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October 7, 2010 24 Comments | Disclosure

Albertsons  is smokin this week (espcially for those of us who get to Round Up our Coupons!)… even if you don’t get to round up, there are still some great deals!

We’ll be getting Bounty paper towels for $.25, and A&W Rootbeer/7-UP for $.25.  What about the $.10 Brownie Minis or $.10 boxes of Swiss Miss… you get the picture, it’s a GREAT stock up week!  In fact, my neighbors will be getting cute boxes of Brownie mixes and Hot Chocolate for Christmas this year!

So Monica is at the store placing an order for the two of us.  Why do we place an order? Because we are getting large quantities, and we don’t want to clear the shelves!

I thought this would be an appropriate time to remind everyone HOW to place an order!

  1. Figure out how much you want:  What will you use the product for?  How long do you want this to last?  (3 months, 6 months, a year?)
  2. Pick the varieties:  You may need to go to the store to see what is available.  You’ll want to have this ready when you place your order.
  3. Go to, or call Customer Service and ask for the grocery manager.  If they aren’t willing to place an order for you, call a different store!  I know for certain that Damien at Five Mile and Overland Albertsons in Boise  would LOVE to take an order from you!
  4. Order early on in the sale for best results.  Ordering by Thursday (or Friday at the latest) will ensure you get your product in time!  They will call you when your order is in (and I’m sure he’ll give you an idea about when you can expect it).
  5. Patiently wait for your eBay coupons to arrive, and rest assured knowing that your product will be waiting in the back for you and you won’t have to clear a single shelf!

IF YOU ARE GOING TO ORDER BE SURE TO PICK IT UP! DO NOT LEAVE THE STORE STUCK WITH INVENTORY! They are not likely to take an order from you again if you do this! This has been happening so just a friendly reminder to you not to do it. :)

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  1. Do you know if you can get a raincheck to go along w/the round ups? I am not sure that I will get my Qs in time…not sure about the raicheck policy in conjunction w/round ups. Any insite would be great!!

    • Holly, just like “doubles”, you’d have to wait until they came out again to take advantage of the deal. Also, remember that with a raincheck, you only get the sale price listed. Since there is a catalina that prints, if you redeem your raincheck after the sale ends, the catalina won’t print. :( I just ordered the last of my coupons today and paid via paypal. I’m confident that I’ll have them before the sale ends Tuesday. When did you order and did you pay via paypal?

  2. Very interesting on the Bounty coupons. I just got mine out and noticed that in the fine print it states “Limit of 4 Like Coupons in the same shopping trip”. It looks like you can still buy many, you would just have to purchase them in sets of 4 to comply with the coupon. This is what I hope to be doing after I place an order. Just a little quirk I have not seen before on P&G coupons, and that wording is on all the 09/26 P&G coupons.

  3. I am awaiting my ebay coupons, but I feel nervous to place an order until they arrive, because if they don’t get here in time, I will (gasp) be paying full price! Can you cancel an order if your coupons don’t arrive in time? What’s the latest you can place an order for this week’s promo?

    • Becky Ruths says:

      You have until Friday morning to place the order to get them by Tuesday… :( I’d place it.

    • Kadie – just talk to the grocery manager about your concerns. What day/time did you order your coupons? Did you pay via paypal? What state is your seller from?

    • It probably depends on how much you want to order. The store may be able to sell the inventory to other customers if you do not end up getting your coupons in time. Like Cathy said talk with your GM.

  4. Becky Ruths says:

    Just placed an order for the paper towels!!! Ordered 21 of them. They’ll be here on Saturday. I just hope my coupons, that I bought at the same time, will be here too!!

    • You can let him know that you may not be able to pick it up until Monday. That’s what I’ll be doing for some of my order. 😉 Yay for cheap paper towels!

  5. So where has everyone been able to place an order? I got shot down at 5&O when I went in to place one for the Bounty.

    • I got shot down at Eagle and McMillan too. I tried calling 10 & O but was put on hold and ignored. I will try calling again in the morning. If I can’t get an order in then I will just hit several different Albies. I will get my scenarios done and am willing to use the extra gas because I will be getting such good deals and refilling my stockpile of depleted stuff.

      • That is a good plan B Teri.

      • I got told at mcmillan and eagle that they can’t set items aside for specific people, but that they can add my order to their total order in hopes that there will be enough left when I get there. I hope that works:)

    • Really? Who did you talk to?

      • Well I asked for Damien but he was busy actually placing the stores order, so a brown haired girl came over, she didn’t have a name tag on. She called and talked to Damien and when she hung up she said they weren’t taking orders. I wanted to order 28 and she actually told me, Oh well we have just enough on the shelf and in back, why don’t you just buy it all? It was a bit frustrating. The whole point of wanting to place the order is because there is no way I was going to buy all their stock and clear the shelf! I will just see what I can do between a few stores when my coupons get here.

        • This is exactly what happened to me with the finish dishwasher soap! Sounds like the same darn brown hair lady without a name tag who was rude to me too! I was told to buy what they have in stock as if they didn’t care about the other customers who would be coming in for it. I wanted to say ” You are acting like I don’t have other choices for grocery shopping.” I hung on to my coupons and used em on the target sale for a better deal anyway!

  6. richelle white says:

    Monday is Columbus Day, so does that mean there’s no mail? I’m just trying to figure out how that will play out to my coupons being delivered?

  7. I placed an order to pick up tomorrow, and am so nervous that I’m not going to get my ebay coupons in time! I ordered my coupons on Wed and paid with paypal at the same time and the seller shipped Friday morning…think I’ll be okay? What do I do if I don’t get them??

  8. Wow. I was so excited because my coupons came today. Then I realized in my hast of ordering while at work multitasking doing a million other things, that I ordered the WRONG coupons (anyone need Bounty napkins??)!!! There will always be another sale right? :)

  9. Margie W. says:

    Hi…I’m new on ordering coupons on e-bay. I ordered mine but I don’t have a “Paypal” acct. Although when paying for my coupons it stated that it was through paypal. What is the difference when using paypal? Will my coupons arrive faster?

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