Mountain Apple Cobbler Recipe

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Mountain Apple Cobbler REcipe

Super quick and easy cobbler that is fabulous serverd warm over vanilla ice cream with a surprise ingredient for Mt. Dew fans...even if you are not a fan of Mt. Dew you would never know this is the secret ingredient! At first I thought this ... Read More...

Halloween: Veggie Skeleton Recipe

October 6, 2014 1 Comment | Disclosure

 Halloween Treats that are Healthy! One of my favorite ways to get my kids to eat their vegetables is to let them play with them! And what better way at Halloween than a build your own Skeleton! Start your Veggie Skeleton by chopping up all the ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Mexi Stuffed Peppers

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Mexi stuffed Peppers Recipe

These Mexi Stuffed Peppers are fantastic! This is a simple freezer to prepare for your family, just thaw it and cook for 30 minutes and you have dinner all ready.  I like to add some salsa, sour cream and eat with tortillas! These were a hit ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Pepperoni Pizza Stromboli

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Pepperoni Pizza Stromboli

Easy and Delicious Pepperoni Stromboli Recipe! Stromboli is similar to a calzone, but relies on a sturdy filling of layered deli meats and cheese. Like a rolled sandwich with a crispy, golden crust! Yum. This pepperoni version is a family ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Olive Garden Copycat Pasta e Fagioli Recipe

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Olive Garden copycat recipe pasta e fagioli soup

We love a good Olive Garden copycat recipe! I actually made a few different copycat recipes for the Pasta e Fagioli soup before I chose this one as my favorite. One of my neighbors/friends used to work at Olive Garden and this is the recipe she uses ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Crock-pot Enchilada Soup

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Crock Pot Enchilada Soup Freezer Meal

Even on those busy Bring the family to the table for a wholesome home-cooked meal. This crock-pot Enchilada Soup Freezer meal is easy an easy one to heat in the microwave and have ready on the table in no time!  It is a hearty and delicious soup that ... Read More...

Pumpkin Cuties

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Halloween parties both at home and in your kid's classroom are coming up quick! If you are signing up to bring a snack and want to have something with less sugar and more filling, try this out!! I love this Pumpkin Cuties Recipe because it is SO ... Read More...

Slow Cooker Ranch Pork Chops Recipe

September 21, 2014 2 Comments | Disclosure
Slow cooker Ranch Pork Chops Recipe

These Slow Cooker Ranch Pork Chops are and easy meal to put in the crock pot and have ready on a busy day!  Everyone will enjoy these fork-tender ranch flavored pork chops with a zesty creamy, light gravy. Serve them with mashed potatoes and coleslaw ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipe: Chicken Ole

September 14, 2014 9 Comments | Disclosure

I love this recipe for Chicken Ole because it is a freezer meal and a crock pot or slow cooker meal all in one. So I decided to bring this one back up from the archives with some updated pics! :) Both freezer meals and slow cooker meals can save a ... Read More...