Christmas Clearance Shopping With A FAB!

If you are like me (Mel here!), Christmas Clearance sales are a HUGE budget saver when it comes to the following year’s birthdays and Christmas gifts! It saves me time, money and keeps me out of the December shopping crowds 🙂

Right now Rite Aid has ALL Christmas toys, decorations and more at 75% OFF!

Regular Price: $157.01
Christmas Clearance: $39.12

rite aid xmas clearance

Prices listed: regular price/clearance price

Treehaus Art Easel $39.99/ $9.99
TicTac Throw $19.99/ $4.99
Sparkle Foil $5.99/ $1.49
(2) Stencil Set $5.99/ $1.49
Disc Shooter twin pack $14.99/ $3.74
Brach Peppermint Nougat $2.99/ $0.74
Cabbage Patch Lil Sprout $15.99/ $3.99
Moto Racing Motorcycle $9.99/ $2.49
(2) Squirmles $3.99/ $0.99
Beads $1.29/ $0.32
Lolopsy Popup Game$9.99/ $2.49
Angel Ornament $3.99/ $0.99
M&Ms Mini $1.89/ $0.47
M&Ms filled Candy Cane $0.99/ $0.24
(2) Xmas Pez $2.99/ $0.74
Snowman Poop Happens $2.99/ $0.74


Target is also a FAB place for Christmas clearance!

Regular Price: $163.33
Christmas Clearance: $90.04

target xmas clearance

Please note: I don’t usually shop at Target so didn’t realize their receipts don’t show original prices like my beloved Rite Aid, so any I didn’t know I added prices as the regular price. I believe they are very similar to Target’s regular prices.

Prices listed: regular price / clearance price

(4) Plush Flowers $1 (dollar spot)
Littlest Pet Shop Glow in the Dark Set  $27.09 /$14.98
Disney Favorite Moments Princess Tiana  $17.18 /$7.68
Disney Princess Walki-Talkis   $24.99 /$12.48
Disney Princess Lipstick set   $9.99 /$4.88
Ding E Mini Baby   $18.99 /$6.48
Cluck and Chuck Game  $13.11 /$6.98
Hooks Adventure Playset   $29.99 / $19.98
Dress Shoes  $17.99 / $12.58


How about you? Are you clearance shopping for next Christmas?

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Happy Shopping

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