Freezer Meal Recipes: Chicken Pot Pies

April 12, 2015 10 Comments | Disclosure
delicious freezer chicken pot pies

Homemade Frozen Chicken Pot Pies I like Chicken Pot Pie Crumble so much that I wanted to be able to use it as a freezer meal. Changing up the "crust" made it possible! I took some of these to a friend after she had a baby and it got a big thumbs ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Skillet Honey Lime Tilapia

April 12, 2015 9 Comments | Disclosure
honey lime tilapia fish recipe

This is a great way to serve tilapia fish fillets: healthy, flavorful, and quick. It is nice to just open the freezer and see a bag of the fish fillets and marinade all ready to go. It makes an already easy dish even easier! You'll just need time ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Slow Cooker Honey Mustard Chicken

April 12, 2015 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
slow cooker freezer meal honey mustard chicken recipe featured

Easy slow cooker chicken freezer meal recipe! I love a good slow cooker chicken recipe! One that freezes well is even better. The brand and type of Dijon mustard you use will make a bit of a difference in this recipe, in color and flavor. ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Cheeseburger Stuffed Shells

April 12, 2015 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
cheeseburger stuffed shells freezer meal recipe featured

These stuffed shells are family-friendly, easy, and delicious! They really do taste like a good cheeseburger! I was skeptical at first, but once I took a bite, I knew this recipe was a keeper. In fact, my most picky child says he loves it and ... Read More...

Carrot Cake Roll Recipe

March 29, 2015 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
carrot cake roll recipe for easter dessert

The Best Carrot Cake Roll Recipe! I love carrot cake as a dessert for Easter! I really enjoy a good spiced carrot cake, especially when it involves plenty of cream cheese! This cake roll is one of my favorite carrot cake recipes. A perfectly ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Olive Garden Copycat Pasta e Fagioli Recipe

March 1, 2015 4 Comments | Disclosure
Olive Garden copycat recipe pasta e fagioli soup

We love a good Olive Garden copycat recipe! I actually made a few different copycat recipes for the Pasta e Fagioli soup before I chose this one as my favorite. One of my neighbors/friends used to work at Olive Garden and this is the recipe she uses ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipe: Parmesan Chicken

February 22, 2015 1 Comment | Disclosure
Parmesan Chicken recipe

This Parmesan Chicken Freezer Meal Recipe is a family favorite. It is super easy to make and if perfect to pull out of the oven on a busy night and pop it in the oven to bake! This recipe is quick and easy.  Just take your boneless skinless ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Chicken Curry

February 22, 2015 2 Comments | Disclosure
chicken curry freezer meal recipe image

A family-friendly Chicken Curry Recipe! Not everyone thinks they can appreciate curry, and I respect that. (Even though I definitely tried to persuade my neighbor to give it a try this week. I'll get her next time!) If you're not sure if you like ... Read More...

Freezer Meal Recipes: Steak Fajitas

February 22, 2015 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
easy beef fajita freezer meal recipe image

Beef Fajitas are a great freezer meal! Fajitas are a nice freezer meal to have on hand for the family, to exchange in a freezer meal group, or to give to another family. Easy to make, customize-able, family-friendly, and delicious! The only ... Read More...