christy B says:

    I subscribe to your daily newsletter.

  330. Angelic Buckley says:

    I left a comment on the Fred Meyer Facebook page

  331. Angelic Buckley says:

    I left a comment of your FB page telling you how wonderful you all are!

  332. Angelic Buckley says:

    I have been a follower on FB and in the email club for almost two years now!!

  333. Angelic Buckley says:

    I shared the link on FB!

  334. Easter candies, baskets, and some food and snacks for a small family gathering in the

  335. I commented on your FB page – I really want to win this – I love Fred Meyer!!!

  336. Christine says:

    Just about everything. We shop at FM all the time and with 3 little ones, it’s the place to go for one-stop shopping. Still have to go and get our ham, asparagus, soda and butter, all at fabulous prices this week!

  337. Christine says:

    Subscribed via e-mail newsletter.

  338. Judie M. says:

    Want to get my ham at Fred Meyer!

  339. Judie M. says:

    Left a thank you on Fred Meyer’s FB page!

  340. I bought jelly beans and Easter dinner supplies at FM, and will stock up at FM on a few extras this Friday.

  341. I subscribe to your newsletter. Left a thank you on Fred Meyer’s FB page! like you on FB.

  342. I subscribe to your newsletter:)

  343. I will be heading to Freds for the Easter candy deals!

  344. shared on FB

  345. I left a comment on Freds FB

  346. I don’t have to do much for Easter, but I’m always required to bring a cheese ball to family gatherings. So I picked up ingredients to make cream cheese and dried beef for the cheese ball. I also wanted some ham for future dinners.

  347. I commented on the Fred Meyer page on facebook.

  348. I left a comment on your facebook page about how much I love Fred Meyer and you guys!

  349. I subscribe to your newsletter.

  350. michelle says:

    posted on fredmeyers page.

  351. I pinned your BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad on pinterest.

  352. I updated my status on facebook about the giveaway.

  353. I would buy the flame crafted ham…..delicious!

  354. I shared this giveaway on Google+

  355. Valerie says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter.

  356. I left a comment on the Fred Meyer FB page!

  357. Left a comment on the FF FB page!

  358. I’m a daily email subscriber! Thanks for the tips!

  359. Stephanie Gossett says:

    I would love to purchase some Easter candy, a ham, and some potatoes for Easter dinner. Thank you for the chance!

  360. Ham and Reeses bunnies here!

  361. Daily subscriber, 7pm doesn’t come fast enough!

  362. I definitely need some dessert items – angel food cake, Redi whip & strawberries!

  363. Left a msg on your FB page!!

  364. daily subscriber!

  365. I subscribe to your newsletter!

  366. I’m in charge of dessert so I need to pick up some pineapple and some whipped cream, also some fresh fruit to go on my pavlova.

  367. Jana Pierce says:

    I will be getting butter and candy 🙂

  368. I subscribe to your daily newsletter!

  369. Jana Pierce says:

    I posted on FM facebook page, thanks!

  370. Jana Pierce says:

    Also commented on your FB page!

  371. MelissaR says:

    I’m subscribed to your newsletter 🙂

  372. I will be buying the cheap candy at Fred Meyer!

  373. I am subscribed to your newsletter for about 8 months now and they are soooo helpful! Thanks!

  374. MelissaR says:

    I posted on your facebook page

  375. MelissaR says:

    I’ll be buying some fresh fruit and vegetable 🙂

  376. Vivian G says:

    I bought eggs last week from Fred Meyer when they were 99 cents for Easter

  377. Lori Jensen says:

    I will be buying cheap candy and produce, they usually have good prices on potatoes!

  378. Lori Jensen says:

    I commented on the Fred Meyer facebook page!

  379. I pinned the homemade dish soap

  380. I still haven’t planned my easter dinner (I know!)
    But Fred Meyer has THE cutest jewelry and I need something yellow, so pick me!

  381. I left a comment on Fred Meyer’s FB page!

  382. Fred Meyer’s price on asparagus is pretty darn good 🙂 I’ll be making hollandaise sauce and serving it alongside the spears!

  383. I’m buying eggs to dye with my 2.5 year old!

  384. I subscribe to your emails.

  385. eggs, ham, milk!

  386. I just subscribed to your newsletter!

  387. Elizabeth says:

    I will be buying asparagus, I’ll roast it and bring it to my mom’s for Easter dinner.

  388. Elizabeth says:

    I’m an email subscriber!

  389. Elizabeth says:

    I like you on Facebook!

  390. Elizabeth says:

    I liked Fred Meyer’s FB page and left them a thank you comment.

  391. Already subscribed to your newsletter!!

  392. For Easter, I would like to buy some candy and some Easter decor at Freddie’s 🙂

  393. Elizabeth says:

    I shared this giveaway on Twitter

  394. A Hayes says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter…love it!

  395. A Hayes says:

    For my family’s Easter dinner, I will be purchasing our ham from Fred Meyer!

  396. Roberta says:

    Left a thank you on Fred Meyer facebook page

  397. Awesome FM giveaway, subscribe already 🙂

  398. Desiree Gabel says:

    I love Fred Meyer and I would LOVE a gift card so much!

  399. I would love to win this gift card my husband has not worked for over three mths and I would love to be able to bring something for our Easter dinner at my parents! Thank you for the chance!!!

  400. Kimberky says:

    I got candy and I shop there all the time because they have good produce. They are my favorite store.

  401. Just left a comment on the Fredmyer page!!!

  402. Just left a comment on your FB page!

  403. I already get your daily news letters!

  404. I have been a subscriber for awhile now! 🙂

  405. I left a comment on FM facebook page!

  406. I commented on your FB page!!

  407. I shared the giveaway with FB friends!

  408. I’m going to Freddies today to see what I can buy for Easter…possibly a ham.

  409. I shared the link on FB!

  410. Candice says:

    I plan on getting everything for a nice dinner there.

  411. Candice says:

    I am an email subscriber. Thanks!

  412. Michelle says:

    I’m buying candy. Hopefully free candy.

  413. Renee D. says:

    I just did my Fred Meyer Easter shopping last night – ham, scalloped potatoes and salad for my part!

  414. Angela K says:

    My sis and I are planning easter together so I will be pu rolls , veggies and stuff to make spinach dip, and eggs of course!

  415. Renee D. says:

    I commented on the Fred Meyer Facebook page!

  416. Amy Wallace says:

    I left a comment on FF facebook page! Thanks!

  417. Michelle says:

    I left a comment on Fred Meyers FB page

  418. Angela K says:

    I left a comment on FM facebook page

  419. Angela K says:

    I left a comment on FF facebook page! Thanks!

  420. Michelle says:

    I left a comment on your FB post

  421. Stephanie says:

    Left a comment on Fred Meyer’s facebook page. Thank you so much!

  422. Michelle says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter

  423. Angela K says:

    I am an email subscriber. Thanks!

  424. I subscribe!

  425. We are buying veggies and milk for Easter at Fred Meyer. We’ve already bought everything else we need from there. (;

  426. Angela K says:
    this looks awesome I miss cafe rio

  427. Allyson says:

    I am making little lasagna cups, and need to pick up ingredients for those, along with some basket fillers for my 2-year old!

  428. Allyson says:

    I also get your emails!

  429. Connie C says:

    Buying my ham at Fred Meyer!

  430. Chai Lover says:

    Left a comment on FM’s FB page.

  431. Chai Lover says:

    Commented on your FB page.

  432. Chai Lover says:

    Am buying Easter candy at FM.

  433. Chai Lover says:

    Am already subscribed to your newsletter.

  434. I’m a subscriber. thanks for the giveaway.

  435. Posted on Freddy’s fb page!

  436. I love Fred Meyer, especially the new one right by my house! 🙂 I’ll be heading over there this weekend to see what kind of Easter goodies are marked down, and maybe find a pretty dress for the baby.

  437. left a comment on your fb page–would love to win!

  438. Posted on the FM FB page.

  439. Already subscribe to your newsletter via email! 🙂

  440. pinned the monogram canvas!

  441. Shared the giveaway on facebook!

  442. Krissa Englebright says:

    I am going to get the Ricotta cheese (and probably also cream cheese and string cheese). I want to make a yummy pasta dish!

  443. Deanna G. says:

    Candy! 🙂

  444. Deanna G. says:
  445. Deanna G. says:
  446. Deanna G. says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter.

  447. Deanna G. says:

    Pinned “2 Reusable K-Cups, 12 oz Coffee for $17!”

  448. Deanna G. says:
  449. Deanna G. says:

    Gave the post a Google+. (Deanna Cali)

  450. LOVE Freds, I would have a hard time deciding, but probably just to stock up on their deals and some Easter Candy, ok, Easter candy in the form of chocolate………..need I say more

  451. CouponKeisha says:

    Hi! When I win, I’m going to buy my family’s Easter dinner with it 🙂

  452. CouponKeisha says:

    Just came from posting on FM’s FB page 🙂 can’t wait to win!

  453. CouponKeisha says:

    Just came from the F&F FB page, posted my gratitude 🙂

  454. CouponKeisha says:

    Subscribed to newsletter!

  455. Natricia says:

    I thanked Fred Meyer on fb.

  456. Natricia says:

    Definitely going to pick up some strawberries and am hoping they have a cute Easter display plate.

  457. Shirley says:

    I bought a lamb roast that helps remind us of what Jesus did for us.

  458. Shirley says:

    I subscribe to the daily newsletter.

  459. Jeremy S. says:

    I subscribe to your emails.

  460. Jeremy S. says:

    I didn’t forget the chocolate bunny

  461. Have to have the malted milk eggs for my sweetie!

  462. Jeremy S. says:

    I subscribe to emails

  463. Sunny Muir says:

    I plan on buying candy from Fred Meyer for Easter!

  464. Shannon McKinney says:

    At Freddie’s were buying yummy Alden’s organic ice cream, some fresh organic veggies, cereal with coupons 🙂 and that will be Easter!!!

  465. I’ll be buying something yummy to bbq and our standard gluten-free stockups!

  466. I just told you I want to win on Facebook…cause you know, I do.

  467. I get your daily email!

  468. Colleen foster says:

    first time postining don’t know if I am doing this right.
    looking to buy candy and asparagus at fred meyers
    cant get on to their facebook so guess only one chance

  469. I”l get ham and lamb cake.

  470. I’m an email subscriber.

  471. Colleen foster says:

    I also get your emails but they don’t seem to come daily, love the ideas
    forgot to mention I need butter and strawberries also from fred meyers

  472. Ham , potatoes, rolls, and something yummy for dessert:)

  473. wrendie says:

    I bought steamfresh veggies at FM for Easter dinner!

  474. I think I would like to get some vegetable seeds and a peach tree – mine did not survive the winter. Happy Easter

  475. I commented on the newest FB post

  476. I thanked Fred Meyer

  477. Am getting some of those pretty Easter Lillies Saturday

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