Cutting Your Grocery Budget

I have a confession.

I hate meal planning.

No really. I hate thinking about what to make for dinner, as it usually dawns on me at about 5:30 that people are hungry. It’s not fun. I don’t like that question, “What’s for dinner?”. I usually answer it by saying, “I don’t know – what are you making?”.

Do you feel the same way?

What happens on nights like these – when you haven’t planned, and you’re too pooped to come up with some meal? You go grab some take out, right? I must say that we were becoming regulars at Domino’s, McDonalds, Papa Murphys and Panda Express (oh I miss you Panda!). It wasn’t good for our budget, or for my waistline.

A few weeks ago I told you about how we are working to get out of debt. One of the first things to go, of course, was weeknight eating out. (Ahem, I still get my weekly DATE NIGHT though!). So what does this mean for me – a mommy who doesn’t excel at menu planning and cooking?

I found the PERFECT solution. It’s perfect for me (and I think you’ll love it too!).

A day of freezer cooking.

Now, don’t give up on me yet. This isn’t just a cooking up a storm all by yourself day once a month. This is FUN STUFF I’m talking about! Just like you’re more likely to exercise if you have a buddy, you’re more likely to do mass cooking if you do it with FRIENDS! In fact, YOU WILL DO IT! Because they’ll be counting on you!

Monica has been doing Freezer Meal Cooking for over 3 years now! She’s a PRO! She got us going in January, and I must say, it is one of the best things that has happened to me. I am a much happier woman. And my family’s tummy’s are full.

In January I paid $85 for 12 meals. An average of $7 per meal. These are nice meals. Like BBQ Chicken Pizza with fresh cilantro, Calzones, Manicotti, and Chicken Enchiladas to name a few. And we had leftovers nearly every night (read: hubby’s lunch the next day – saves even more money!).

And what do you think happened as a result of having all these meals on hand? I SHOPPED LESS and I SAVED MONEY! I spent a total of $275 in February. This INCLUDES the formula for my baby! I have SIX KIDS! I fed my family for a month for only $275 (this includes the $85 for freezer meals).

So starting next week, we will have a weekly post telling you how this whole process works. It’s can get a little crazy the week of the cooking group – especially if you are the shopper/host. But we’re going to lay it all out for you. AND we’ll give you some recipes WITH pictures!

Are you already doing this? Do you have a recipe you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment or email us at fabulesslyfrugal at gmail dot com.

And of course, I just HAD to make a little banner for our series!!

Recipes Posted So Far:

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Shish Kabobs
Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken
Southwest Chicken Chili
Garlic Ranch Chicken
Crispy Southwest Chicken Wontons
Southwest Chicken Wraps
Pineapple Pepper Chicken
Cream Cheese Chicken

Shish Kabobs
No Mystery Meat Marinade
Taco Rice Salad
Taco Salad
Crock Pot BBQ Beef

Ham and Swiss Crepes
Pasta Carbonara
Ham and Cheese Braid (a hit!)
Sausage Hash
Pizza Calzones
Breakfast Burrito’s

Shish Kabobs
Salmon Cakes


  • Jenn Gold

    I am trying to get a group of women together for freezer cooking, and it is going together pretty good, but i am still confused about how many meals your group makes of one recipe?
    since you make 5 recipes, do you make3 of each x 6?

    • Monica

      We make about 12-15 different recipes. Usually each family gets one. So we would multiply by 5 for our group because we have 5 people.

      We have too larger familes in our group so we decided to multiply by six and have the two big families split the 6th meal to make their meals bigger.

      Does that make sense?

  • I have been freezer cooking for about 10 years! I absolutely love it! I have taught hundreds of women how to do this and I finally put together a step by step ebook teaching ladies how to save money, save time, save on clean up!!! (
    We often have 4-7 women together and we have ‘assembled’ as many as 160 meals in ONE DAY!!!
    We have it down pretty good, but we are always learning tons of shortcuts (like putting your ziplock bag into a large cottage cheese or sour cream container, the 50oz ones, to make it easier to fill the bags)! I usually make about 40 meals for my family so we only have to do Grande Cooking (our name for it) every three months. We also usually do about 15 recipes (doing multiple of each one depending on your choices.)
    Glad you you are sharing your ideas and success with this type of cooking!
    I love being able to help so many mommies out!!!

  • Kelly

    Would these recipes be enough to split into 2 meals for a family of 4 (2 young kids)?

  • Sunshine

    I just recently started freezer cooking, I was looking at your recipes. They are labeled for 1 family and 6 families. What is the serving size for 1 family, so I can adjust for mine. We have 8 in my household and I usually cook 10 servings per meal. Thanks

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