Report Card Freebies and Incentive Ideas for Good Grades!

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Report Card Freebies and Incentive Ideas for Good Grades!

 Celebrate a job Well Done with Freebies and Rewards! As the end of the school year quickly draws near, report cards will be rolling out soon (our school district just ended 3rd quarter, so many of these freebies will apply now and again in a ... Read More...

20 Great Questions To Ask Kids After School

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Going Beyond "How was your day?" Parent: "How was your day?" Child: "Fine". Parent: "What did you do today?" Child: "I dunno..." If this sounds familiar, you're not alone! I've surprisingly gotten this response from my kidlets quite a bit this ... Read More...

FREEBIES for New Moms: Carseat Canopy, Udder Covers, Baby Slings, Maternity Bands, Baby Leggings and Nursing Pads

March 28, 2015 129 Comments | Disclosure
freebies for moms and babies featured

This Carseat Canopy is genius! If you aren't familiar with the Carseat Canopy it is a blanket type covering that attaches to the handle of the car seat, and keeps the blanket from blowing/falling off while not smothering the baby! They are ... Read More...

Things to do in St. George UT

March 18, 2015 1 Comment | Disclosure
St George Vacation Ideas

Earlier this year we wanted to do something fun with our kids before my oldest graduated from high school.  March in Idaho is still chilly and after a long winter I'm always craving warm sun!  So when my sister suggested we take a trip to St George ... Read More...

Fun and FREE Things to Do in the Treasure Valley

March 17, 2015 16 Comments | Disclosure
Fun and Free things to do in Idaho

Here is a big list of FREE, INEXPENSIVE, and fun summer ideas to keep moms and kids in the Treasure Valley (Boise, Meridian and surrounding Idaho cities) busy and happy. Find  great things to do with your family in Idaho...Free, Cheap, and Fun ... Read More...

How to Paint Laminate

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how to paint laminate furniture diy

I have had this shoe cabinet for over a year now and it is great! (IKEA, baby!) I realize that it isn't an ugly laminate, it is really quite nice, but I have plans for my entry and this off-white color is just not going to cut it anymore. That's one ... Read More...

How to Save Money at the Grocery Store Without Using Coupons

March 6, 2015 2 Comments | Disclosure
how to save money at the store with out using coupons

So as we addressed last week, many of you don't use coupons anymore... in fact, we don't use coupons like we used to either.  BUT that doesn't mean we don't love to save money!    Aside from watching the sales, there is another easy strategy you can ... Read More...

Easy Made From Scratch You Can’t Stop Eating It Chocolate Cake

March 3, 2015 208 Comments | Disclosure
Homemade Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe

A few Sunday's ago I was craving some really good chocolate cake.  I'm not talking about the stuff we can get a great deal on, that's from a box.  I'm talking about some fabulous tasting made from scratch chocolate cake!  I found this recipe at ... Read More...

Live on Less – DIY Household Cleaner Recipes

February 21, 2015 42 Comments | Disclosure
DIY homemade tub and shower cleaner recipe

Over the past few months we've been testing out some of these homemade cleaner recipes. This is a great way to live on less: make your own household cleaners, and save major dough! Some of you may have missed them, so I thought it would be nice to ... Read More...