Coupon Class DVD Giveaway! {CLOSED}

October 13, 2011 213 Comments | Disclosure

{Closed} See the winner here!

Last week Cathy gave away 3 copies of our Coupon Class on DVD, ” The Seven Secrets of Successful Couponing” Fab FruGal Pamela won a copy and she already owns a copy, so she asked if we would give her copy to another reader! And we said OF COURSE!

NOW. You could win a copy of
” The Seven Secrets of Successful Couponing

Here’s How To Win

1. Subscribe to our Free daily newsletter, and tell us in the comments that you do or did!

2. In the comments tell us what you hope to learn about couponing in our DVD.

3. Leave a comment on our facebook page here and tell us know how much you want to win. Then leave a comment below to let us know you did.

4. I love how Pamela wanted to do something nice for you, so tell us in the comments how you are going to do something nice for someone else!

The Rules:

  • You are allowed one entry per category for a total of 4 entries.
  • Must make different entries example comment #85, #88, #91 will give you 3 entries. :)
  • Invalid entires will not win
  • Giveaway ends Monday October 17th at 11:59 pm MST
  • Winners will be chosen at random, using number generator
  • Winners will be announced Tuesday.
  • Have fun! and Good luck. :)

PS We are also giving away $800 worth of coupons and a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Can’t wait to watch the DVD? Order a copy for yourself now! Use code Monica to save 50%! Woot!


  1. I would like to learn how to be more organized and efficient with couponing.

  2. I am already a subscriber and would LOVE this DVD to help me (newbie) become a little more organized with my couponing!

  3. I would like to be more efficient with my couponing!

  4. I subscribed, I posted and if I were to win the dvd I would pass it along to a 23 year old co-worker who is new to couponing…well after I learn all the good stuff on it first of course.

  5. I would hope to get more ideas on organizing.

  6. I always try to share my couponing knowledge with others. I am constantly sharing my coupons with strangers in the store if I see something they have that I know I have a coupon for.

  7. I would like to learn how to maximize deals. I’m always missing out.

  8. I subscribed to your newsletter!!! Can’t wait to get my first issue!

  9. I’m hoping to learn how to create a stock pile without spending a fortune and just exactly how to use multiple coupons on one item (can you even do that?)

  10. Left my Facebook comment about how amazingly much I hope to win!

  11. Amber La Mons says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter

  12. I don’t have kids of my own yet but when I see coupons my mommy friends can use I cut them and drop them off. Diapers, wipes and baby food is expensive so why let the coupons go to waste!

  13. Amber La Mons says:

    I want to learn some super secret tips that I have not picked up on through the site.

  14. Amber La Mons says:

    I posted on your fb page.

  15. Left a comment on your FB page.

  16. Amber La Mons says:

    Something nice I am going to do….I am teaching a free coupon class next week and would love to add this dvd to my materials.

  17. I am fairly new to “extreme couponing” and would love to learn more tricks!

  18. Already subscribe to your newsletter! Thanks for everything all of you do, it is truly appreciated!

  19. I left a comment on Facebook saying how much I would LOVE to win this 🙂

  20. Anson Farris says:

    I am a subscriber. I hope to learn a way to help my mother in law save money and become fabulessly frugal. LOL My father in law passed away unexpectedly in January and she is really struggling. My wife and I are helping all we can however, I have become disabled and have a 2nd back surgery coming up. When it rains, it pours. Thanks for the opportunity and all of the sound advice over the months/

  21. Anson Farris says:

    Also posted on the facebook page.

  22. Katrina dye says:

    I am on my phone and it won’t let me subscribe, but I will as soon as I can. I need help, so clueless in the stores!!! Thanks ladies fo1all you helpful tips!!

  23. Rita Spalding says:

    Wanna Win, Win, Win!! I think this would be a collaborative effort when I win this. I will share with my friends who are unable to take your classes and my daughter who is already starting to coupon. She is 15. This weekend she started shopping for her favorite teacher who is expecting his first child in about 2 weeks!!!

  24. I subscribe to your newsletter

  25. I would really like to learn how to better my couponing skills. As a single Mom, I am a good couponer and I want to learn to be a GREAT couponer. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  26. My husband was recently laid off and I believe your DVD would give great tips to help us save money.

  27. I left a comment on facebook saying how much id really love to win!

  28. Barbara Evans says:

    Am subscribed to newsletter.

  29. Barbara Evans says:

    Left a comment on the Facebook page telling why I would like to win.

  30. I so look forward to all the great deals that your group finds. Thank you.

  31. Barbara Evans says:

    I would love to win the DVD so I can save more of our hard earned money to save for emergencies. We can never seem to get ahead, because we never have the extra money for emergencies & keep having to go in debt!

  32. Gena Thomas says:

    already subscribed and love your helpful info. Would love to win the cd to try to help save money for our household since I am not in a position to help with income since my husband and I have a granddaughter we are raising and at the same time have my mother living with us who is in a wheelchair and with advancing dementia. At least I feel like I am learning how to save and contribute. 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  33. Barbara Evans says:

    I am going to take my extra high value coupons with me tomorrow & leave them around the store next to the item so someone else can use the coupon and save! I have several extra of the $8.00 covergirl coupons & Frito Lay coupons I will not use! I hope they make someones day!

  34. I subscribe to your newsletter already. Thank you for all you do to help us save money 🙂

  35. I hope to learn, along with my daughter & daughter-in-law, how to build a stockpile to help our families along with the college kids who come in & out of my home weekly.

  36. I left a comment on your facebook page. I really hope that I win a dvd.

  37. I subscribed to you newsletter!!

  38. I have opened my home to a group of bible college students. We gather for a Sunday night dinner every week. I have a small stockpile for them to go thru & I hope to learn even more tricks on how to save & build this stockpile up.

  39. I would love to know how to NOT spend my whole day at the store to coupon…I feel like I am there all day 🙂 Maybe its more of being better organized and that would help me to not be at the store for so long!!
    Love you guys and all you do!

  40. I left a comment on your page on how much I realy want to win your DVD…because I realy would love to win it! Once again Thanks ladies for all you do!

  41. I am subscribed!

  42. something I want to do nice for others is…I want to put some baskets or sacks together for others who can’t afford it or anyone in need of the things I get with my coupons and give them away to help them out.

  43. Love, love, love your helpful tips!! I would love to have the dvd, when I first started couponing I wanted to order the dvd so bad but it was not in the budget! My husband tried to be sweet and ordered me a book off of ebay, I didn’t want to hurt his feelings telling him that I knew I wouldn’t get into a book, the way I would a dvd, but when we only have $50 or less for 2 weeks of groceries I know I can’t purchase a dvd just for myself! Anyways I would be so happy to win this dvd!!!

  44. I have started teaching my friend how to coupon. Together we are getting things and stocking free or almost free items to donate to our local shelter 🙂

  45. I may be late but I have subscribed to your newsletter and I love your site.

  46. Wow Pamela is a great example of “pay it forward”. I will be following her lead by creating a place for my sister to bring her grandson and to be able to make Halloween sugar cookies with him. Becaus e she has struggles with her health she hasn’t had the chance to do that with him yet. He is already 6! We are going to have a blast and build some memories!!!

  47. I’m a recent subscriber to your newsletter!

  48. I hope to master this couponing thing in a swift manner so I can help my niece learn too. Her goal is to be able to save money and stay home with her first baby!! I was able to stay home with my kiddos and want her to be able to too!

  49. I’m a newsletter subscriber!

  50. I left you a Facebook post!

  51. I hope to learn the basic ins and outs of couponing. I want to simply be able to get the things I need at the best price. I need to learn how to stack coupons properly and when the best time to use them is. I have so many unanswered questions! I need to learn it all! 🙂

  52. I’m hoping to win that DVD because I desperately need tips for starting out. My biggest stumbling block is living somewhere more rural so I don’t have an Albertsons and my Safeway is 40 minutes away. But I have the internet and my local store does doubling so I feel there is hope!

  53. Rachel Mondie says:

    I just subscribed to your newsletter.

  54. I subscribe to your newsletter

  55. i am pretty good with using coupons but want to be better so i would love this dvd.

  56. I want to win the couponing dvd so I can learn how to better organize my coupons and not let them go to waste before they expire. 🙂 and of course to save more money and score better deals@

  57. I susbcribe to the newletter.

  58. I’ve been couponing a long time but always feel that I can tweek my methods. I look forward to seeing the video and learning new tricks.

  59. Because of couponing I am able to help out the local food pantries and homeless shelters. The more I save, the more I donate. It’s a wonderful feeling to help others, especially knowing that without the help they may not eat.

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