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You know that we love to bring you discounts and offers that can save you money! From groceries to the homes you live in, we want YOU to save money and make smart financial decisions in every part of your life possible. We are so excited to be able to offer you a fabulous real estate agent with a fabulous discount!

You may have met Mark before. He loves to give us tips about money saving real estate strategies. If you are looking for a realtor in the Treasure Valley area you DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS! Mark is giving all Fab FruGALs and FruGUYs a DISCOUNTED RATE. This is almost unheard of!

Here is the deal… If Mark helps you buy and sell a property in the treasure valley, he will offer you a discount on realtor fees if you mention FabulesslyFrugal.

Not only is Mark offering a fabulous deal, he is also a fabulous realtor. This is why we have made him the official Fabulessly Frugal realtor. But you do not have to just take our word for it. See what others are saying about Mark….

Here is what people are saying about Mark…

A Sellers Realtor:

Mark Knight was our realtor. It was a great experience. I was being transferred rapidly for work and we did not have much time to try to get our house on the market and sold. We were very unsettled and unsure of how to proceed with selling our house. We contacted Mark and shortly thereafter he came over to our house and did an excellent job of explaining what we needed to do to get things going. He laid out a plan and made sure that we understood and felt comfortable with things before we proceeded. The pictures he took of the house and yard were of a high quality and I felt like he took the time to try to “showcase” some of the better features of our property. Anytime I called for an update or to ask questions Mark was very quick to respond with answers. I felt very well taken care of. I almost feel bad about how easy it was; I really felt like I should have been doing more to help. But Mark took care of it all.  I am very grateful to Mark for the help and counsel he has given us and for the excellent job that he has done for us as both a realtor and a property manager. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.     – Karl & Ellen Ransom

An Investors Realtor:

We think it is the dream of most adults to spend their days doing what they love. Mark Knight not only loves real estate, but he is good at the business of real estate. Over the last year he has been our agent multiple times as we have invested in multi-unit properties throughout the Treasure Valley. Mark is an experienced residential real estate investor that knows the unique markets, processes, and negotiation tactics to be successful in today’s environment.
As a licensed electrician, he is also uniquely qualified to assess the condition of homes and discern undervalued assets. His ability to provide valuable feedback on potential acquisition risks has saved us money and time since we began working with him. It is with no reservations that we highly recommend Mark as an experienced real estate agent and qualified residential real estate investor. He will do a good job!
Skye and Becca Root     
I have worked with Mark for over two years professionally and have known him personally for longer. He has helped me locate and purchase real with the intent of remodeling and reselling it. I appreciated the time he spent in learning what I would be comfortable in buying. He would spend lots of time finding and showing many properties. After I found the “just right” property, he was very conscientious about following through with the sale and kept me informed with any changes needed. He has been very helpful with all the transitions and details. I have been very happy working with Mark and will continue to use his services. -Victor L. Warr

Available: Call Mark to see this Eagle, Idaho property.

A Buyers Realtor:

He is a man I consider to be very trustworthy, honest and he takes his responsibilities as my agent very seriously. I have always been impressed with his ability to remain in my trust while scouting for investment and home opportunities. To date he has helped with many offers, counter offers and the purchase of two properties, one last fall and one by the end of the month. He is always very informative about the status of ongoing offers,counters and developments during closings.He is very reachable and gets back to us. I have never regretted having put my trust in Mark.Robert & Tammy Clark

Give Mark a call and tell him Fabulessly Frugal sent ya!

boise real estate deals
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    I haven’t heard about such an amazing discount offer ever before. Mark will give 25 % of his commission back to me. This sounds awesome. I am looking forward to deal with him in all my future property deals in the Treasure Valley area.

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