Albertsons: Hamburger Helper Money Maker!

August 11, 2011 57 Comments | Disclosure

Today I stopped by Albertsons to drop off my pre-order for this Sunday’s round of double coupons.  My absolute favorite deal this time around is the Hamburger Helper. Here’s how to turn it into a money maker this Sunday-Tuesday with the use of 2 double coupons.

Buy 10 boxes.  Your total will be $10.  Use (2) $1/5 Hamburger Helper Skillet Meals 8/7/2011 GM coupons plus 2 double coupons.

$10.00 Total before coupons

-$2.00 (2) $1/5 Hamburger Helper Skillet Meals 8/7/2011 GM coupons

-$2.00 (2) Albertsons double coupons


$6.00 oop

Receive $5 catalina, $2 catalina, 25 box tops, 10 box tops

That’s like getting paid $1.00 to take home 10 boxes of Hamburger Helper!

Without any double coupons you’ll still only pay $ .10 a box WYB 10!

If you don’t have the $1/5 coupon from the 8/7/ GM Insert… Don’t worry about it.  You can STILL make money!

Buy 10 boxes.  Your total will be $10.  Use (2) $.80/4 Hamburger Helper coupons found HERE

$10.00 Total before coupons

-$1.60 (2) $1/5 Hamburger Helper Skillet Meals coupons FOUND HERE

-$1.60 (2) Albertsons double coupons


$6.80 oop

Receive $5 catalina, $2 catalina, 25 box tops, 10 box tops

That’s still getting paid $.20 to take home 10 boxes of Hamburger Helper!

Without any double coupons you’ll still only pay $ .14 a box WYB 10!


 Print your coupons now before they reach their print limit. :)



  1. Shannon W says:

    Do you get the catalinas even at the stores that don’t double coupons. Is it regional or do ALL Albertsons give these catalinas?

  2. Oh now this is AWESOME! Time to stock up for the cooler months!

  3. Stephanie says:

    I saw a comment somewhere that said the HH cat ends Saturday. Anybody know for sure?

  4. My family doesn’t eat these much anymore, but these are a GREAT donation to a food drive!

    • Michele Ruiz says:

      If any one has any coupons or Hamb. Helper They would like to donate please let me know, ( Caldwell Id area ) World Harvest Food pantry ( I volunteer there ) and could use the donations, if you have coupons I can trade you –all items will go directly to the pantry:) I am willing to pick up or you are welcome to drop off,

      • I would love to donate some to you. I have a bunch…but want to use my coupons. However, I live in Boise. Do you ever come this way? Near Overland and Cole. Melody 412-4495-you can text me!

      • My family doesn’t eat it either. I get five newspapers so you are welcome to have mine. I should have ten Just email me your #. Bird dot jojo @ gmail dot com. You might want to call an Albies and Place a special order.

      • I am willing to donate mine, we don’t eat Hamburger Helper. You can message me.

  5. i have a question about the catalinas — do you *have to* buy the items 10 at a time? if i purchased 20, would i get two $5 cats and two $2 cats?

    • Catalina offers can usually only be done once per transaction — so you would have to do 2 transactions (10 each) in order to get 20 items and 2 $5 catalinas. If the wording of the ad says “save $5 instantly” (meaning it’s deducted right then on that transaction, not a catalina for a future transaction) it can usually be done more than once in the same transaction. Sometimes there are a limited # stated in the fine print that can be done in one transaction.

  6. quick question…at which quantity would it be appropriate to pre-order? If you buy 10 boxes, 20 boxes, etc?

    • I was wondering the same thing. I have never done this before

    • I would like to know that too. I have been scared to try.

  7. I wanted to know how, when you pre-order a large order, and use doubles how do you do that? I am wondering more in terms, you can only use two doublers in one transaction and have only three transactions in a row. So, how does that really make it worth your while when you only get to double a total of six coupons and you are buying 50-100 boxes?

  8. Sheri Christensen says:

    Ok…. I have a REALLY dumb question….. what do we do with the boxtops??? I’m thinking its associated with elementary schools??? kinda like the soup can labels??? I don’t have kids in elementary school anymore, but I do have some boxtop catalinas and wasn’t sure what to do with them??

    Also, what are some of your families favorite varieties of HH??

    • You can always just drop them off at a participating local elementary school, or give them to a neighbor kid (they get pencils and prizes for donating so they would be happy to take them in for you.) :)

    • Ambur Quijada says:

      My school is always trying to generate extra money. I would be willing to trade for them if you don’t have any other use for them :).

    • Sheri the boxtops are a BIG DEAL :) Please donate them to your local elementary school. Every 10 box tops = $1.00. Since my kids are no longer in elem. school I give them to the neighborhood kids. Their school has a contest every year, the classroom that brings in the most box tops wins a pizza party. :)

    • Sheri,

      As others have said, box tops are valuable, so I hope you will donate them to your local schools. It really is a good money maker for them. With all the budget cuts for schools nowadays, any way they can raise extra funds, the better.

      The box tops that are printed on the package — you can take them to your local school and just give them to the secretary. Or a neighbor kid. My daughter’s school regularly has contests and the class that brings in the most box tops will win a prize of some sort. Or they have “sales” of Otter Pops or baked goods, and the “price” is a certain number of box tops. They do lots of stuff like that.

      For the box tops that you get in a catalina (like this current promotion), go to growing local learning dot com (I think — the website is on the catalina) and register, where you can indicate what school you want to donate to. It does not have to be your local school. If you have a grandchild, relative or friend elsewhere in the country that you wan to support, you can enter their school, and you can change it later if you want to.

      You then enter the code into the website, and you’re done. It’s quick and easy. You can also give the catalinas to your local school directly, along with the box tops from packaging, but then they would have to enter the codes. They’d probably be happy to do that, but it’s nice to just do it for them.

      I’m glad you asked about this. Before my child entered kindergarten I had no idea what these box tops were worth.

  9. Are the catalinas just at Albertson’s? I know the $2/5+ Catalina ended for Smith’s on Sunday, but was wondering if there was a new one that gives you a catalina there, They don’t double, but it would still be a great deal 😀

  10. :)
    I have some .75/3 HH coupons, and using 3 of them for 9 of the 10 boxes would be a better deal than the 1/5 or .80/4

    i think….lol :)

    • Is it? I can’t think right now… I’m too busy clipping coupons :)

      • Oh wait…. i guess not, if you can only use 2 doublers at a time, then that wouldnt work, and the 1/5 Would actually be better in that case.

        • But there are THREE doublers this week… 😉

          • You only get 2 doublers now unless you get a different Albertsons add…

            • Teresa- you are right as long as we get three doubles this week! For some it might be a better deal though to just use the $1/5 because then you only have to use 2 doubles instead of 3 and you are still making money. But I am wondering as well about the catalina end date as someone else commented. I had read on another blog that it ended Saturday? Does anyone know if this is true or not?

            • There are THREE doublers in the ad that is coming out on Sunday.
              I am getting the HH now because of the rumor of the bonus $2 CAT ending SAT. Still a good deal….really good….

  11. MrsTLField says:

    When I went to pick up Hamburger Helper, the manager at our store was putting $1/3 peelies on the boxes. We ended up buying a total of 80 boxes – a Money Maker of $2.00.

    80 boxes @ $1 = $80
    Less: 26 $1/3 coupons = -26
    Less: 8 $5 catalinas = -40
    Less: 8 $2 catalines = -16
    Final Price = $2 MONEY MAKER

    Our store had PALLETS of Hamburger Helper and the manager encouraged my husband and I to tell everyone we know about the sale. We definitely did not shelf clear. :) We’ll probably go back tomorrow and stock up my mom & dad and my sister’s family.

    • I know to each his/her own but the thought of 80 boxes of hamburger helper is making me so sick right now. I think we had it too much as a kid and I can’t touch the stuff now.

      • Agreed. I can’t touch the stuff. Watch some of the food documentaries and it’ll be hard to eat these pre-packaged, processed meals ever again. So unhealthy.

    • What location?

    • courtney oliver says:

      Great Job!! Good for you! No one cares if the thought of this makes the people below “sick”…my hubby is a hunter…so when combined with free meat…these are FREE meals for my family! I got 65 boxes:)

  12. My favorite deal would definately be the free Dreyers fruit bars. We love them! I’m out of town this weekend and will miss the doubler days, but I used my $1/1 coupons and got them for $1/box after the $4 catalina, which is still pretty darn fab in my book. I figure they’ll be sold out Sunday morning anyway, so this way I can escape the craziness. I love a good deal as much as the next person, but you can’t put a price on my sanity. :-)

    We’re not huge HH fans either, but I like to keep it on hand for an occasional quick meal or to donate to food drives. We do like the tuna casserole, but I use two packets of noodles to one package of sauce stuff and add sour cream. Otherwise it’s too salty for our taste.

    I’d love to hear about what others do to “enhance” their HH dinners. Anyone have recipes to share?

  13. I’m also curious about the Catalina supposedly ending Saturday, but the doubles don’t come until Sunday? Was there an extension on the Catalina dates?

  14. WOO CROTTO says:

    Miss Mavis,
    Do you know if the Dreyers Ice Cream catalina is printing when you buy 2 at your local Albies? Would love to see your picture with a $4.00 Dreyers Cat.

    • :( I tried it out and it DID NOT work at my store. :( But you can get them for $1 on Sunday (after catalina) with a doubler.

    • we have the new system at our albies and i just tried to buy 2 dreyers ice cream and no cat printed.

  15. I got 10 HH today, spent $8 after coupons, and got $7 in Catalinas. Then bought 8 Totinos Party Pizza and 2 Betty crocker brownie mixes. Used (2) $1.10/4 Totinos and (1) .75/2 BC Brownie q =$11.05 used the $7 in Catalinas. Paid $4.05 and got another $5 Cat. then I bought 4 Popsicle novelties, used the in store coupon for .99 each and I got 4 of the Coleslaw Shreds for .69 with in store coupon. Total was $6.72 used the $5 Cat = $1.72.
    My grand total out of pocket was $13.77 for 10 Hamburger Helpers, 8 Frozen Pizzas, 2 Brownie Mixes, 4 boxes of Popsicles, and 4 bags of Coleslaw!

  16. Is it just hh or will it work with the chicken helper?

    • So I have a weird question. I havnt used catalinas at albertsons yet, and am just wondering if i can use more than one in the same transaction? I have the 2 $5 cats and 2 $2 cats from the HH deal earlier, and tomorrow Id like to use them all to get some small stuff, cookies, smoothies and hangers lol, and i wanna use them all at the same time. Is this possible?

      • Yup…they are just like money…..(except with the restrictions on not being able to buy booze and ciggies and a few other things).

  17. Hey everybody…….I have a request……I have extra doublers but no GM inserts I was wondering if anyone here in the valley would be willing to trade….I am really wanting the totonis pizzas and rolls…maybe a few hamberger helper coupons…..please let me know as soon as possible…I am in Meridian ID. THANKS

    • Heather- I don’t think I’ll use the totinos pizza coupons but I would like more doublers. I’ll trade with you. I’m also in Meridian. rosepinkangel at hotmail dot com

      • Heather- I have the Totinos, Rolls and HH if you would like. I have six of each. I am not planning on using them and you can have them. My email is sla545 @ hotmail . com

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