Pre-Order Pie-Face! on Amazon!

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pre order the game Pie Face on Amazon

Pre-order the Pie-Face game today on Amazon! This game looks like so much fun! Have you seen this video floating around on Facebook of the guy and little kid playing it. There are so many laughs!! Every time I watch it, I think I laugh more! I am ... Read More...

Robeez Shoes as low as $8.99!

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Save up to 55 percent on Robeez shoes on Amazon

Huge discounts on Robeez shoes on Amazon! Robeez Crib Shoes and First Walkers are regularly priced around $25-$35 each pair, and some are usually even higher. Right now on Amazon, while supplies last, you can snag cute Robeez Shoes for as low ... Read More...

Mega Bloks Deals for ALL Ages!

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Mega Bloks price cuts on Amazon right now

My kids love Mega Bloks! We have some basic Mega Bloks that we have had for years and my kids still play with them. The first Mega Bloks set we bought is still here and that was about 5 years ago now! My girls LOVE Mega Bloks! Most Mega Blok sets ... Read More...

Twin Size Character Sheet Sets!

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Character Sheets on Sale now! See this and more at

  Character Sheet Sets as low as $15.67! I always appreciate having a few extra sets of sheets on hand for mid-night accidents, a quick change on laundry day, and the kids' favorite use of sheets - building forts! :) Right now there are several ... Read More...

Kids Water Play Table Under $20!

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Get a Kids water play table for under 20 dollars on Amazon

Fun in the sun for the little ones! We still have some hot days ahead this summer. This kids water wheel play table can help keep them entertained plus keep them cool! My sister in law has this play table at her house for my nephews and my girls go ... Read More...

Hot Lego Deals!

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Lego deals on Amazon 6-15

Amazon is having a LEGO sale!! My kids just absolutely LOVE Lego sets! For any gift-giving occasion (like birthdays or Christmas), Lego sets are a safe bet and happily received. And really my whole family loves these toys, with Dad in the lead. Lego ... Read More...

Contigo Kids Water Bottles Deal!

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contigo kids water bottles for back to school

Don't waste anymore money on disposable water bottles for the kids! Every year during the school year I probably buy 25 plus cases of water bottle for the kids to take to school alone. They like taking a water bottle to school for class which I am ... Read More...

Fun Items to Keep Baby Busy!

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my favorite items to keep baby busy

Keep baby busy so mom can get some stuff done! Sometimes it is hard to get stuff done around the house when there is a baby around. Not only are they so cute and cuddly, it's hard to get some things done around the house holding one! I always felt ... Read More...

BBQ Accessory Deals!

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save on bbq accessories on Amazon

BBQ season is still here and we found some fun items to keep it going! There is nothing better than sitting around enjoying great food with family and friends in the summer in my opinion. We do a barbecue at least every couple weeks during the ... Read More...