Christmas Gift Idea: Hot Cocoa Stirring Spoons with Decorated Mugs

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Everyone is looking for an affordable gift you can share with you neighbors, co-workers, and friends. A personalized mug with chocolate candy-covered spoons is a fun gift idea. It would also be great for a Christmas party or for some fun at home with your families. We’ll start with the chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t want to hear about the chocolate first? Right? What you’ll need: plastic spoons a variety of candy toppings: ideas …
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Store Lawn Tools With a Pallet!

Lawn tool storage using a pallet - step by step directions. Frugal, quick, and easy!
All the tools used through out the spring, summer, and fall can create quite a disorganized mess!  So when Amber told me about using a pallet to store her lawn tools, I was intrigued!  I asked her if she'd share exactly how she did it with me and I wanted to share it with you!  This lady is a master at pretty much everything.  She is creative and comes up with such nifty ideas!  So take a look at what she came up with... Organize your lawn …
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20 Father’s Day Gift and Card Ideas

20 Super Cute Homemade Fathers Day Card and Gift Ideas
Father's Day always seems to sneak up on me... with the kids out of school, it means it's up to me to make sure Daddy gets a little something special from the kids to show that they care about him!  I always love things that my kids can make themselves because it gives them some ownership in the gift.  So I went searching for some fun ideas and here are a few of my favorites that we might try.  I thought you may like to see them too! Just …
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DIY “Love” Hand Print Sign

Love sign - final
Share some Love with Homemade Project! I absolutely love this art project! It makes a wonderful keepsake. You can make it in pink or red and use it as a Valentine's decoration, or make it in any color you like and keep it up in your home year round. It also makes a wonderful gift for grandparents. Your kids will have a lot of fun making this, especially if they are ticklish! Here is what you will need. We have several other Valentine's Day Crafts …
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“Kool” Way to Dye Easter Eggs

Kool Aid Egg Dye Collage Picture
How to Dye Eggs Using Kool-Aid! All you need is Kool-Aid and water! I'm always looking for new activites to do with the kids.  We tried these Kool-Aid Dyed Easter Eggs and my kids told me that this is THE BEST WAY to dye eggs!  I think they just like the fruity smell, but it is cheap, easy and faster than other egg dyes, plus it does not require any vinegar!  All you need is 2/3 cup water and a Kool-Aid packet!  You can usually find Kool-Aid …
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Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Melted Crayon Easter Eggs Final FB2
 Decorate Easter Eggs for Pennies!! This year we are decorating Easter Eggs in a fun and crafty way. While I really enjoy dying eggs with the kids, this looked like so much fun that we just had to try it. Let me tell you, it WAS fun! At first I was a bit skeptical of the crayons melting so easily on the hot eggs, but they do; and the colors are so vibrant and bright! Check out this fun, easy, and FRUGAL way to decorate eggs with the kids this …
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Marbleized Easter Eggs

Marbelized Eggs - FB
Want a fun way to dye your Easter Eggs? I bet you have everything you need in your stockpile! Ingredients Neon Food Coloring White Shaving Cream (or Cool Whip-Thanks Reader Anna for testing this!) Hard Boiled Eggs, pre-dipped in vinegar to make the colors vibrant! Tools Cookie Sheet Knife or Toothpicks Paper Towels Spoon Cooling Rack Gloves (or, you'll dye your hands!) Step 1 Cover Cookie Sheet with Shaving Cream …
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DIY: Homemade Valentine Ideas for Kids!

DIY Valentines for Kids
Make Your Own Valentines! You can get store-bought Valentines for really cheap, especially with a coupon deal, but I thought it might be fun to do a homemade Valentine this year with my little guys, so I tried out a few ideas. A nice little weekend project! (more…) …
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DIY: Homemade Valentines for Kids

DIY Valentines FB
Two Sugar-Free Homemade Valentine Ideas! You can get store-bought Valentines for really cheap, especially with a deal. But I thought it might be fun to do a homemade Valentine this year with my little guys. I have a 2-yr-old and a 4-yr-old, so I don't know many kids that don't LOVE a crazy straw or a bouncy ball! More great DIY Valentine's Day ideas: Valentines Recipes They'll All Love! Valentine’s Crafts DIY Valentine's Ideas for …
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Love String Art Tutorial

Love Art String Sign
Valentine's Day Love String Art Photo Tutorial This pallet board string art sign is super cheap to make and a fun addition to your Valentine's Day decor collection. It is such a unique project that I can guarantee you won't see something exactly like yours anywhere else! For this project you will need:  pallet wood or other similar boards nails (1-1.5", depending on the thickness of your boards) embroidery thread wood glue template …
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