Beware of CRAZY Shoppers!

January 9, 2009 11 Comments | Disclosure

So I have been working out the Albertson’s diaper deal this week. I finally had it figured out and went to Albertson’s last night. Of course they were all out of the the diapers that were on the deal. I got a bigger pack and went up front to see if it would work with the deal. After talking to the ladies in the front for 25 minutes it did not seem like it would. So they recommended I call in the morning and see if the right package size was back in stock.

This morning I called and they told me that they had just finished stocking the shelves. So I loaded up my children and went to the store. I headed straight for the diaper aisle. As I made my way down the aisle I could see a lady with her cart jam packed full of Pamper’s Diapers in the Jumbo Size. The deal diapers! I looked up to see about 6 packs left in the size 3 which is what I needed.
I jokingly asked her if she was going to take all of the diapers.

CRAZY LADY: ya all of the diapers left on the shelf I am saving for my friend.
ME: Really I said, but your friend is not here.
CRAZY LADY: Well she just called me and she is coming.
ME: Well I am sure it wouldn’t be a big deal if I just took three.You can have any of those other box packages.
ME: Well those are not part of the deal you know that.
CRAZY LADY: All I know is that my friend told me to come and get these diapers.

I went to reach for the diapers and she flipped. Trying to grab them before I could.  I managed to get two packages off the shelf and the ranting began.

CRAZY LADY: I can’t believe you are doing this. I have been here for 1 1/2 hours waiting for these diapers.
ME: I am sorry but you can’t just save diapers on the shelf.
CRAZY LADY: Well they reserved all of these diapers for me (If they did that they would have been in the back, she was such a liar).
ME: Well I am sure you will be fine you have whole cart full (the lower section and the whole basket). I really just need one more to do the deal. (I was hoping she would see how stupid she was being and give me one package) I guess I was hoping she would come to her senses.
CRAZY LADY: Well I need all these diapers.
ME: Well I need diapers too, (pointing to me infant in the cart.)
CRAZY LADY: I came here last night to get them and they were out.
ME: So did I.

Finally I realized she was not going to relent and I was not about to take any diapers from her cart so I decided I would grab a bag of size 4 off the shelf and move on.

ME: You know if you don’t know the deal you are going to have to pay a lot more for those diapers, I will tell you if you just give me a pack of 3’s. (I kind of wanted to see if she was lying about her knowledge. You have to buy the diapers in sets of three in different transactions or you will not get you $20 back.)
CRAZY LADY: Oh I know that you have to but them in sets of 3.

I started to make my way down the aisle I had sick feeling in my stomach. I do not like confrontation and it just was icky to me fighting with a grown woman in a grocery store. I turned around and said,

ME: I am sorry I upset you. I really didn’t think it would be a big deal.
CRAZY LADY: Well I was just trying to be a good friend and get some diapers for my friend. She has seven kids.
ME: I think there will be plenty of diapers for her.
CRAZY LADY: Well I just needed the size 3. (She had multiple sizes in the cart)

I started to walk away and then decided with such a good deal maybe I should get some size 4. I turn around and she is putting the size 4 in her cart. I watch her for a minute thinking she might be about done b/c her cart will not fit anymore diapers. She starts to walk away and a couple of Albertson’s managers come up to her and tell her that the deal does not work at all Albertson’s that it is only some stores. That it was not advertised in there add and she begins her rant and I head off.

I debated, are they right about it not working here? I know that it worked yesterday b/c the employee’s told me that people did it yesterday in that store. I decided I would try it and if it did not work just return the diapers. Three packages would not be a big deal. I went through the line and presto just like I read…..

Buy three pampers cruisers Jumbo pack size

Diapers $10 (with preferred card)
Diapers $10
Diapers $10

Used (3) $1/1 coupons and Doubled (Saved $6)
Total 25.62
Got $20 back in catalinas (vouchers to use at my next albertsons trip on groceries.)
Total cost:  $5.62 for 3 packages a diaper

That is $1.87 per pack or .05 a diaper

So you can see why the lady was so crazy to get diapers but really? Was it worth all of that rude attitude? Was I out of line? What would you have done?


  1. omigosh. you are so brave for maintaining your composure. that would have bothered me all week if that happened to me. omigosh. she is nuts!!! too bad you couldn’t get a picture of her on your phone and then post it here to embarrass her. i know you posted this a long time ago. did no one post a comment? unbelievable. omigosh. i still can’t believe that lady.

  2. wow! I am surprised you found this old post. It is a good one. I was a great lesson for me! We had more comments in this post, but lost them when we transferrred from blogger to WP. :(

  3. Gosh, you were nice to her, I probably would’ve cussed her greedy axx out! Plus I would’ve swiped one out of her cart when she wasn’t looking and “accidentally” knocked over her pile as I walked by just to see the look on her face!!

  4. I think it is great that they lied to her to get her away from all them huggies. Its sad that people like that have to make other coupon users look nuts.

  5. I agree, don’t hoard. I have been frustrated more than once. It seems like if you don’t make it to Rite Aid or Walgreen’s by Monday Morning at 8:00 a.m. everything that a good deal is gone. I try to only get what our family needs and a little extra to donate to the foodbank every month.

  6. Robin, you’re so right about Rite Aid and Walgreens! If I can’t make it on Sunday to those stores, I don’t even bother anymore. Too frustrating! But there have been plenty of times and plenty of places that have been cleared out when I had only wanted just a couple of the items!

  7. I know all too well about crazy shoppers.. when CVS was having having thier 75% off sale off of makeup, I went with my daughter and my coupons in hand to score some cheap makeup. There was a lady and her husband cleaning out the shelves. As I was looking and trying to pick a lipstick, she even stuck her hand in front where I was standing and swiped all of the lipsticks. I had my daughter with me.. and I told her its ok, she must need more makeup than we do lol. She laughed and we went to go pay for my one lonesome hip eyeliner gel that I ended up getting for less than a buck. The crazy lady was in front of me.. and she rang up 750 bucks in makeup that morning. I have to assume she was going to resell it or something. Sad though.. isnt it….

  8. holy moly! what an awful experience! If that was me in your shoes, I’m sorry I’d probably have to be a lil more nastier. I would probably have said something to the extent of, “well, if these were truly for your friend, how about you be a better friend and share what you have? Sorry lady, if they are on the shelf, then they are up for grabs. If you so much lay a finger on me to prevent me, I will have you arrested for battery. Stop being greedy and share some with the rest of the world.” I hate confrontation as well but I also hate people like that even more. These kind of people need to be put in their place.

  9. Wow that is really to bad. Wonder why she and her friend didn’t just call ahead so they could bring the 40+ cases she wanted to buy out of the back for her. Would have saved her so much trouble scooping them all off the shelf. LOL Glad you were able to maintain your composure I probably would have been arrested for disorderly conduct and assualt.

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