Albertsons NW More Round Up Deals!

February 20, 2013 40 Comments | Disclosure

There are always “hidden deals” that are not in the ad. Here are several more, there is even another FREE item plus several stock up prices!

albertsons round up


 What are you finding at Albertsons this week?


  1. French’s worchesthire is $1.99. Round up the .30/1 printable making it $.99:)

  2. I’m curious if you can use a BOGO Pantene with a $2/2 Pantene product together on 2 bottles or am I stacking wrong? I’m not real up to date on my Albertsons policies.

    • You can’t use it on 2 bottles but you can do this:
      Buy 4 Pantene
      Use 2 BOGO
      Use 1 $2/2
      This way you are paying for 2 & then using the $2/2 off on those & then using the BOGO to get the 3rd & 4th ones free since you paid for the first 2. Hope that helps!

  3. Use the Quaker coupon and buy the oatmeal, which is on sale for 2 for 4. Then grab some bananas, 2.00 or unders worth for free. I got 1.00 in bananas and they gave me another 1.00 off my purchase (the credit has to equal 2.00 as long as you got bananas. They also have a catalina for 1.50 when you buy anything Campbell and some of the skillets are on clearance, making mine .40.

  4. So I was at Albertson’s today and I was going to buy 5 Wishbone salad dressings, plus my other 5 items, only to find out the checker would not let me use 5 coupons because there is new wording on the coupon that says you can only use 2 coupons per transaction. Has anyone else run into this? I thought it would be like a “do not double” when they double it anyway, and that they would disregard the “limit 2” but no such luck. Thanks!!

    • My checker did the exact same thing. She mentioned that they are starting to see more and more of this thanks to the P&G inserts starting the trend. :( I just replaced it with other things.

    • I think it just depends on the cashier. Some will go exactly by the coupon limits and others tell me they prefer me to go ahead and just use what I have instead of coming back for multiple transactions/trips… I’ve just found it’s best to have a back up plan, regardless, since it’s definitely the store’s right to limit coupons based on the wording, that way if they set limits or refuse to take certain coupons I can keep my “no big deal” attitude, grab my alternate items and return to checkout.

      • Just be aware of the limits on the coupon because the store will not get paid for them even if they scan. Example is when the coupon warehouse see’s that the store has 100 Bounty coupons yet only shows they did 2 transactions the coupons will be sent back unpaid. I know because I have spoken with Ridleys, Albertsons, and Walmart about them having just this problem. It stinks some times but that’s why we have to watch. I will admit that the coupon restrictions are changing so fast that I am guilty of buying with a coupon limit and honestly not knowing. We just have to work together & be the best we can be.

  5. Does anyone have an idea on when Albertsons well have there next round up??? I am trying to get an a good amount of coupons to help my daughter non profit school stay stocked up.

  6. I had to call the store manager over three times during my transaction today because they have changed their policy’s so much in the last few days. They also are taking things on and off clearance I noticed today…I scored a bunch of free items yesterday because they were “clearance” and today they weren’t :)

    • I found that also – the computer system is getting better at catching things like coupon limits. It will be a little bit before things settle down and we know exactly what changes the LLC will make.

  7. I found that my Albertsons in St George, has the Colgate toothpaste on sale for a $1.00 and if you use the .50 coupon makes them free. I saw the toothbrushes are the same price. So if you have the toothbrush coupon free also…..

  8. They also have the Arm and Hammer laundry Soap for $1.99 and if you use the .75 off coupon on 2 it makes them $1.62 not a bad price for laundry soap. They do have a limit of 2.

    • Great find thanks!

      • There’s another A&H store coupon in the flier to bring the price to $1.79 each (limit 2), then do the .75 off round up for $1.29 each. :)

      • Before I go run out and buy bottles and bottles of Arm & Hammer detergent, has anyone used it before? Does it get clothes clean? I am a Tide girl, but I don’t always like the Tide price. Any input would be GREATLY appreciated!

        • One of my sisters in a die hard All & Tide fan she tried the Arm & Hammer & loves it. She lives in Cali & can’t get the great deals that we can but has asked me to stock up sometime for her. That’s about all I know, personally never tried it.

  9. FYI.. The Haribo coupon is still available via
    I just printed three of them this morning via Swagbucks.

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