How to Make Jeans into Shorts and Keep the Original Hem

June 29, 2015 1 Comment | Disclosure
How to make kids jeans or pants into shorts with the original hem

Make cute jeans into cute shorts! I love this clever way to shorten the length of jeans or pants while still keeping the original hem! Turn a pair of toddler jeans into cute shorts! This works perfectly on a straight leg jean or pant and is an ... Read More...

Girls Camp Craft Idea: Repurposed Chalkboards

June 24, 2015 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
Repurpose an old dish or platter into a cute chalkboard sign! Perfect for a Girls Camp craft project!

If you're looking for a quick and easy (and affordable) craft idea for youth, this is a great one! All you need is old or outdated dishes, platters or pans... and you can easily turn them into a chalkboard!  I found this platter on Easter ... Read More...

Forty Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil

June 22, 2015 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
Amazing ways to benefit from lavender essential oil! I use it for burns all the time - works way better than cold water.

Pure therapeutic-grade lavender oil is one of those oils that I want to have on hand all the time! If you are new to essential oils, lavender is a great one to start with because it has so many wonderful qualities and uses. Here are some of the ... Read More...

105 Cheap Date Night Ideas

June 19, 2015 3 Comments | Disclosure
20 years of marriage and 8 kids later... here's my top tip for a successful marriage... date nights are a must!  Here's a list of more than 100 ideas.  Time to make date night a priority!

I've been married for 20 years now, and I'll be the first to say that having a successful and loving marriage takes work!   If you don't take the time to nourish it, your marriage relationship can evolve from a relationship of loving adoration into ... Read More...

Parenting Tip: How I Use Chores to Keep My Kids Motivated

June 17, 2015 29 Comments | Disclosure
How I use chores to keep my kids motivated and on task. Advice from a mother of 8.

As a mother of 8, I'm continually on the look out for new ways to keep my household running.  I know I'm not alone in this... even if you've only got one child at home, there are still messes to be cleaned up, food to prepare, laundry to wash, hugs ... Read More...

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What Your Guy Really Wants for Fathers Day

June 16, 2015 Leave a Comment | Disclosure
11 Fathers Day Gift Ideas for 2015

For the last few years my husband has had a buddy named Nick.  Nick is a funny guy... and when we were looking to fill one of the social media positions on our team, I knew Nick would be a great fit.  Sure, he's not a "gal", but he fits right in! ... Read More...

DIY Natural Citrus Hand Sanitizer

June 15, 2015 2 Comments | Disclosure
Citrus Hand Sanitizer Recipe

I'm excited about this natural and more importantly, alcohol free hand sanitizer!  I've always been a little bothered by the ingredients that we put on our hands to get them "clean".  This is something I can feel good about putting on my hands and ... Read More...

DIY Natural Detangle Spray

June 10, 2015 2 Comments | Disclosure
How to make your own natural hair detangling spray with essential oils

Water, jojoba oil and Lavender essential oil, that's it! Those are the only three NATURAL ingredients you will find in this homemade DIY detanlge spray. Not only is it simple, quick and easy to make, but it's so much better for you than the store ... Read More...

How to Make a Water Blob for Hours of Summer Fun

How to make a water blob for hours of summer fun

Make your own Water Blob for $15 or less! Summer around our house is filled with mornings at the park, afternoons at the pool, evenings outside, and fresh grass beneath our toes! Our kids LOVE being outdoors, and they often find things to do with ... Read More...