Fab Rite Aid Shopping Trip .13 OOP!

November 5, 2010 36 Comments | Disclosure

We LOVE it when our readers

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So we could not help but share with you too! Enjoy! You can do this too! Just get to Rite Aid by Saturday.

Hey Fabs!
Finally found something exciting this week (am I the only one having a dull coupon week?)!!

2 Olay body wash 5.99 (sale B1G1 half off)
2 Olay in shower body lotion 4.99 (sale B1G1 half off)
4 secret trial size deoderant 1.03 (price actually 1.29 my price reflects my 20% wellness discount)
3 reach floss .99
2 gallons milk (just needed it) 2.29
total: 28.13

coupons used:
$5/$25 vv
(4) $5/1 olay wyb secret p&g 10/31
(3) $1/1 reach floss printable
total after coupons: 0.13 (+ tax)!!!

Love your site!

Thanks Fab FruGAL Mel! You rock!

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  1. Becky Ruths says:

    That’s so AWESOME!! Way to go Mel!

    Did they hassle you about using the trial size secret with the $5 off Olay coupon? I made the STUPID mistake of using it at Walmart, and I spent FORTY-FIVE minutes arguing (nicely, but sternly) with the assistant manager and coupon manager about doing this exact deal (except their Olay was marked down to $5 each, and their trial sizes were $.79)… They finally let me do it, but it was SUCH A PAIN!! I hate couponing at Walmart!! It had been months since I had tried it there, and it’ll be months again!! GRR!!

    • I refuse to coupon shop at Walmart. I do have a few exceptions, but they are rare. My time is too valuable, and they don’t get it over there.

    • Bummer Becky! My cashier checked the fine print and gave me no trouble since it did not exclude trial sizes! Good for you for standing your ground at walfart, but I agree- not worth it!

      • Walmart here on State and Glenwood quit allowing us to use the coupons on trial sizes.
        Makes me mad since most coupons don’t say EXCLUDE TRIAL SIZES. I agree, that using coupons are a pain in the pa-toot at Walfart. Coupons make them money so I don’t see why they wont allow them… I don’t get it., We should all complain in a huge letter… 😉 Do these people NOT KNOW WHO WE ARE??? he he

    • I went to walmart and had no problems…they matched the b1g1 half off and didi it with the walmart price not the rite aid price….I had t add a soda for the price to be 11 cents. I got 2 big body washes 2 boxes of soap, 4 trial size deoderant, and the 20 oz soda. They let me do this four times (since the coupons will only let you use 4 at a time) and they were great…I think it all depends on the walmart…the cashier…the manager etc. I will continue couponing at walmart as it is worth it to me. Sorry everyone else had such a bad time.

      • Which Walmart do you go to?

        • normaly the one in meridian…but today I went to the one on glenwood and state….they let me buy the trial size, and use the coupon…I asked the lady up front by the registers if they would match the add and she said yes…I got the stuff and checked out…no issues.

  2. Mel-Where did you get the $5/$25?

  3. ok, I gave up on Rite Aid as my coupon experiences had been less than positive. (Kind of like Becky’s at Walmart). But this deal makes me want to give them another try!

    Great job!

    • Patti- if you can… try a different Rite Aid! I have shopped at one that was… well… sad, but found another that welcomes couponers with open arms and have never had a problem since! Good luck!

      • Good thought. Will see if I can locate another within reasonable distance.

        Thank you for all of your work, help and great ideas.

  4. Where did you get the reach floss printable coupon? Thanks

  5. I did a similar transaction today at RA and my casiher adjusted my $5 off olay coupons down to the actual value of the soap I was buying. So for the B1G1 50% off, one olay item rang up as 5.99 an the other at 2.98. The cashier adjusted my second coupon down to 2.98 so I wouldn’t have overage. According to the RA coupon policy, they are not supposed to allow overage.

    • so how much did you end up spending??

      • I did this transaction:

        Old spice body wash 4.49
        Secret Deo – travel size 1.29
        Secret Deo – travel size 1.29
        KY Kissable Sensations 19.99
        Clean & Clear cleanser 5.79
        Clean & Clear cleanser 5.79 B1G1 50%
        Olay bath bars 3.49
        Olay bath bars 3.49 B1G1 50%
        45.62 TOTAL
        -2.90 B1G1 C&C
        -1.75 B1G1 Olay
        -2.71 10% wellness discount
        -5.00 5/25 Q
        -5.00 ky mq
        -5.00 ky vv
        -1.74 mq buy secret get olay free
        -3.49 mq buy secret get olay free
        -4.04 mq buy two secret get os body wash free
        -2.00 c&c mq
        -2.00 c&c mq
        9.99 TOTAL OOP
        7.00 ky up
        2.00 c&c up
        .99 TOTAL COST

        • Wow!

          The policy does state that a coupon will be reduced to the price of the item, but like so many things I think it always depends on the store/cashier/manager. Even with the reduction you ROCKED IT!! (Nice catch on the os wyb secret… wish I would have noticed that one!)

  6. AHHHH!!! If you haven’t gone already there is a Rite aid coupon for $2/1 olay body wash from the clip and save book the stores handed out with flu shots! Stack it for even MORE savings! (Darn! I missed it! Did anyone use it?)

    • Mel- I’ve been couponing for 2 months now and I don’t get how you did it! I’m still getting my own system down, so I’m very jealous. Maybe you can help me figure it out.

      Do you carry your entire collection of coupons with you whenever you go shopping, just so you can find good deals on the fly? Or did you plan out your $0.13 transaction beforehand?



      • Brian- Welcome to the world of CHEAP/FREE STUFF!!! Two months is a great start but keep in mind, like anything worth doing, learning the art of couponing takes time. The FABs have some great tips under the “learn to be a frugal” tab above for getting you started.

        To answer your questions, yes I carry ALL of my coupons with me whenever I shop, because you never know what you will find (i.e. clearance) even when you are not coupon shopping. My big beloved binder ‘Bessy’ (yes, I named her) is the key- the more organized you are the easier it is to find what you need when you need it! I use the baseball card system, but there are many ways to organize you just have to find what works best for you (see some ideas under the “learn to be a frugal” tab and then the “organize coupons” tab at the top of this site.)

        In the beginning I would plan my tips before I left my home just to be flustered when something I wanted was out of stock/not the price I expected/wrong size for the coupon/whatever… so now I have an idea of what I am needing and improvise the rest! The longer you coupon and the better your stock pile the easier it becomes to take things as they come because you won’t panic if you miss a deal. And we all make mistakes- just learn from them and you’ll get it soon!

        Also- please forgive me if I am mistaken/mislead by your name, but are you a fruGUY!?! That ROCKS!!! Welcome!

  7. does anyone have this coupon they would want to trade for?1 of the $5 off 1 select Olay product(need the soap pack) with Secret purchase coupon .I know everyone’s using it but it would be nice :)

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