Egg Nog Pancakes

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Egg Nog Pancakes

If you love Eggnog you will love these Pancakes! Prepare some breakfast favorites this Christmas morning, inspired by the holidays like these eggnog pancakes!  Even if you are not a fan of egg nog these have a light holiday taste. If your ... Read More...

Overnight Stuffed French Toast Recipe

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overnight stuffed french toast breakfast

This make-ahead breakfast recipe is a keeper! While I definitely enjoy savory breakfast items, I really love sweet breakfast dishes...especially when bread is involved. If you like French toast, you need to try this recipe. This overnight stuffed ... Read More...

Overnight Omelet Recipe

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overnight egg omelet casserole breakfast recipe

This cheesy egg breakfast casserole can be made up to 24 hours in advance! Make-ahead breakfast casseroles are super convenient, especially during the holidays and other busy mornings when you want a hearty meal in your tummy. If you're looking for ... Read More...

Peppermint Bark

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I tried several different Peppermint Bark recipes and modified a few things until I came up with the yummiest Peppermint Bark ever! It's super easy too! Peppermint Bark is a Christmas tradition. It makes a fabulous neighbor gift to give during the ... Read More...

Succulent Chicken Parmesan Recipe

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hellmann's ragu chicken parmesan pic for pinterest image

Feeding America and Unilever are Making Meals Happen. Tis the season of giving; which is why Unilever has partnered up with Feeding America to help turn the tables on child hunger by providing over 1.3 million meals* to children in need. Visit ... Read More...

Cranberry Bliss Bars Recipe

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skinny cranberry bliss bars

Great Holiday Treat - Homemade Cranberry Bliss Bars! This is a lightened-up version of the Starbucks Cranberry Bliss bars! SkinnyTaste was able to cut the fat and calories by more than half with this recipe, but it still tastes delicious and ... Read More...

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Recipe

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easy reese's peanut butter cup fudge recipe

Calling All Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Lovers! You are going to love this recipe for Reese's Peanut Butter Cup fudge! And here are some reasons why.... 1. Only three ingredients are needed to make this yummy treat - so easy! 2. It takes ... Read More...

Easy Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

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brown bag dutch apple pie

My new favorite apple pie recipe! This Dutch apple pie is so easy to make and it turns out perfectly delicious every time! My neighbor made this pie recently and brought over a slice for me to try out, like the good neighbor that she is. ;) Anyway, ... Read More...

60 Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

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Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes 60

Welcome to our Cooking From Your Pantry series. Each week we feature recipes that we make in our own homes. We focus on simple recipes that we can make from ingredients found in your pantry. Some weeks we have a theme that we follow like breads, ... Read More...