Fabulous Coupon Tip Tuesday: Walgreens 101

September 22, 2009 45 Comments | Disclosure

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Walgreens 101

Stacking Coupons: You can use a Walgreens store coupon and a manufactures coupon on the same item.
Buy four cans of Campbell’s Soup
Use one Walgreens in-ad coupon to make the soup 0.59 also
Use one .40 off 4 manufactures coupon.
Final Cost 0.49 each

Where do I get the Walgreen’s Coupons?
Walgreens coupons can be found in the store ad. Find your store ad in the Sunday paper and at the store. The coupons are only good for 7 days, Sunday-Saturday to go along with the stores weekly sales.

What if they are out of my coupon item?
If the store is out of an item you can get a raincheck for the price on your in-store coupon. Just ask a manager. Keep the coupon with the raincheck in case there is confusion when you go to redeem it later.

What are Register Rewards (RR)?

Register Rewards are dollar value coupons (pictured above) received for buying certain promotional items at Walgreen’s. They print out after you have paid for your purchase. They act as in store cash and can be redeemed like cash on future Walgreen’s purchases.

Look for this wave symbol in the ad or in the store to find Register Reward items. We look for register reward items that have coupon match-ups in order to make the item cheap, free or even have overage.

Nivea Body Wash 16.9 oz $4.99
Use $1/1 Manufactures coupon (MC)
Receive $5RR
Final Cost $1 OVERAGE

Overage When the combination of an RR and MC exceed the value of the item purchased.
Sometimes the RR offer has no coupon match-ups and is not free after RR. Not all RR deals are good ones, but many are.

Golden Rules:

1. You will only get one RR per transaction in a certain promotion.


Nivea body wash has an RR promotion. If you buy 2 Nivea body washes you will only get one RR. If you buy Nivea and Rembrandt toothpaste you will get an RR for each product as long as they are part of different promotions.

Rolling RR’s: This is how you get more than one bottle of Nivea during the promotion with out having to pay cash.

Buy the Nivea get a $5 RR
Buy the Rembrandt pay $1 cash and $5 RR get $6 RR
Buy Nivea and a $1 item to get your subtotal to $6, pay with $6 RR
Get another $5 RR and on and on til you have what you need!

Sometimes they will do a group a products together like several varieties of Tylenol seen here. If you buy the 2 Children’s Tylenol and 2 Tylenol Allergy you will only get one RR. This is because they are in the same promotion!

2. You can not roll Register Rewards within the same promotion (usually)
Wait I just showed you how to roll RR’s. You have to alternate promotions. If you tried to buy another Nivea with the $5 Nivea RR your next RR would not print!

3. You can not have more manufactures coupons than items
Register Rewards count as a manufactures coupon. (MC)
Nivea Use $1 off MC
Rembrandt Use $1 off MC
Let’s say you want to use your $3 RR from Tylenol you will have to buy a pencil or small piece of candy (filler item) to match with the RR.
If you had store coupons to match with each product you could you those as well.

4. There is an order to give the coupons that seems to work best!
1. Register Reward
2. Manufacturer
3. Store

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  1. I was at Walgreens and I had a b1g1 coupon for head and shoulders, and also a $1 off for head and shoulders. They would not take the $1 off coupon. I thought that you could use a b1g1 coupon, and another for the one you are paying for??????? Does anyone know how this works at walgreens????

    • Michelle says:

      I used to work for Walgreens and my husband is a manager there. If the Head & Shoulders is the only item you were buying you can’t use it, the free item rings up free so they don’t consider it in the item count, Walgreens doesn’t allow coupon stacking usually you have to have more item, I once bought papertowels that had a store coupon and I also had a manufacturers coupon, I had to buy a cheap pack of gum to use both coupons.

  2. Misty G says:

    I just tried to use a black and white Internet printed coupon and the store on apple st. told me they will only take colored coupons now because people are photocopying them. Has anyone else run into this problem?

  3. I keep reading posts about getting FREE items from Walgreens. For example The 99 cent Reach toothbrushes, buy 2 and use the $2.00/2 reach toothbrushes.
    Everytime I try a transaction to get an item FREE, The coupon beeps and the people say I can’t use it because the item is less then the coupon and that Walgreens policy does not allow them to adjust the price of the item or the coupon. So am I getting jipped or what?

  4. I’ve been shopping at Walgreens for a few months now and thought I had it down…but at my last trip they wouldn’t take both a MC and a RR. They said it was because they are “both manufacturer coupons.” I had more items than coupons, I gave them in the recommended order and the RR wasn’t for any items I was purchasing so I’m not sure what the deal was…any insights? Thanks!

    • What has happened to me is that they will take all coupons but just as it is stated above you cannot have more coupons than items, that is the total combination of RR, MC and Walgreens Coupons cannot exceed the total number of items u are purchasing, if that is the case then you will have to buy a filler item. I still have not tried the B1G1 in combination with another MC, but it all depends on the cashier, as I have noticed. Some will go above and beyond to give you the cheapest total, if they have an in store MC they will give it to you for your products, while others will be so picky as to inspect every single coupon before scanning it. Also management does make a difference, some don’t let you do multiple transactions while others will be patient enough to let you do 20 transactions and open another register for the trouble, as I have seen it with customers ahead in line of me.

  5. Shannon says:

    I get so frustrated using the RR at Walgreens. It seems like they will take one and no more. I thought they were basically same as cash.

  6. Lindsay says:

    Does the register rewards at Walgreens print based on the value before or after the MC? Example: There is a promo for $10 RR when you buy $30 worth of a mix of items. If I pick up $30 worth of the items and then use $7 in coupons making my total due only $23 will I still get the register reward. Or does it have to be $30 worth of product AFTER all MC are applied?

  7. Jennifer says:

    HELP!! I’ve only been couponing for about a month but I have had issues with Walgreens printing RR. I’ve purchased items and got my RR just fine. But on several occasions when I use my RR I do not receive any RR back for the new items. I know that if it is the same promotion it wont print…but these are completely different items. I asked an associate and she informed me that if I pay with RR I wont get any RR back. But I keep seeing on multiple sites that I should. And at least once I have actually gotten them back!! Is there a policy for this or is it the store that is limiting it?

    • I had the same issue yesterday with the Playtex sport tampons. Paid in 2 different transactions so should have received 2 but didnt. Any ideas?

  8. kirsten says:

    so walgreens had a sale this week on oral b toothbrushes buy two for two dollars and i had a two dollar off coupon i got ten toothbrushes and had five coupons..the guy tried arguing that its only one like coupon per transaction but from my understanding ive heard from everyone else is that when the coupon says per transaction it really means per item and i tried telling him im allowed to use each coupon for per one item but he insisted that i was wrong..any suggestions anyone

  9. I shop at CVS and Walgreens.. I ALWAYS end up spending so much more at Walgreens than CVS. The shopping trip takes 4 times as long at Walgreens as well. Their coupon policy is so confusing. It is a major hassle trying to remember everything. For goodness sake..if they allow one manu, one store and one RR on an item, why do they force me to buy two more items? Nothing is free at Walgreens. And while I completely understand stores have to make money, we know no other store that offers rewards has their machines and policy set up this way. For those having problems with Walgreens saying they do not take black and white coupons..that is such a ridiculous policy..when someone in the store tries to claim that, remind them that people can photo copy in full color!

  10. Will Walgreens give you money back if you have an overage?

  11. If I use an in-ad Walgreens coupon that says “Limit 3” does that mean I can only buy 3 of the item per transaction? Or 3 per Walgreens coupon? Or per household? Thanks!

  12. Another question — Walgreens point system is so confusing to me! For example, if you get 2000 points when you buy 2 of a product, can I only earn those points once? Or if I buy 4 will I get 4000 points, etc?

  13. TMart555 says:

    I just wanted to add a little tip that has been helping me remember the order that works best in presenting the trio of coupons at Walgreens…The way that I have remembered ‘Register Rewards, Manufacturer, Store’ is ‘Real Money Saver’ RMS…. Its been working for me so maybe it will help you guys and gals remember too :) And it DOES seem to be the best order so everything runs smoothly at checkout!! btw I LOVE this site and keep up the good work!! :)

  14. Michele says:

    Question: I THINK I’m following you….but, couponing is something I really wanted (NEED) to get into. With that being said…..I actually do better when someone SHOWS me how to do this to get the most for my buck. So, do you know if anyone offers any one on one coaching/teaching on couponing? For example: someone who will go to the stores with you and actually SHOW you how it’s done a few times before letting you do it on your own….???? THAT would be something I would invest in…..Do you know of anyone who does this??

  15. On the spend $30 worth of p&fgproducers receive 10,000 points sale. Does the total have to be $30 before any coupons?

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