Coupon Tip Tuesday: Diaper Stock-Up Prices

March 22, 2011 36 Comments | Disclosure

coupon help, tipsWe often get asked what a good price for diapers is…. price points can vary depending on size and brand. So I made a chart to show you the best price per size and brand!

The first price is a good price get a few packages at this price. The second price is a stock-up price. If you can buy diapers for that price or less be sure to stock-up, get a 4-6 month supply.

Tip: Newborn diapers tend to be more per diaper because there are less in the package. Most baby’s will only wear an N diaper for only a week or two so do not make the mistake of stocking up on these. In fact many babies can go straight the size 1 and skip the N all together! After the N the bigger the baby get the more expensive the diapers. The price per package may be the same, but the number of diapers in the package gets to be less and less.

In order to save more money keep your baby in the smaller sizes longer if you can.

One of my new favorite places to buy diapers is!

  • Diapers ship right to your door
  • Amazon tells you the price per diaper
  • You can get free shipping
  • With Amazon Mom you Save 15%
  • You can save even more with Subscribe & Save




  1. Thanks for this. I am printing it up and putting it in my wallet so I always have it. I need a sheet like this for everything! I too love Amazon, especially for my daughter’s goodnight’s!

  2. FYI – I was able to get about 20 boxes of diapers on Amazon last month for FREE. Seriousy, FREE. When we went through Amazon Mom, stacked 3 coupons at a time, and used subscribe and save, the total came to FREE. I mostly bought Huggies size 3 (156 per box) and Huggies 4 (140/box), but I also bought Huggies 1-2 (192/box). All those boxes were originally near $40, so it was a pretty dang good deal!!! They allowed you to do this several months ago too, so it is something that comes and goes. And the bonus – it had free 2-day shipping right to my front door. It seriously felt like Christmas here for a week or two.

    • That is awesome!

    • What do you mean stacked three coupons at a time? Does Amazon accept coupons? How does that work?

      • There are coupons in various magazines…Baby Talk, Parents, Parenting, American Baby, etc. Each month there are different coupons, and not every magazine has them every month. Amazon has a place to put a promo code at checkout. Right now, they allow you to stack three different coupons (a YT, a YJ and a 5J). As long as you have the codes that start with those then you can use all three. The problem is that their policy can change at any time. Right now they will let you stack all three. They haven’t always done that and may not let you do it at any time in the future.

        Once a code is used, it can’t be used again. They were allowing you to use as many codes per account as you wanted, so you could set up a lot of subscribe and save orders. But now they will only let you use a code once per month per account. Again, this was once their policy and then they let you use unlimited, and now they’re back to once per account.

    • I’m just trying to learn the Amazon dealings. So my questions is what coupons are you using and how do you stack them? I do a little couponing but don’t understand the stacking. Please Help!
      Thank you,

  3. If you need more coupons for more savings, my site also offers a lot of diaper coupons.

  4. Amazon codes are done tonight…. I am sooo sad! We’ve got several huge cases in the closet for shower gift and got an entire new stock (30+) of high end cloth diapers for my twins for under $25 total! i can’t wait until they come back again!

  5. From sizes 4-6, Costco always has Huggies at the “buy a few” price. Many couponing sites are anti-Costco but we find that our membership more than pays for itself, particularly when you have a Costco coupon for the Huggies at $3.00 off! Now, when it comes to the rock bottom prices listed in your graphic, Costco doesn’t come close – even on their store brand. I’m on the lookout for prices like that… trying to figure out if it’s smarter to invest in good cloth diapers or just stock up on cheap-o diapers when the opportunity presents itself!

  6. We are expecting a baby soon, how many of each size do you recommend that i try to stock up on, we are 8 weeks prego so i want to get as much of a running start as i can. thanks, my email is if anyone can help that would be great.

    • trevor-

      I would not buy many N diapers as most babies grown out of them in the first week and some never even fit them. Every baby is different but I found that mine stayed in size 1 for about 3-6 months size 2 for the the next 6-12 months and size 3 for at least a year.
      Babies go through about 5-10 diapers a day. So if you do that math it will help you get an idea of what you will need.

  7. Does this site (or any other Thayer you know of) post the codes that can be used on Amazon?

  8. That you* not Thayer, lol

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