Contest: Win $1000 Worth of Coupons: {CLOSED: Winner Updated}

December 11, 2012 323 Comments | Disclosure

Everyone loves FREE COUPONS! 

I have a fat stack of current coupon inserts to giveaway!

Let’s give some coupons away to our Fabuless Readers…

There are three ways to enter…. (do one, two or all three)

  1. Write in the comments some of your favorite coupons.
  2. Leave a comment on our facebook page here and tell us how much you want to win (or how much you love us… either way works).  Leave a comment below to let us know you did.
  3. Add us to your news feed on facebook. Leave a comment below to let us know you did. Here is how you do it…

The Rules:

  • You are allowed one entry per category for a total of 3 entries.
  • Must make different entries example comment #85, #88, #91 will give you 3 entries. :)
  • Invalid entires will not win
  • Giveaway ends Friday December 14th at 11:59 pm MST
  • Winner will be chosen at random.
  • Winner will have 48 hours to claim the prize and will forfeit prize if no response.
  • Have fun! and Good luck. :)

Thanks to New England Coupon Inserts for the coupons!

Can’t wait for coupons? Print coupons now!

The winner is…. Amber Laddusaw!

Amber- comment on this post to claim your prize and send me your mailing address! I will send you an email. You have until 11:50 on Tuesday Dec 18th to claim your prize.


  1. Victoria Johnson says:

    I love Brown Cow Yogurt Coupons, Sour Cream Coupons, and Milk Coupons!

  2. Natashe Melendez says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Fab ladies! I find all my info from you ladies. I have done all 3 items to win =)

  3. You are on my news feed on facebook!

  4. Tamara Nielsen says:

    There are several really good coupons right now. I love the fleischman’s bread coupon for the mix that doesn’t have to be kneaded. Yummy! I am also a huge fan of the Christmas candy coupons. You have to love chocolate!!

  5. I commented on Facebook!

  6. have a family of six could really use this

  7. Anita Brown says:

    I can honestly say that I monitor and use at least 5 other coupon/savings websites and FB pages and yours is the BEST. More bargains, page is easy to read and use. I am new to couponing in a bigger way and I can definitely tell the difference in the websites! Thanks for all you do!

  8. My favorite coupons are the ones for body wash/shampoo for kids. Can never have enough!

  9. cheryl Oster says:

    I love the proctor and gamble coupons, and of course the occasional free item ones.

  10. I’m not sure there is only a few I love. I love seeing and using all the coupons I can!!

  11. Samantha Nations says:

    I LOVE coupons and great deals and you always have the best!

  12. Kraft, Garnier and Philly Cream Cheese are some of my favorite coupons!

  13. Anita Brown says:

    I am already enrolled in your news feed. That’s how I saw this giveaway so quickly.

  14. Tamara Nielsen says:

    I commented on your facebook post, but was not sure if we needed to create a new post..

  15. cheryl Oster says:

    Love your site, all your tips help save my money.

  16. Melissa Cole says:

    I really love butter (REAL butter!) coupons and juice coupons. Others I use quite frequently are crackers, cheese, and juice box coupons. Thanks for all you do!

  17. Lisa Pennekamp says:

    My favorite coupons are anything my little boy will eat, Like Cherrios!

  18. Tamara Nielsen says:

    Of course you are in my new feed!!!

  19. Commented on your FB page 🙂

  20. I love coupons for cheese, orange juice, and baking items.

  21. I left a comment on your FB page

  22. You’re already in my news feed 🙂

  23. Mindy Gardner says:

    I love any coupon that can get me some free product. Specifically I love coupons for cereal, cheese and Bacon.

  24. I “like” your fb page and love seeing your updates on my news feed.

  25. Mindy Gardner says:

    I left a comment on your fb page about how much I loooveyou guys!!

  26. Amber Laddusaw says:

    I have commented on the FaceBook post.

  27. I love diaper coupons!! I love any coupon I find on items I use regularly!!

  28. Teri Carlson says:

    Milk coupons!!

  29. Teri Carlson says:

    You are in my news feed!

  30. I love BOGO free coupons and coupons for things we actually use. I’d love to get some extra Red Plum inserts since I can only get 1 per week here.

  31. Karen Sullivan says:

    I commented on your FB page.

  32. Chelsea Mosley says:

    I LOVE any coupon that helps me save for the major items I need. Razor, sour cream, and dog food are only a few of my favorites.

  33. Amber Laddusaw says:

    I love yogurt coupons!

  34. Olesya Kosmin says:

    I love P&G Coupons every month!!!

  35. I commented on your giveaway post!

  36. Mindy Gardner says:

    You are on my newsfeed and I love seeing the new deals all day!!

  37. I left a comment on facebook about how much I wanted to win!

  38. Olesya Kosmin says:

    Your updates are always in my newsfeed!!!

  39. I’ve already clicked on “show in newsfeed” because I love seeing your posts!

  40. Shelly stover says:

    Milk and cheese coupons are my faves

  41. Amber Laddusaw says:

    Already in my newsfeed!!! : )

  42. Teri Carlson says:

    I commented on your facebook page. 🙂

  43. Teri Carlson says:

    You are in my news feed. 🙂

  44. Karen Sullivan says:

    Added you to my news feed too!!

  45. Teri Carlson says:

    Milk coupons, or any dairy, are my favorite coupons! 🙂

  46. Marsha Prater says:

    My favorite coupons are any food coupons!!! With 4 boys, it takes a lot of food around here to keep full tummys.

  47. You are in my newsfeed!

  48. Marsha Prater says:

    Any coupons for food are great in my house of 4 boys!!

  49. I love all coupons but my favorite are the ones you can make money on


  51. I love shampoo coupons!

  52. You’ve been on my news feed for years!

  53. My fave coupons are any type of Almond Milk Q’s. My 4 kids LOVE almond milk!

  54. I love using coupons- dishwashing detergent, Puffs, laundry soap and many other things

  55. I love any coupon that will get me the best deal 🙂

  56. Toni garcia says:

    Love muir glen coupons, gerber, beech-nut, pmpers, yogurt, frozen veggies, paper goods, and hygiene products!

  57. I selected show in newsfeed on Facebook!

  58. I left a comment on your fb

  59. Toni garcia says:

    You are in my newsfeed!

  60. You are in my newsfeed, Liked, and loved! Thanks for your tips on saving. I am mom of two and wife to a combat wounded veteran to whom I am a full time caregiver. It is not always easy to get out and get coupons but every bit we can save helps. We are in a rural area that doesn’t get many good high value coupons so I would LOVE you to send some our way! Thanks.

  61. I just left a comment on fb page, I love coupons and could use a fresh current stack of them.

  62. Brenda Nienaber says:

    Love coupons!

  63. Angie Marak says:

    You are in my newsfeed!!!

  64. I commented on your FB page because I really, really want to win 🙂

  65. I love any coupons that are for items I buy regularly and my family uses a lot of.

  66. Added to my FB news feed!

  67. I love the milk and cheese coupons!

  68. Leslie Stocks says:

    I have you in my Facebook newsfeed

  69. How do you pick just one favorite coupon…. Is that even possible? That would be like picking a favorite child! Ha 🙂

  70. I have you in my news feed

  71. I love coupons for staples like beans, boxed potatoes, but especially produce!!

  72. some of my favorite coupons….how about the Nivea Lip care ones that come out from time to time allowing you to pair them with a sale for SUPER CHEAP lip care 🙂 But over all…I haven’t came across a coupon I didn’t like LOL

  73. You are in my newsfeed & I left a comment. As my 4 year old tells my husband…. You can NEVER have enough coupons daddy. So…… I REALLY want to win!!!!!!

  74. Sara Cousineau says:

    I love cereal coupons!

  75. Sara Cousineau says:

    I commented on facebook.

  76. Sara Cousineau says:

    You are on my facebook newsfeed.

  77. I left a comment on your facebook (Kelly Gilmore-Taylor)

  78. Raisanabel Rivera says:

    Fan on FB, have always show on news-feed that’s how I check the sales. Will love to win because I live in Puerto Rico and we only got PG and printable coupons. One of my favorite blogs.

  79. I commented and of course you are already on my news feed!

  80. Mustangkayla says:

    I love the diaper coupons at the moment!

  81. You are always on my newsfeed so I shared your giveaway on my facebook page for others to see:

  82. Holli Davis says:

    I love the milk and cheese coupons . . . ok, I just love coupons!! With a family of 7, I need to save all the money I can!! 🙂

  83. Shannon Prater says:

    You are on my news feed on facebook.
    I commented on FB post.
    I LOVE ALL food cpons.ou

  84. Could really use the coupons, had a friend clean out my stock pile.

  85. I love yogurt coupons yogurt goes so fast in our house.. Also diapers 5 kids means lots of diapers over the years.

  86. I follow you on facebook

  87. Love ice cream (Nestle) and pizza (DiGorno) coupons!

  88. Love V8 and Pepperidge Farm goldfish coupons…need to stockpile!

  89. Terra Porter says:

    My favorite coupons in the newspaper are coupons for razors and shampoo/conditioner. I love to save money on these expensive necessities 🙂 My favorite printable coupons are the milk and cheese coupons, with a family of 5 we go through lots of milk and cheese!

  90. My favorite coupons are for sugar, Kraft, sour cream and many,many more 🙂

  91. I commented on facebook

  92. good diaper coupons are my favoeite!!

  93. You’re on my Facebook feed.

  94. I follow and left a message on FB for you guys 🙂

  95. Already on my news feed!!

  96. Terra Porter says:

    Added you to my fb newsfeed 🙂 all 3 steps done and fingers crossed!

  97. Love ur site. My fav coupons are for air freshner and cheese!

  98. I love a good coupon for mayo or ketchup!

  99. So many good coupons to choose from, I guess any for baby wipes because I keep a stock of them for my little mess makers

  100. I enjoy coupons for pullups and hamburger helper and shampoo n stuff

  101. Left a comment on your Facebook page, just letting yall know how much I want to win these coupons…pick me!

  102. I follow and left a comment on Facebook too 🙂

  103. I have you on my newsfeed.

  104. Amy DiGiacomo says:

    Left a comment on your Facebook.

  105. I love finding the Dial bodywash coupons.

  106. Amy DiGiacomo says:

    You’re on my news feed 🙂

  107. Amy DiGiacomo says:

    My favorite coupons are for toilet paper and produce.

  108. I would be lost without your site!! Love it. You are already in my newsfeed but I’ll go comment now. Thanks for all your hard work and sharing your knowledge.

  109. Mandy Smith says:

    I left my comment on your facebook page! =) Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways and deal postings!!

  110. Mandy Smith says:

    I *liked* (actually love) your facebook page and your wonderful posts show in my newsfeed. I’ve caught quite a few great deals thanks to your newsfeed posts!

  111. I just left a message on your FB book page because I would love to win the coupons and get a jump start on my coupon adventures!

  112. AMY BRASIL says:

    I love laundry soap coupons.

  113. AMY BRASIL says:

    I have you on my newsfeed.

  114. I left my comment on facebook, cause I love you gals!

  115. You are on my facebook newsfeed

  116. kelli welborn says:

    I did all three items.

  117. Tiffany Rice says:

    I love coupons and I love your site! I follow you on Facebook and Pinterest! Any coupons that save me on essentials I love! Dog food coupons, ones for health and beauty products, and anything else!

  118. Davette Martin says:

    The personal care coupons. I buy stuff for a group of college kids to “shop” from when they come for Sunday night dinners.

  119. Davette Martin says:

    You are in my facebook news feed. Plus I follow you on twitter.

  120. Davette Martin says:

    Left a comment on your facebook page.

  121. Cindy McFarlane says:

    I love free item coupons, I just received two in the mail. Wohoo!! All I did was tell them how much I liked their product. Oh and one I tried to print a coupon and it didn’t give it to me. So I told them. Anyway other than that I love when I can stack my coupons!!!

  122. Debra Stein says:

    I love laundry detergent coupons!

  123. Cindy McFarlane says:

    Okay I did everything to be entered in!!! crossing my fingers and toes <3

  124. Ixchel Lajoie says:

    I love coupons for chips, shampoo and a lot more 🙂

  125. Kayla Banks says:

    I love health & beauty coupons, especially shampoo & conditioner coupons 🙂

  126. Kayla Banks says:

    I added you to my newsfeed on fb

  127. Stacy M in OK says:

    Hi, I left a comment on FB. Hoping to win! Thank you!

  128. Stacy M in OK says:

    We like the Kashi coupons and coupons for coffee! I am also learning to love coupons that I can use when I shop at

  129. I love healthy coupons… almond milk, oatmeal, Kashi cereals, etc.!

  130. All commented. I follow you on my FB thats how I get here. Love me some coupons for baby stuff would be nice. ^^ Thank you.

  131. I love coupons for cereal, detergent and cat food

  132. Adina Craig says:

    I love Hormel coupons, Mac and cheese coupons bc it’s my daughters fav food ever!

  133. Adina Craig says:

    Y’all are def on my news feed!

  134. Leah Brislin says:

    I love coffee coupons:)

  135. Adina Craig says:

    Left comment on FB

  136. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    I love any coupon that saves me money on everyday stuff like cleaning supplies, food, and diapers!

  137. Kimber Crull says:

    I love cereal and breakfast food coupons!!

  138. Heidi Cleveland says:

    I love laundry coupons. Clean clothes on the cheap makes me smile.

  139. I love you site. I am always in need of V8 splash coupons, we drink a bottle a day in my house.

  140. Kimber Crull says:

    You have always shown up in my newsfeed :)! Wouldn’t miss it every minute of everyday!

  141. love coupons for laundry detergent, cheese, and coffee creamer!

  142. Elaine Seay says:

    I love All laundry detergent, Dawn, and any fruit/vegetable coupons!

  143. Darlene Prater says:

    I love coupons for things I usually buy including cheese, International Delight, coffee and laundry soap.

  144. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    Left a comment on FB page!

  145. Elaine Seay says:

    Left a comment on your facebook page!

  146. Darlene Prater says:

    I made my comment on your Facebook page!

  147. Elaine Seay says:

    You are already in my new feed! LOL

  148. Natasha Rodriguez says:

    Your in my newsfeed!

  149. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cheese and milk coupons!!! $1 off 2 lbs of cheese and 75 cents off a gallon of milk. Add those to doublers and they are SUPER awesome!

  150. You are in my news feed on facebook!!

  151. Courtney Crane says:

    Cheese, juice, bacon and eggs are some of my favorites!

  152. Courtney Crane says:

    commented on facebook

  153. I commented on facebook as well!!

  154. i love coupons for yogurt & shampoo!

  155. I love cereal coupons. My two boys can eat a whole box at breakfast!

  156. you are in my newsfeed!

  157. I added you to my news feed! I can’t miss out on those amazing deals!

  158. I love coupons that make expensive items easier to purchase for my family. Its nice to be able to purchase those things that you might otherwise be unable to!!!

  159. Ami Hooper-Knox says:

    I left a comment on your FB wall!

  160. Ami Hooper-Knox says:

    You are added to my newsfeed on FB!

  161. Lynne Dewey says:

    Love Hormel Coupons and cereal coupons!

  162. Ami Hooper-Knox says:

    I love coffee creamer coupons!

  163. I love coupons for Target, Horizon milk, and obviously clothing stores!! I always forget to bring my coupons with me, which stinks!

  164. I commented.

  165. Chrissie Hayden says:

    My favorite coupons are cleaning products and juices. You have no idea how much we go through!

  166. I love soda coupons.

  167. I commented on facebook.

  168. Chrissie Hayden says:

    I left a comment on your facebook page 🙂

  169. Chrissie Hayden says:

    I already have your page showing in my news feed!

  170. You are in my fb newsfeed.

  171. commented on fb

  172. you’re in my newsfeed! It’s how I find out about the best deals!

  173. We always use cereal and tissue coupons- can never have enough

  174. I love the milk and cheese coupons!

  175. General Mills and Kellogg’s Cereal coupons!

  176. Love you on Facebook 🙂

  177. I ALWAYS need more diaper coupons.

  178. I already have you in my FB news feed and I love it!

  179. Roberta Frost says:

    I love coupons for produce, meat and dairy

  180. Roberta Frost says:

    I commented on your facebook page

  181. Roberta Frost says:

    I have you on my newsfeed.

  182. Bonnie Avery says:

    My very favorite coupon is for POM Wonderful pomegranate juice. Next would be ice cream and the meats/seafood.

  183. angie mcalpin says:

    I love all coupons no mattter how small

  184. My favorite coupons are for dog and cat food!

  185. I love shaving coupons, but I really use all coupons and when I come across a great deal, if I can’t use it, I will find someone who can.

  186. I love any and all coupons. The P & G is my favorite!!

  187. angie mcalpin says:

    I commented on facebook how much i love your posts

  188. I left a comment on fb

  189. Maria Hughes says:

    Love your website and fb page….lots of great info. I like cereal coupons and basically anything else my kids like, just love saving money!!!!!! Posted on your fb page. Would love to win “savings” 🙂

  190. angie mcalpin says:

    Added you in the newsfeed….

  191. Silk milk and orange juice.

  192. I connected with the news feed on facebook

  193. I love your guys site. Just getting back into my couponing and using you guys to do it!

  194. Diapers, Yogurt, Pizza, Cereal

  195. On my news feed! Gotten some great deals since I added!

  196. The $0.75/1 gerber Grad – those get them free for me. And Brut deoderants, it’s my husbands fav deoderant.

  197. I love yoplait and those rare fruit/veggie and milk coupons!

  198. You are in my news feed

  199. I love all the BOGO Coupons

  200. I love milk and cheese coupons, as well as pretty much any BOGO coupon 🙂

  201. Left a comment on your facebook page! Thanks!

  202. Amanda Ehrler says:

    I commented on facebook! I would love to win!

  203. My favorite coupons are for razors. With 3 girls, I can’t seem to keep them stocked.

  204. I already subscribe to your newsletter.

  205. I commented on your FB page. I would LOVE to win!

  206. My favorite coupons are coupons for soymilk, chocolate, cereal, and juice.

  207. Brittany Adams says:

    I love coupons…not quite as in to them as a lot of people on here…….YET!!! This would certainly give the opportunity to dive head first though….Please pick me!

  208. Love coupons !!!

  209. I like coupons for Neutrogena, Revlon, Rimmel and Cover Girl makeup. Also healthy food items, such as yogurt, tea, peanut butter, etc.,- not a bunch of sugary, artificial, highly processed foods.

  210. Michelle Henry Zumwalt says:

    I love the coupons that help me score free items that help me take things to my local women shelter. Like Deodorant, toothpaste and shampoo. Or the school supplies that most these mothers can not afford. Thank you for all your help!!

  211. I love makeup coupons and also razor coupons. Free product coupons are the best, though!

  212. Brandi Mcfadden says:

    I love coupons! My favorite are for anything ORGANIC!

  213. Brandi Mcfadden says:

    You are in my newsfeed!

  214. I wrote on your fbook wall 🙂

  215. You were already in my news feed 🙂

  216. My favorite coupons are those that make gettg items free easy! Loves staple (butter eggs milk spices flour sugar) coupons.

  217. Tiffany Koontz says:

    Love covergirl and lysol coupons!! i love ur site!!

  218. Y’all are in my news feed – so glad you warned us to make sure!

  219. Favorite coupons are cereal, Silk soy milk and creamer.

  220. Pampers and Huggies coupons – diapers are expensive.

  221. You’re in my Facebook news feed.

  222. Liked shared the whole shawbang!

  223. Heather Manu says:

    Left comment on FB

  224. Heather Manu says:

    added to newsfeed

  225. Heather Manu says:

    love free item coupons

  226. You are on my facebook news feed!(But you have been for awhile, I hope that still counts!)

  227. Tillamook cheese and yogurt coupons are my favorite!

  228. Right now, the C&H sugar and the mac and cheese coupons are my favorite!

  229. elizabeth e says:

    Candy coupons, razor coupons, lunchable coupons

  230. I like soup and laundry coupons!

  231. I am new, but I am loving all coupons right now!

  232. My favorite coupons? Definetly, Coffee-mate, Dr. Pepper, cheese and yogurt! Thanks for all your great advice!

  233. I left a comment on Facebook about how much I love you Frugals!

  234. I have added you to my Facebook newsfeed! Woo hoo!

  235. Lisa Mortimer says:

    I Love any and all lotion coupons!

  236. Lisa Mortimer says:

    I commented on facebook.

  237. Lisa Mortimer says:

    I added you to my news feed!

  238. I have you on my news feed for facebook.

  239. My fav coupons are the milk and cheese, 4 kids always need dairy!

  240. Stacy Lugg says:

    I love razor coupons — Gillette and Bic…and Colgate rocks too :). Although, it is hard to name just a few, because saving money all over the place is pretty nice, especially when me and my boyfriend both have mortgages and can’t sell one of the houses easily in this market! 🙁 thank goodness for coupons!!!

  241. jennifer n. says:

    I just love coupons in general!! But, I really enjoy the high value coupons!! The more I save, the better 🙂

  242. jennifer n. says:

    Left you a comment on FB

  243. jennifer n. says:

    You ladies already show up in my news feed 🙂

  244. Some of my favorite coupons are for Goodnights and chocolate! 🙂

  245. I comment on your facebook page!!

  246. I love coupons that get me free items!!

  247. Jennifer Johnson says:

    My favorite coupon is for Gillete razors. The men in my household always seem to need new blades, etc.

  248. #85. One of my favorite coupons is the Yakisoba noodles because they usually cost $1 which means I get them free!!!

  249. Already in my newsfeed on facebook!

  250. Love Pillsbury $1 off 3 When local grocery store has sale I stock up and freeze the mini cinnamon rolls…these are perfect size for my 7 year old.

  251. I love dairy coupons, ice creams, deli meat

  252. Love the $.50 or $1.00 coupons since most of my local stores will not double above $.50. Great coupons like that and a good sale make a lot of products worth buying or, as the case may be trying. Love this blog! I follow on FB and feel like I know sooooo very quickly when there is a great deal or coupon out there. Thank you for all you do!!

  253. Emily Dorigo says:

    I love the $1 ANY dish soap packets (including trial size). I also like the $1 one pantene. The big cup of noodles $.75 off one (make them $.10 here! I just love most coupons!

  254. i commented

  255. added to news feed!

  256. i like kohls coupons!

  257. Love your website and your posts on Facebook! Thanks for a chance to win!

  258. Some of my favorite coupons are for Betty Crocker, ice cream coupons, deli meat, and so forth! Basically, all coupons 🙂

  259. Left a comment on your FB page! 🙂

  260. You’re also added on to my news feed on FB, both my personal and blog page! 🙂

  261. I can not buy cereal without a coupon!!!!

  262. I love the rare coupon for fresh fruit or vegetables. They do exist! 😉

  263. I added you to my facebook newsfeed. My favorite coupons are ones are for frozen foods and veggies!

  264. You are on my Facebook newsfeed!

  265. Juliana Wade says:

    I love milk and cheese coupons.

  266. Juliana Wade says:

    Added you to my news feed (well previously I did!)

  267. I love diaper and wipes coupons since we go thru those like crazy!:)

  268. You’re in my news feed!:)

  269. Oh man…favorite coupons..hmm… I’m loving the Lactaid milk coupon since I can’t drink milk so I like getting that on sale so I can have some of the tons of cereal I just stocked up on! Soup is great too!

    Commented on Facebook too. You were already in my news feed. 🙂

  270. Lindsay Ball says:

    I like .50 off one item coupons because that means 1.00 off at Kroger!

  271. Dora Mondragon says:

    OOOOOO…I love coupons for Baileys creamer, milk and cheese coupons too. you are also in my news feed.

  272. Julie Smith says:

    Done all three….I love cereal coupons and cheese coupons, those items go so quickly here. With the recent loss of my husbands job, we could use all the coupons I can get my hands on!!

  273. Dora Mondragon says:

    OK. I commented on facebook! Yay!!! Hope I win!

  274. My absolutely favorite coupons are for milk and cheese. With a 14 yr old boy and all his friends we cant keep enough milk in the fridge.

  275. my favorites have to be fruit coupons. They don’t come out very often but i always use them when i do get them!

  276. your on my newsfeed! (that’s how i found out about this great giveaway) 🙂

  277. I left a facebook comment

  278. Kelly Barina says:

    Love cereal coupons! 🙂

  279. Kim Korver says:

    Left a facebook comment.

  280. Tiffany Anderson says:

    left a comment on your facebook page. Crossing my fingers!

  281. Tiffany Anderson says:

    I love cereal coupons. and any grocery coupons really!

  282. Tiffany Anderson says:

    oh and you are in my news feed!

  283. Tracy Garvin says:

    My Favorite Coupons are the Cheese and milk since our family goes through them so fast and I have loved that I have been able to print them off each month.

  284. Tracy Garvin says:

    I posted on your facebook wall.

  285. Tracy Garvin says:

    I have you showing in my news feeds!

  286. Love detergent, candy, shampoo coupons but any are fine.

  287. Yvonne Moran says:

    I love Carmex, cereal, and razor coupons the most but any coupons are great. It’s better to have a coupon than need one and not have it.

  288. Yvonne Moran says:

    Added you guys to my news feeds.

  289. Yvonne Moran says:

    I posted a comment on your Facebook page

  290. Tammy Heimes says:

    Diet coke and activia coupons

  291. like coupons for household products

  292. Stephanie C says:

    I love any coupon that can be stacked or doubled 🙂

  293. Misty Olmsted Case says:

    I love all BOGO coupons

  294. I love razor & ice cream coupons.

  295. I love cereal and canned good coupons.

  296. I love beauty products and any type of snack/cereal coupons… grocery coupons in gerneral

  297. Any grocery coupons and kids clothing. Added you on my FB newsfeed a few weeks the page.

  298. Michelle Maggard says:

    There r so many favorite coupons it’s hard to pick one, but I like pillsbury coupons and dairy coupons… Thanks, this is my final step!:)

  299. Some of my fav coupons are anything Gluten Free, Eggo products, Rachel Ray dog food…dang so many good ones.

  300. You’ve been in my newsfeed for some time now!

  301. I posted how much I want to win on the FB page!

  302. I posted the following message on Facebook. I am so ready to win!!! I have our second baby due in Mid-January and this onslot of extra coupons will help while off for 3 months, mostly WITHOUT pay. Thanks for the chance to win!

  303. I LOVE coupons, especially for things that I use everyday…..International Delight, Silk Soymilk, Snuggle, Charmin, etc.

  304. Sharlene Simons says:

    I really like the health and beauty coupons!

  305. Sharlene Simons says:

    I commented on your FB page! Love you galS!

  306. Sharlene Simons says:

    You are on my news feeds!

  307. Winning would be the best Christmas present Ever!!!!!

  308. C’mon Santa, stuff my stocking with COUPONS!!!!!!!!

  309. Who wouldn’t want COUPONS (free money) for Christmas?!! Sign me up!

  310. sarah babli says:

    You ladies are my life line. I have 6 kids ( 2 sets of twins) and my 9 year old twin girls love to help me coupon. They even asked for their own coupon binders for Christmas. We have just moves to Mississippi and these coupons would be a life saver to help restock our new home!!!!! We all love you!!!!!!!

  311. Jenny Christianson says:

    my fav coupons are for razors, cereal, and makeup.

  312. Meat and Produce are my favorite. If I win, please give the coupons to Amanda and her family (comment number 60). Amanda-Tell your husband thanks for all he has done for our country!

  313. kristina cowart says:

    You are on my newsfeed on facebook! I LOVE YALL!!!!!

  314. kristina cowart says:

    I left my comment on facebook!! I love yall!!!!

  315. Megan Hedin-Jones says:

    Right now I am loving the $2.00 of 2 caprisun’s in the Publix flyer (exp 12/14/12) because caprisun’s are on sale 1.79 each! I scored caprisuns for $.80 each! I am also a fan on facebook and will be leaving a comment. I also would like to send these to Amanda, (reply 60). Amanda, thank you for your care and thank your husband for his service.

  316. kristina cowart says:

    My favorite coupons are the rare produce coupons 🙂

  317. Velma Rogers says:

    Love coupons

  318. I don’t really have a favorite…except high dollar amount ones!

  319. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says:

    I love the free product coupons or buy one get one free the most- but the ones that are at least 50cents off so they double or the $1.00 or more are nice!

  320. I have a family of 5 and we are attempting a GF lifestyle, I live off of skin care and any gf coupons. It’s not easy to be GF so I save were ever I can.

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