Albertsons July 27 – August 2 {Cheap Popsicles, Bread, and Water}

July 26, 2011 81 Comments | Disclosure

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Some of the links in this post are affiliate links… this means if you choose to print some of these coupons, we might make money.  Thanks for keeping our site up and running. 


No star: Good price, you may as well pick it up if you’re there (if you need it).
★- means prices are better than generic/wholesale/mass store prices, buy a few if you need it!
– means this is when we stock up!!! {aka Extreme Couponing… done right}


Albertsons Produce Deals

★Cantaloupe $.48/lb
Strawberries $2.50/lb
Cucumbers $.69 each 

These are all good produce prices but they may not beat your local market. Pick them up if you are not wanting to make another trip.

Albertsons Meat Deals

 Not great… don’t waste your money on meat at Albs this week. 

In-Ad Store Coupons

★Dole Classic Iceberg Bag of Salad 12 oz $.99
{Limit 2}

8 piece Fried or Grilled Chicken $5.99
{Limit 4}

Albertsons Whole Fryer $.88/lb
{Limit 4}

Alaska Fresh Sockeye Salmon Fillets $8.99/lb
{Limit 10}

StarKist Solid White Tuna $.99
{Limit 6}

Banquet Regular Dinners 7-12 oz $.88
Ues in-ad coupon {Limit 8 per transaction}
Stack with $0.50/2 Banquet Frozen Meals
Final Price: $.63

Albertsons Deals Matched with Coupons

Nesquik Milk 16 oz $1.39
Use $0.50/1 Nestle Nesquik Product 6/5/2011 RP
Final  Price:  $.89

Franz Bread $1.67
Use $1/1 Franz Bakery Product {Coupon will only print in Internet Explorer}
Final Price .67¢

★General Mills Cereal  8.9 – 12.8 oz $1.88
Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix
Use $1/2 General Mills Cereals 6/19/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/30/2011)
or use $1/2 General Mills Cheerios Cereal 7/17/2011 SS Insert (exp 8/27/2011)
or use $1/2 General Mills Cheerios Cereal
Final Price:   $1.38

Tabasco Sauce 2oz $1.59
Use $0.50/1 Tabasco Pepper Sauce Flavor
Final Price $1. 09

Wacky Mac $1.59
$0.40/1 Wacky Mac 5/8/2011 SS
Final Price:  $1.19 I wouldn’t buy unless we get doubles

★Duncan Hines Family Style Brownies $1.25
Use:  $0.50/1 Duncan Hines Brownies
Final Price: $.75

★Nabisco Chips Ahoy $2.00
Use  $1/2 Nabisco Crackers or Cookies 6/19/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/30) {ID did not get}
Final Price: $1.50

★Freschetta Pizza 11.8 – 28 oz $4.00
Use $1/1 Freschetta Pizza coupon
Final Price $3.00

★Lean Cuisine $2.00
Use $1/4 Lean Cuisine Varieties (IE)  Printable (FF)
Stack with Savings Star $1/2 Lean Cuisine (this means you’ll get a $1 rebate wyb 2)
Final Price:  $1.25

Buy 2 Skinny Cow Multipack $3.99 each 
Get (1) box of Skinny Cow candy FREE
Use $1/1 Skinny Cow SavingStar e-rebate (make sure you load your card)
and $1/1 Skinny Cow Candy All You June 2011
or  B1G1 Skinny Cow Candy {Dreamy Clusters or Heavenly Crisp}
or $1/1 Skinny Cow Chocolate Candy multipacks 7/31/2011 RP {Idaho did not get}
{Your mileage may vary using a coupon on the free item}
Final Price:  $7.98 for 3 items OR $6.98 for 3 OR 4 items (depending on how your store interprets the coupons)

★Skinny Cow Candy $3.00
Use  B1G1 Skinny/ Cow Candy {Dreamy Clusters or Heavenly Crisp}
and $1/1 Skinny Cow Candy All You June 2011 (use this on the one that you buy)
or $1/1 Skinny Cow Chocolate Candy multipacks 7/31/2011 RP {Idaho did not get}
Final Price:  $2.00 for two items

★Trident Vitality Gum 9 ct $1.00
Use $2.00/3 Trident Gum 7/24/2011 SS {Idaho did not get – not sure if this variety will work}
Final Price: $.33

★Tic Tac 4-pack $3.00 
Use$1/1 Tic Tac 6/12/2011 RP  {Idaho did not get}
Final Price:  $2.00

Canning Deals

Sure-Jell Pectin $2.79
Use $1.00/2 Sure-Jell, Certo, or MCP products 7/24/2011 {Washington did not get}
Final Price:  $2.29

Ball Flex Batch Pectin $4.50
Use $1.00/1 Ball RealFruit Pectin Flex Batch 6/12/2011 SS
Final Price: $3.50 this seems pricey to me… tell me canners, is it?

Kerr Caning Jars jelly, pint, or quart $8.99-$11.59
$0.75/1 Ball or Kerr Canning Jars 6/12/2011 SS
Final Price:  $8.24-$10.84

Instant Savings Promo

Purchase 10 participating items, and save $5.00 instantly (second price factors instant savings)

Arrowhead Spring Water 3 liter $1.00/$.50

★Vitaminwater $1.25/$.75

★Thomas English Muffins 6-pack $1.99/$1.49

Klondike Bars or Popsicles $2.99/$2.49

Kraft Cheese 6-9 oz $3.49/2.99

★Angel Soft Double Roll Tissue 12 count $4.99/$4.49
Use $0.50/1 Angel Soft Bath Tissue 5/15/2011 RP  {not in Idaho}
Final Price:  $3.99

★Sparkle Paper Towels 8 count $4.99/$4.49
Bonus Ticket Item 

★Colgate Toothpaste 4.9 oz and Toothbrushes $1.49/$.99
Use $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste 7/10/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/30/2011)
or $0.50/1 Colgate Toothpaste 7/24/2011 SS
Final Price: $.49 this will be free if we get doubles
Bonus Ticket Item  

★Twizzlers Bag $1.88/$1.38
Use $0.50/1 Twizzlers 6/26/2011 SS
Final Price: $.88

★Vlasic Pickle Spears or Bread & Butter Chips 24 oz $1.99/$1.49

Taco Bell Creamy Sauces $2.00/$1.50

Orbit 3-Pack Gum $2.49/$1.99

Hershey’s Snack Size Candy Bar Bag $2.79/$2.29

Nabisco Crackers $2.99/$2.49
Use  $1/2 Nabisco Crackers or Cookies 6/19/2011 SS Insert (exp 7/30) {ID did not get}
Final Price: $1.50

Nilla Wafers or Honey Maid Grahams  $2.99/$2.49
Use $1/2 Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams 6/26/2011 SS {ID did not get}
Final Price: $1.50

Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage Links or Rope $3.49/$2.99

Nathan’s Beef Franks 16 oz $4.99/$4.49

Starbucks Coffee 11-12 oz $8.49/$7.99
$3/2 Starbucks Packaged Coffee 7/17/2011 SS {ID did not get}
Final Price: $6.49

Wisk 100 oz $9.49/$8.99
Use $2/1 Wisk Laundry Detergent 6/26/2011 RP
or $1/1 Wisk Laundry Detergent
Final Price:  $6.99-$7.99

Fab With Out a Coupon

Propel .50¢  

Coke Soft Drink Products 2 liter .79¢

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade $1.00

Fresh Baked Bolillo or Telera Rolls 3 oz $.33

Birds Eye Frozen Vegetables 10-16 oz $1.00

Popsicle Novelties 8 ct $1.00 

Minute Maid Lemonade 64 oz $1.50

Calidad Tortilla Chips $1.49

Duncan Hines Frosting $1.25

Powerade or Powerade Zero $.67 (if you do the deal)
Get 5 FREE wyb 10 for $10
not a stock up price, but if you need some right now, snag some 

This isn’t the best gift card deal we’ve seen… BUT if you HAVE to buy stuff at Home Depot, Lowes, or another gift card vendor anyway, you might as well buy the gift card and earn free gas.  


  1. Does this seem like a really slow week at Albertsons or is it just me?

    • I agree! At first I thought I was going to be able to win 250K in the SS game since I was shopping there so much, LOL :) Nowadays, I dont even bother. There going to be losing business if they dont figure out this couponing/doubler thing quick!

      • I was just saying that!!!

        • Shelby Carrell says:

          I totally agree. I have hardly been there also. Not so much fun anymore. And the game they got going on. I don’t even win free doughnuts anymore. Boring! Walmarts been better to me lately I am afraid to say!

          • Summer always seems to be slower in the Albies coupon department. Perhaps they figure we could all use a little break 😉 I’m sure it will get better in a month or two when everyone goes back to school.

  2. It would ALMOST be frustrating to get doubles this weekend! It would be a bit of a chore to create some good deals even with those, judging by what’s on sale! :(

  3. I was able to print the Franz coupon in Firefox. Not sure why they say you can’t.

  4. Melinda says:

    The flex batch is for multiple batches. I don’t know how it compares. That’s too high price for the single batch pectin. It’s on sale at Broulims (SE Idaho store) for $1.78. They also have a tearpad for free sugar (up to $2) wyb 2 pectin. I used the recent coupon for $1/2 plus the tearpad Q to get 10 pectin, 5 sugar (4lb) for just under $15.

  5. yay for cinnamon toast crunch!!! lol im stocking up on it at fred meyer this week, but maybe ill get more if its only gonna be 1.88!!!

  6. im really sick of seeing NOT IN IDAHO seriously I pay just as much for my sunday paper I use those products give me the coupons so i can get the same deals as everyone else

    • I have to agree with you!
      But, first of all FAB girls, I really do appreciate that you include which states did not receive the coupon. I have spent more time than I want to think about looking through my inserts when a coupon wasn’t in Idaho and yet I had read (from another blogging website) that a certain coupon was available to use that week. So, thanks so much for letting me know what coupons did not make the Idaho inserts!!

      But, like you, I can’t understand why we do not receive so many of those listed.

    • This might help clear it up… if it makes you feel better, I think we are some of the few who received the canning coupons (ha ha!). So they really do target regions with the coupons.

  7. The creamy taco bell sauces are like the baja sauces on their gorditas, chalupas, etc.

  8. Oregon and Idaho papers may not carry certain coupons because you guys don’t pay sales tax like other states…

    • We pay sales tax in Idaho 6% on everything. Oregon does Not pay sales tax on purchases but they make up for it in their property and state tax not to worry they do not get a SPECIAL deal. I deserve to get the same discounts and coupons as everyone else

    • Sales tax in Idaho is 6%. . .No sales tax in Oregon?

    • We do not pay sales tax in oregon, but they tax the heck out of us with property and state income taxes!

      • suzanne says:

        I live in Wa. and I’ve noticed I don’t get some of the coupons that Oregan and Idaho do. I don’t know the reasoning behind the choices but I like to think it all works out over time in the wash;-)

    • I moved to Washington, originally from Oregon. And I have the same issue with not getting all these good q’s! … I’d almost rather live in oregon and not pay sales tax on all my stuff… :)

      • And we pay like 9% sales tax (or something like that lol)

        • suzanne says:

          Close to it, depending on the county. Don’t get me going on property tax, mandatory septic inspections, booze, pets, permits, parking, blah,blah blah and lets not forget then RAIN. Sorry ladies, I will not bore you with the details as we’ve all been there.

          • Danielle says:

            Oh, don’t even get me started on all the CONS of WA! How ya like this “summer” we’ve been having? 😉

    • Helen in Meridian says:

      Idaho even pays sales tax on all food, which most states exclude from sales tax. We ONLY pay 6% but it is on food and everything.

      • I used to live in wyoming, and we only had 5% tax, no tax on food, and got the coupon inserts in our mailbox every wednesday, along with the grocery store ads.

      • Yeah, it’s called a regressive tax because the poorer you are, the more percentage of your income goes to paying for taxes on food at the grocery store. So if make $10,000/year or $100,000/year, you will pay 6 Cents on every dollar for food. Most states see the problem with that, but Idaho for some reason hasn’t caught on. Everyone has to buy groceries. But if you’re lower income, you’ll buy less since you can’t afford it (generally speaking).

    • LOL! Talk about a slow week for couponing at Albies! You ladies are “bickering” over sales tax! ***Tee hee**** Thanks, I needed that. We all agree, sales tax bites and not getting all the fabulous coupons bites. Oh well. On a different note, I have been wandering the stores in search of hidden deals. Kinda of like playing “I spy” for tearpads and deals on my own. I found some free pasta wyb pasta sauce, free sauce wyb parmesean cheese, free chicken wyb italian seasoning, free sour cream wyb ranch seasoning packets etc. **Try I spy coupon style with your kids!***

  9. Helen in Meridian says:

    Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, these comments don’t sound like you. Did someone else write this or are you PMS?

  10. FYI***** Albies on Vista/Overland in Idaho has a clearance unit in the back by the bakery department. I spotted Gerber graduates juice and pasta pick ups there, Garnier shampoos and conditioners, Pantene shampoos and conditioners, and my favorite ——–fabulous price for Clairol Nice & Easy foam hair color…$4.00…and we have $3.00 off coupons expiring this weekend! Stock up price on hair dye! Go check it out!

  11. It’s all dumb… don’t waste your money on meat at Albs this week
    {wtc (aka: what the crap) are these?}
    this is a ripoff
    or the one ” I am not including the ‘lame’ deals ”

    I don’t understand Cathy why this kind of negativity is spread through out your posting….. I appreciate you and all the fabulessly frugal ladies that work so hard to give us all this information. I have learned so much. I have learned through you How to coupon with integrity and kindness. This wording through out doesn’t match up……. Any thoughts on this?

    • Don’t diss on Cathy! I LOVE the “lame” and “dumb” comments. Why should Albies (or ANY store) provide “sale” prices if they stink??? It’s the store’s fault for deceiving advertising.

      Cathy, please don’t change a THING!!

    • Sorry that I offended you Deb. I had a long day and was burnt out, and still had Albertsons to do! Monica helped me out, and it was late, and we were both exhausted and started getting silly! And really, the less than exciting ad didn’t help. We were scouring it trying to find ANYTHING remotely exciting! Ha ha! (Bread and water and popsicles… that was it!). So with that information, hopefully you can see the light hearted/silliness it was written in. 😀 I don’t know about anyone else (well, I know my sisters get this way), but I tend to get the giggles late at night.

      • Cheryl H says:

        Oh Cathy, I LOVE your humor!! I’m getting my family ready for a week long camping trip and am trying to remain “polite” to my children. Your comments made me laugh so much that my whole attitude changed. I think WTC is going to be my new favorite saying!!! You guys are awesome!!

        • Oh Cathy you crack me up! I LOVE these little “thoughts” or you “thinking aloud” when writting the Albes deals.

          LOVE LOVE LOVE you gals!


  12. I thought the “wtc” was so funny. I love what you do for people on this site and I love the humor that injected with the comments on lame deals and what not. Keep it up…. Thanx for the work you ladies do and for being true to yourselves in the wording of your posts. Agan.. WTC so funny…

  13. Keep up the good work on your store match-ups!! Thanks for all you do!! I thought your little comments were hilarious!!

  14. I didn’t think the whole fryer chicken price was bad. It isn’t super great, but if you need to get chicken, it isn’t a bad price. I haven’t seen them much below .88/lb lately, anyway. Gone are the days of .59/lb whole chickens… T.T

  15. gerbilmom says:

    Thanks for the little comments…..we all need to laugh a little bit more!! Its good for the soul! I still can’t stop chuckling inside myself….:) Keep up the wonderful work ladies!!

  16. This is probably a silly question, but I don’t know who to ask first….Thanks to you FAB ladies I’ve started getting the newspaper again (through the FAB deal I learned about here!). It has been awesome to start seeing the system come together! My one disappointment, and perhaps misunderstanding, is I have yet to see any of the Albertson’s coupon doubler inserts. I’ve had one month’s worth of Sunday papers now & not seeing any?? How often is usual and am I missing out on something?! Thank you thank you for all you do!

    • Ang, what area are you in (and which newspaper do you get)?

      The doubles were in the Sunday paper on the 17th, and we should see them again this coming Sunday. Typically, we get them every other week… but every once in awhile Albertsons will throw us a curve ball and either give them to us 3 weeks in a row, OR we’ll go 2 weeks with out them.

      If you don’t receive them again this Sunday, I’d call the paper if I were you. In my paper (The Idaho Statesman), they are always with the ads that are enclosed in the comic section and sometimes can be harder to find.

      Hope that helps and I hope you get your doubles! :) You can get free bread if you have them (make sure you print your coupon NOW!).

  17. Amber A. says:

    Aside from sales tax, crappy sales week, and someone dissing Cathy’s sense of humor (I thought your comments were a relief for the crap sales Cathy) I had a real question. If the ben and Jerry’s ice cream are 10/$10, wouldn’t this be FAB w/out a coupon??

  18. Good Morning, I just read the comments from my post last night. Thank you all who commented. It helped me get a better perspective on the wording….. I see it in the context of which it was written. Cathy I especially appreciate your comment to my post. Keep the red letter text coming…. I will read it all with a new perspective and just have fun with it. Thanks again for all you do Cathy, Monica and the other ladies that are apart of this wonderful blog. I do appreciate you more than I could say.

    • Thank you so much Deb. 😀 That means a lot to me that you cared enough to understand my frame of mind, and are willing to see a different point of view… no matter how immature it is of me. Ha ha! And thanks for your compliments. We certainly do have a wonderful team of ladies here!

  19. Oh Cathy, I’m laughing now, but when I read this post early this morning I got worried about you. I thought, what’s wrong? why are you so grouchy? are you okay? are you stressed out? are you sick? are your kids sick? are you pregnant? did you get to bed late? did you not get to bed at all? :-) Sounds like that’s the case. I hope today is going well for you, and Monica too.

    I haven’t browsed this week’s Albies ad yet — I’ll do that tonight — but I can usually always find good deals on something. Not necessarily free or super cheap — in other words not necessarily worthy of being posted here for the benefit of the masses — but there is always something on sale that my family uses that pairs up with a coupon.

    For moderate couponers such as myself (as opposed to extreme couponers who are always on the lookout for rock-bottom prices) I think it helps to look for items that your family likes instead of just looking for promotional items. By doing this, I still save a substantial amount off my grocery bill and rarely run into empty shelves. I’m talking about readers here, not you fabugals who work hard to provide this great info to your readers.

    I’m excited about the popsicle sale — my daughter and her friends go through lots of those in the summer, so I like to keep them on hand.

    • Susan, that totally cracks me up. Thanks for being worried. And to answer your questions… what’s wrong? Too much stress. Grouchy? Probably. Am I Okay? Yep! Am I stressed out? Many times. Sick? Nope. Kids sick? Thankfully no! Prego? Thank heavens NO!! Go to bed late? ALWAYS! Not get to bed at all? Occasionally! Hope that helps. Thanks again Susan… you made me laugh. 😀

  20. I wanted to comment on the “not in Idaho” comments, post #6 above. I really appreciate the “Idaho did not get” notes and find them very helpful. If I see right off that we didn’t get this coupon, then I won’t waste time looking for it.

    Looking at it from a big-picture perspective … I follow several non-local couponing blogs, and I often see similar comments on those blogs from readers who are local to that blogger. As we know, many coupons are regional and not available in all areas. No matter what area of the country you are in and what inserts you receive, there will always be coupons mentioned on one blog or another that your area did not received . The grass is always greener, so to speak. For every Idahoan unhappy about not receiving a certain coupon, there will be someone in another unhappy about not receiving a coupon that we Idahoans did.

    Cathy can please correct me if I am wrong, but as a long-time FF fan, I think that we didn’t used to see “not in Idaho” notes because the posts were written to an audience consisting of primarily people in the SW Idaho area. If we didn’t receive a certain coupon or a certain deal wasn’t available, then the matchup wasn’t listed. That’s why we didn’t used to see the “Idaho did not get” notes.

    However … I respect that FF readership has grown and the audience is much broader than just our neck of the woods. The FF gals do a great job, but they can’t possibly make notes on all areas that a coupon may or may not be available. Indicating whether or not the coupon was available here in Idaho helps us locals while also accommodating non-local readers who may have that coupon available to them.

    When I read a non-local blog — or for that matter Mavis’ matchups because she is in the Seattle area — I think of myself as a “non-local” reader, in which case I keep in mind that a coupon matchup may or may not not be applicable to me.

    This post is long and rambing, but hopefully makes sense.

    • Thanks Susan. You are EXACTLY right, on all counts! We get bummed when we see an exciting deal only to find we don’t have the coupon (when we check our Idaho Coupon Database). The least we can do is let the ID people know they don’t need to waste their time searching for a coupon they don’t have.

      And you’re right, we have grown! In fact, our WA and OR readership combined is more than our ID readership. And in our top 10 areas that readers come from, CA is #4 and TX is #5! And here’s a totally irrelevant piece of information… Rhode Island and Vermont are the states with the least amount of readers.

  21. Hey, I love your reviews for Albertson’s and since I live in Boise, it really helps–especially the humor!

    I was at the Albertson’s on Cole and Fairview on 7/18 and they had 2 ltrs of Diet Coke soda for $.99 each. Not a bad price–better this week–so I picked up a few. One of the managers came up to my cart and asked if I was purchasing meat also. I said I might and he told me he’d get me coups. ($1.00 off) any grilling meat which meant to him ANY meat with the purchase of 2 liters of soda. I went to the meat section including deli and picked up their marked downs (example: $3.00 off a total package and they had the B1G1 free of the london broil). I got some really great meat deals including sausage. He told me to ask one of the managers if you are buying soda and they will give you these coupons.
    It could be for some great meat deals if you keep looking and ASK! They might have some coupons for you. Thanks!

  22. I just wanted to comment on the Ball Flex Batch. 3.50 isn’t a bad price when you consider it makes 22 half-pints (22 cups) and a regular box makes an average of 5-10 cups of cooked jam depending on what you use. Plus if you can double it, (not sure when the coupon expires) you can get it for 2.50. I did that last week and thought it was a pretty good deal. Disclaimer: I haven’t actually used flex-batch yet, so I don’t know if the 22 cups is the maximum possible (i.e. it may be less depending on what kind of jam you make). I like the idea of being able to make a huge batch (much less work, instead of having to make 3 or 4 batches in a row) or a tiny one (like for strawberries). So if you can get the box for cheap, you have to decide if it’s worth it to you. Either way, if you get fruit for free off a neighbor’s tree or cheap from somewhere, you’re already saving money making your own than buying it at the store (and it tastes way better too!). And it makes great gifts.

    Just an idea: One year I made apple cinnamon jelly using store-bought apple juice concentrate and adding cinnamon. It was the yummiest jelly I’d ever eaten!!! It almost tasted like honey. And my friends loved it too. Just thinking about it makes me want to go make some! :)

    That’s just my two cents.

  23. Jessica B says:

    I thought Cathy’s comments were pretty funny, I just took it as her being humorous and silly :)

    Can any of the Fab gals confirm the info being spread about only 2 TTV’s per sheet? customer service didn’t know when I spoke with them.

    • Thanks Jessica, and yes, we’re working on confirming the news of only 2 doubles per transaction. We’ll let you know asap!

      • Jessica B says:

        it’s confusing because does it mean 2 TTV’s per sheet, or 2 TTV’s per transaction, etc? Thank you all SO MUCH or all the hard work you do for everyone! :)

        • If they only put 2 TTV coupons on a sheet, then that means they’ll be #’d 1 and 2. So there won’t be any way to use more than 2 per transaction. What would be exciting is if that meant there would be TWO SHEETS per paper (which would be a nice gesture since they took them out of the stores)… but I have the feeling this is NOT the case.

          • Jessica B says:

            Yes that would be exciting LOL. I’m just completely confused as to why they would do this (limiting us to 2 per sheet) the cost of the paper in many places cancels out the savings of only 2 TTV’s.

            • Annette says:

              It is because they are fazing out the TTV’s all together. I was told by several Albertson’s checkers that Albertson’s was fazing out the TTV’s and this is their second step to doing so, the first step was not offering them at Customer Service.

      • Albies just confirmed ttv’s for this weekend and only two per paper on their Fb page just a bit ago….

        • Crap..

        • Jessica B says:

          Thank you for the info, Pam. :) I went to their page, and they have this posted, I hope its ok to post it here. I thought it would make it easier for everyone to find. I really hope they are not getting rid of the TTV program :(

          “Hi Albertsons Fans! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be bringing our Twice the Value coupons to our Montana & Wyoming shoppers by including these special savings inserts in select local newspapers this weekend! Our customers are clearly very passionate about having access to these special savings, and we’re happy to be able to offer these savings to our shoppers.

          We wanted to let you know that two Twice the Value coupons will run this Sunday (7/31) in several newspapers throughout our Intermountain West Albertsons locations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah. We understand that a number of our customers rely on these coupons, and hope you understand that we aren’t discontinuing our Twice the Value savings program but instead exploring new ways to give our customers the best shopping experience possible.

          Please continue to share your feedback with us, as we always value comments from our customers. We do have some exciting changes that we can’t wait to share with you, so know that we are working to bring new savings opportunities to our most loyal shoppers. Thank you again for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.”


  24. Danielle says:

    Is anyone else’s albertsons not accepting printed from home coupons any more? I had used some one day, then went back just days later, and they told me they don’t accept them any more because they’ve had too many problems with fakes. This is a big inconvenience for me. Over half the coupons I use are internet coupons. So far, I haven’t heard of any other albertsons that are doing this, but just figures, the one I shop at does now! Only if there is a deal worth traveling 10 minutes out of the way for will I go to the next closest albertsons (I still have yet to call them to make sure they haven’t started doing this too. No great deals this week..). And I just don’t see that happening too often, especially with the TTVs being less accessible now.

    Anyway, sorry for ranting. This was just a bit of a blow to my couponing, and saving. I was just wondering if there really is no other stores that are doing this, and if anyone knows if more stores will start. Anyone else shop at the Mukletio albertsons? If so, have they told you they are going to do this indefinitely? I tried emailing albertsons about this whole thing, but their system just said “error” when I tried to submit :(…. With all these new changes, I’m definitely going to be doing less shopping at albertsons.

    • Their policy explicitly states they do take valid print at home internet coupons as long as they meet certain requirements…bar code readable, scans, not for free product without purchase etc. From Albertson’s website “Printable Coupon FAQ’s”

      Question: What if an Albertson’s store would not accept my coupons?
      Answer: : If an Albertsons Store didn’t accept your valid printed coupon, please contact Customer Care at 1-877-932-794 or via email.

      hth :)

      • Danielle says:

        Yes, I know. I read their policy again, and I read where it says they do accept internet printed coupons. But the store says they won’t any more. The coupons I tried to use were legit, had bar codes, and were not for a free product. The checker did not even try to scan it. I guess I will try calling them, since I haven’t been able to send them any comments on their site because it errors every time….

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