23 Quiet Time Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers {And Why I think It’s Important to Teach them to Self-Entertain}

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More than 23 quiet time activity ideas for your toddler and perschooler to save your sanity

It's no big secret that I have 8 kids.  In my 19 years of mothering, one of the best lessons I've tried to teach my littles is that it's not mommy's job to entertain them 24-7.  From early on I wanted my children to learn how to enjoy time by ... Read More...

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Tips and Ideas for Making Cold Lunches Easy and Cool {From a Mother of 8}

August 25, 2015 12 Comments | Disclosure
38 ideas for tackling the cold lunch conundrum

As I prepare for my children to return to school, I have mixed emotions (P.S. - pic on the right is out of date! My oldest graduated and my littlest is about to turn 1!). In many ways, I love having them home during the summer. But I also long for ... Read More...

Lavender Coconut Salt Scrub

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Easy homemade coconut oil salt scrub with lavender

Make your own Lavender Coconut Salt Scrub! Scrubs can be a bit of a luxury, but result in naturally glowing, soft skin. Have you tried making them at home?  In the last few months I've been making my own (it's sooo easy!) and I LOVE using it on my ... Read More...

50 Ways to Save $50

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50 ways to save 50 dollars

Each of these tips could save you $50 a month! Just think, if you did each of these ways to save $50 a month, you would save hundreds each month and thousands each year! Honestly, some of these things may even save you a lot more than $50 per ... Read More...

MEAD Back-to-School Sale: 20% Off Everything

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Mead coupon code

As you know, back to school shopping is one of our favorite times to stock up because the deals are so good!  Today I'm happy to share with you an exclusive deal from MEAD just for Fabulessly Frugal readers! MEAD Back-to-School Sale: 20% Off ... Read More...

How to Eliminate the Urine Smell in the Bathroom

August 15, 2015 3 Comments | Disclosure
How to get rid of that nasty urine smell in the bathroom!

If you've got boys, then you just may be like me and have an underlying funk smell in the bathroom.  And what can be discouraging is that no matter how much you scrub, that nasty smell may go away for a few hours, but then return by the end of the ... Read More...

Easy Made From Scratch You Can’t Stop Eating It Chocolate Cake

August 14, 2015 211 Comments | Disclosure
Homemade Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

A few Sunday's ago I was craving some really good chocolate cake.  I'm not talking about the stuff we can get a great deal on, that's from a box.  I'm talking about some fabulous tasting made from scratch chocolate cake!  I found this recipe at ... Read More...

Boise Locals: Mark Your Calendars for the Fancy Farmgirls Sale {August 14-15}

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fancy farmgirls table

Make sure you stop by the Fancy Farmgirls Sale coming up on Aug 14th & 15th! This is such a fun place to go shop!  You will absolutely be INSPIRED as you find some darling and unique pieces for your home!  These would also make some fabulous ... Read More...

Why I Love My Hand Blender & How I Use it Every Day (and how it’s helped with my 50 pound weight loss)!

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Why I heart my immersion blender and 10+ ways to use it!

Why I Love My Cuisinart Hand Blender & My Favorite Ways to Use It! What is the one appliance that I use in my kitchen more than once a day, that helps me with my health and makes life easier??  It's my Cuisinart Hand Immersion Blender!  I ... Read More...