Cheap or Free Butter at Fred Meyer!

November 17, 2010 26 Comments | Disclosure

If you are searching for a good deal on butter…

Challenge Butter 1lb $2.00 each
Use in-ad coupon
Use $.30 off peelie on package
Final price $1.70

Then it gets better…Open the package and there will be a some coupons wrapped in plastic. One is for $.75 off any Challenge product, the other is for $1.00 off Challenge Tuscan butter.


Transaction 2
Challenge Butter 1lb, $2.00 each
Use in-ad coupon
Stack with $.75/1 manufacturer coupon inside package
Final price $1.25

and buy

Challenge Tuscan Butter $.99
Use in-ad coupon (these coupons are from the monthly coupon book or by the product)
Stack with $1/1 manufacturer coupon inside package
Final price FREE!!!!

Find more coupons after purchasing and repeat!

***Please (and I cannot stress this enough) do not open the package before buying it and take the coupons!  THAT IS STEALING!!!!  It is wrong and gives couponers a bad name. 

Thanks Beth and Coupon Connections NW for this deal!

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  1. This is totally worth a trip to Fred Meyer tonight! I bought four earlier in the week with the .55/1 from, but would not have thought to look in the boxes!! Thanks for posting because all 4 I bought had coupons in the boxes.

    • Yay, for cheap butter! Don’t go to 5&O tonight though, unless you want the unsalted kind. They are out of the salted until the truck comes tomorrow. There was lots of unsalted at 5:30pm tonight.

  2. The Tuscan Butter? It’s crazy good on hot French bread from the Albertsons bakery!

  3. I didn’t see it in yesterday’s paper, but I have it from Sunday’s ad. I was planning on heading there in the morning! Just called, they are getting a load in the morning! Yeah! Says limit 4. Does the midweek ad say that as well?

  4. I almost wish you wouldn’t tell people about coupons inside of products. I have come across too many open packages with missing coupons. That is really disheartening! I just hope everyone remembers their integrity while shopping.

    • That’s a hard one, because you want to share the deals yet it seems there is always a handful of people who take the information way too far. Like common sense and good judgement are all together missing. I will add a little note to the bottom of the post to remind everyone! Thanks

    • I was just thinking the same thing. I was excited b/c I’d purchased a couple packs of Challenge a few weeks ago and likely would’ve missed the coupons w/o the post but I’m fully expecting that when I go into Fred Meyer that many packages will be open- which is ridiculous. I can almost understand the justification of hoarding peelies but to open products for the coupons without actually purchasing said product is cheating and stealing no matter what justification some people may employ (now if you’re buying it and open the package you’re purchasing so that you can use the coupon that is acceptable to me).

      • I for one am really glad you posted!! I had four boxes of butter sitting in my freezer and like I said above, I would have not known for months about the peelies! I went last night to get four more boxes and none of the stock was open at all. I do think that some couponers will not think twice about taking a peelie, but I think most people would not open an actual sealed package and leave it without buying it. Just IMO.

  5. FYI –

    I purchased a bunch of butter and only the salted had coupons. They weren’t loose in the packages but printed on the inside of the box.

  6. I just bought some at Nampa Fred Meyers and non of the ones I purchased had coupons! I also didn’t see peelies on any of the butter :(

  7. I just bought 8 packages of Challenge butter at Winco for 1.43 using those .55/1 coupons. After reading this post, I checked the boxes and none of them have coupons…bummer!

  8. Wow – thanks for the heads up. I just threw all of my packages in the freezer w/o checking for coupons. I will be heading back to Fred Meyer’s for some more butter. :0)

  9. Dang – this deal didn’t work for me either. There weren’t any stickies on outside of butter but I did buy hoping to get the inside coupons and nothing either. Oh well. Better next time!

  10. Freddies is having a two-day sale today and tomorrow. In the flyer (available in stores and I think it was in today’s Statesman as well) is a coupon for $10, $20, or $30 off any electonics purchase of $50, $100, or $150, respectively. Great time to buy a Wii, iPod, etc, since that stuff never goes on sale.

    I was over there today looking around, and there are lots of things on sale in electronics. On the Wii, there is also an in-store coupon for a free remote wyb the console. Those are normally $40, so great deal. You can stack the bonus coupon with the sale prices and other in-store coupons.

  11. The boxes I bought with the 30 cent peelies didn’t have 75 cent coupons inside.

  12. On friday at the Meridian FM, there were no peelies and no coupons inside!

  13. Helen in Meridian says:

    I used the FM $2 ad and an Albertsons doubler with today’s coupon at Walmart. They even had the .35 peelie coupons on the unsalted butter. I ended up paying .75 each and have replac ement coupons from inside the unsalted butter with the .35 peelies on the outside.

  14. I used internet printables on the 4 I bought. Took them out to the car and checked inside–no coupons :( Very bummed. I really needed more butter than just the four. Also, my boxes weren’t opened already and were the salted variety. How sad that people are SOOO dishonest just to save a little–it’s people like that that give couponers a bad name :(

    • oops, should’ve added sad that people are so dishonest to take coupons out of the boxes on the items they aren’t buying–that’s stealing.

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