Fred Meyer Deals 10/30-11/05 {FREE Swanson Broth, Annie’s Homegrown Mac & Cheese, Ricola, Hormel Compleats for Kids and more}

October 30, 2011 51 Comments | Disclosure


– means the price is better than generic/wholesale/mass store prices!
– means this is when we stock up!!!

If we don’t star an item but it’s listed here, that means it is still a better deal than you would get at a superstore on any given day (even using a coupon).

In-ad coupons:

Chicken of the Sea Chunk Light Tuna, $0.44
Use in-ad coupon, limit 6

Tyson Boneless Skinless Thigh Strips, Chicken Breasts, Strips or Tenderloins, 2.25-2.7lbs frozen, $5.99
Use in-ad coupon, limit 3

Country Oven Bread or Buns or Vita-Bee Bread, $1.33
Use in-ad coupon, limit 6

Fred Meyer Large Eggs, 18ct, $2.00
Use in-ad coupon, limit 2

Gatorade, G2 (32oz) or Propel (24oz), $0.79
Use in-ad coupon, limit 10

Kroger Medium Cooked Shrimp, 1 lb, $5.99
Use in-ad coupon, limit 2 lbs

Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue, 12 dbl rolls, $4.99
Use in-ad coupon, limit 2
Use $.50/1 Cottonelle Printable coupon
Final Price:  $4.49

Nestle Standard Size Candy Bars, $0.50
Use in-ad coupon, limit 6

Kroger Ibuprofen, 100 ct,  BOGO FREE
Use in-ad coupon, limit 4

Other Deals:

Wild Alaskan True Cod Fillets, $4.99/lb

Fuji, Gala, Braeburn or Jonagold Apples, $0.78/lb

Organic Bartlett or Anjou Pears, $0.98/lb

Broccoli Crowns, $.99/lb

Kiwi, $0.33each

Mangoes, $0.99 each

Ocean Spray Cranberries, 12oz, $2.00

Blueberries, 4.4-6oz, $2.50

Jumbo Pomegranates or 16 oz Pom Wonderful Juices, $2.50
Use B2G1 Pom Wonderful
Or use $0.50/1 Pom Wonderful
Or use $1/1 Pom Lite 16 oz. or 48 oz. 08/28 SS
Or use $1/1 Pom 10/02 SS
Final Price:  $1.50

Green Cabbage, $0.29/lb

Celery, $0.49/lb

Fred Meyer Vegetables (12-16oz) or Green Giant Vegetables (7-10oz), $1.00

Hormel Compleats for Kids or Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, $1.00
Use $1/1 Hormel Compleats for Kids (if already printed, NLA)
Use $.75/3 Idahoan Products
Final Price:  FREE

Kleenex Facial Tissue, 50-184ct, $1.67
Use $.50/3 Kleenex Tissue from 10/02 SS
Final Price:  $1.50 each WYB 3

Kleenex Tissue
50 ct or larger
Buy 5 Get $1 catalina coupon
Buy 6 Get $1.50 catalina coupon
Buy 7+ Get $2 catalina coupon
Between 10/31-11/27

So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage, 64oz, $2.99
Use $1/1 So Delicious Product
Final Price:  $1.99

Mom’s Best Naturals Cereal, $1.50
Use $1/2 Mom’s Best Naturals
Final Price: $1.00 each WYB2

Flips, $1.00

Trident Gum Value Pack, $0.88
Use $1/3 Trident from 9/18 SS
Or use $1/3 Trident from 10/30 SS
Final Price: $0.50

Schick Hydro 5 Razor, $5.99
Use $4/1 in-store manufacturer’s coupon (found on shelf by product)
Final Price:  $1.99

Old Spice High Endurance or Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant, $1.88
Use $1.00/1 Old Spice Coupon from 10/2 P&G insert (expires 10/31) 
Final Price:  $0.88

Old Spice, Ivory or Gillette Body Wash, $3.33
Use  $2.00/1 Gillette Body Wash Coupon from 10/2 P&G insert (Expires 10/31)
Final Price:  $1.33

Whiskas Temptations, $1.25
Use $1/2 Whiskas Temptations
Or use $1/2 Whiskas Temptations 10/16 RP
Final Price: $0.75

9 Lives Cat Food, $0.33
Use $1/12 9 Lives Cat Food 9/25 RP
Final Price: $0.25


Prices below assume you are buying 10 items and reflect the $5 discount…

Pepsi Soft Drinks, 2 liters, $.99

Freschetta Pizza or Red Baron Pan Pizza or Pan Pasta, $4.49
Use $1/1 Freschetta Pizza
Or use $1/1 Freschetta Artisan Pizza Crust 9/25 SS
Final Price:  $3.49

Del Monte Vegetables, $0.49

Edwards or Marie Callender’s Pie, $4.49
Use $1/1 Edwards Product
Final Price:  $3.49

Cool Whip, $0.89
Use $0.75/1 Season’s Delight (if included)
Final Price:  $0.14

Marie Callender’s Entree or Pot Pie, $1.99
Use $1/1 Marie Callender’s Bakes (if included)
Or use use $1/3 Marie Callender’s single serve meals
Final Price:  $0.99

Doritos, $1.99

Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom or Chicken Soup or Swanson Broth, $0.49
Use $1/5 Campbell’s Condensed Great for Cooking Soups
Or use $0.25/4 Campbell’s Condensed Great for Cooking Soups 10/09 SS
Or use use $1/2 Swanson Broth or Stock Carton (if already printed NLA)
Or use $1/1 Swanson Flavor Boost Concentrated Broth 10/02 SS  (exp 11/5/2011)
Or use $0.40/2 Swanson Broth or Stock Carton 10/02  SS  (exp 11/5/2011) (Not in ID)
Final Price:  as low as FREE

Lipton Secret Recipe Soup Mix, $0.99

Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce or Stove Top Stuffing, $0.99

Challenge or Land O Lakes Butter $2.49
Use  $0.55/1 Challenge Butter Product
Or use $.55/1 Challenge butter 
Or use $.55/1 Challenge Butter
Or use $.55/1 Challenge Butter from previous marked package
Or use $0.75/1 Challenge Product 11/14/2010 SS (expires 12/31/11
Final Price as low as $1.74

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa mix, 10ct, $.99
Use $1/3 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 10/02 SS  (Not in ID)
Final Price: $0.66 each WYB3
Fred Meyer Salad Dressing, $0.99
Nabisco Oreo cookies $2.29

Annie’s Home Grown Natural Mac & Cheese, $0.69
Use $0.75/1 Annie’s Homegrown Product
Final Price:  FREE

Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice, $1.99

Imagine Organic broth, 32oz, $1.99
Use $1/2 Imagine Foods Printable Coupon
Or use $1/1 Imagine Broth, Stock, Soup, or Gravy 10/16 SS  (Not in ID)
Final Price:  $0.99
Ricola, 19-24ct, $0.75
Use $1.50/1 Ricola Cough or Throat Drops 9/11 SS
Or use  B1G1 Ricola Products 10/02 SS
Final Price:  Free
Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Antiperspirant or Deodorant, $1.49
Dial 8-bar Soap, Dial, Right Guard, or Tone Bodywash, $2.99
Carefree or Stayfree, $1.99
Use $0.50/1 Carefree Product
Or use  $0.50/1 Carefree Product 8/21 SS  (exp 10/31/2011)
Or use $1/1 Stayfree Products 8/21 SS  (exp 10/31/2011)
Or use  $1/1 Stayfree Feminine Care Item 10/16 SS
Final Price: $0.99


  1. I’m just curious what you’re thinking a stock up price for Stayfree pads would be? I would think 99 cents is a stock up price? Does it really get lower for high absorbancy and overnight pads?

  2. Also, I’m unclear on where to find the Challenge butter coupons? You have it listed as 11/14 SS, but those have not come out yet, as it’s only October 30. Is there another SS we should check? Thanks! :)

  3. Does anyone know if Fred Meyer still takes Albertsons register rewards? I know they use to but it’s been a while. They do say manufactures coupon and use to scan.

  4. What would be a stock up price for Stove Top Stuffing?

    • sesame street says:

      Here after Halloween you will start seeing more deals where you can get the StoveTop for as low as .50 without much work. Once or twice I did see it go down to .25 a box last year at places like Target where they don’t have much in stock so not many people get any before it is gone. So hold up and wait until it is that low or you need it, or in my case are craving it! HTH.

  5. I don’t see the .25/4 campbells coupons in my 10/9 SS. And it’s not listed in the “coupon lists” you provide on your site. Am I missing something here??

  6. Also, is that a stockup price for the campbells condensed soups or just the broth? I’ve been couponing for about 8 months and have yet to see any lower prices for those soups, but it’s cooking season and don’t know if it gets better than that…?

  7. Yvonne Bush says:

    So there are lots more things that are part of the $5 off 10 products. A few are Dryers ice cream which is $3.29 before the 50 cents off so with it is is $2.79 and if it is still available there was a e-coupon from FM for $.50 making it only $2.29, Capri suns, lunchables, the one with the drinks, frito lay products, check the shelf tags for the ones that are included, nestle water, bertolli meals. At the stores there are card signs that show all the products included. Also you have to buy in increments of 10 to get the deal. When the cashier is ringing you up if you look at the moniter there will be a <+ in front of each item which indicates it is one of the items. In the ad it shows kelloggs cereals and there are more then what is pictured or what is written on there. The fruit in the middle and the strawberry frosted mini wheats are not pictured or printed in the ad buy both are included and the shelf tags apparently indicate this.

  8. The ricola coupon “$1.50/1 Ricola Cough or Throat Drops 9/11 SS” is for the 45 count. The FM ad states the sale is on 19-24 count packages.

  9. Can we do multiple groups of 10 items or will each have to be it’s own transaction?

    • Carolyn H. says:

      I was just going to ask that! So thank you for asking! :) Also what about there new coupon policy? Can we use internet coupons still and if so how many is there a limit? I am confused! Thank you!

      • I went this morning – you can you multiple groups of ten items in one transaction (I did 5). Also was able to use all my internet coupons (8 for the soup and 10 for the cool whip) with no trouble at all. I was prepared to take back some of the coupons if I needed to. Maybe my FM is just a bit more lienent than others?!!! What a great shopping trip I had – 40 cans of soup, 10 containers of cool whip, 6 cans of tuna, 2 pks butter (from a raincheck) for 10.97!! ( had $10 in cats to use).

        • Ugh…I just got back from FM on Glenwood and Chinden, and my two groupings of ten items did NOT both get the discount in one transaction! I had 18 cans of soup and two bags of Ricola, and only the first 10 items got the .50 discount. My cashier figured that we must only be able to do one grouping of 10 per transaction, and then it took FOREVER for him to re-ring up everything and deduct the .50 per item BY HAND because the cash register wasn’t doing it on its own. So frustrating, especially because an employee had sent me to the express lane since it was empty and then I had people lined up behind me. It literally took 15 minutes for me to get rung up and out of there. :-( So…you might want to confirm with your cashier BEFORE you get multiple groupings rung up together that he/she has actually been able to do that without having to do multiple transactions.

          • Heather H says:

            I went this morning and bought 20 items. All 20 took the $0.50 off with no trouble. I had 10 cans of Del Monte vegs, 6 cartons of Swanson broth, and 4 large containers of yogurt. One transaction.

          • Heather H says:

            Another freebie at Fred Meyer: Flipz. They have the 5 oz bags for $1 each. About 2 weeks ago, there was a $1/1 printable. I had two coupons, so I got two bags for free. My husband was thrilled with his treat!

  10. It’s great to see so many pink stars here. Thanks so much for the matchups. I did my weekly shopping at Freddies yesterday and got some great deals, even without doublers. It was awesome.

  11. I can’t get the Cottonelle link to work as its not “highlighted”…anyone know the link? Thanks… :)

  12. The $1/2 Swanson Broth coupon is for the carton and the ones for sale at Fred Meyer are the can so you CANNOT use the $1/2 coupon for this item.

  13. At the Everett, WA (Evergreen Ave) Fred Meyer, the Schick razors were 4.99 for the 3 blades, and with the $4 off coupon, they came to 99 cents.

  14. Question – Will Walmart ad match the “$5 off when you purchase 10?” I read the Ad Match Guarantee but this seems questionable..

  15. The Flipz coupon reset on It’s $1/1, which matches nicely with FM’s sale for $1. :) Heading to FM today for more free treats!

  16. As part of the $5 off of 10 items deal, it also includes Kotex (at least at the Twin Falls Fred Meyer store). They cost $2.99 regular price (plus .50 off for the $5/10). On 10/23/11 we had coupons for $1.50/2 items or you could use the in store tear pad coupons for $1.00/2. Plus at check out it prints out a $2.00 in store cash coupon to spend on anything! This makes them as low as 74 cents per box. Not a bad price if you ask me.

  17. there were also unadvertised “buy 10 deals” like 4# C&H sugar. v*8 splash, Swnson Broth in the carton, S& W beans& more if you wandered looking for them.
    Michelle, some of the sugar free Ricola were not ringing up as part of the 10 for sale. My cashier actually knew that so I traded mine out for a regular one.

  18. Evidently I didn’t get the Campbell’s soup deal right today. At my Fred Meyer in WA the chicken broth was only 49 cents / can IF you bought 10!! Since I only had the $1 for 2 printable coupon, and FM’s limit of printed coupons is 2 per day per customer, I could only get 4 of my 6 cans for free. Anyone else know how to get a better deal? Personally, I was still tickled because I would not have known about the good price or looked for it had it not been for this blog…so keep up the good work, ladies! Every penny counts!

  19. There was a really cool Employee flash mob dance at the Everett, WA Evergreen Ave store today at 9 am. Lots of fun! It was great to see so many smiling employees having fun! :)

  20. How fun!

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