Albertsons Double Coupons 5 DAYS!

December 18, 2010 34 Comments | Disclosure

Albertsons Double Coupon Deals for 12/18-12/24


  1. I was just curious, how do you get the Guerrrero coupon? Thanks!

  2. are they going to be available at the store? Last time they lasted 5 days for Thanksgiving the store did not have any?

  3. They are not the shiny ones. They are an actual part of the newspaper. My store (emmett) did have some to hand out but since they didnt have many they were only allowed to give one per person

    • Oh no!! Not again!!

      If that is the case it may really cut down on the pile of free stuff I buy this week (he-he… I love FREE!) :)

  4. I live in bonney lake washington and there was no doubles in the store as of 6 am this morning.

  5. Does anyone know if doublers are being handed out at the registers in the Meridian/Boise area?

  6. Here is my intel: :)

    At Five Mile and Overland they got doubles, but very few so they are giving them out one per person per day at Customer Service.

    At Overland and Orchard they got doubles and have them at the register like they have been doing recently. I only needed one set though, so I am not sure how many they are willing to give out in a single shopping trip.


  7. I don’t get any Albertsons mailers or doubles in my local paper, VCStar. Am I missing something? Thanks!

  8. I was at two different Albertsons stores today and had two different experiences.

    At the Albertsons at State/Eagle, and they had doubles at the registers as usual. I got to talking with a cashier there, and she said that the last time the doublers were printed in the regular newspaper (as opposed to the glossy insert ad), the store did not get any, but this time they did.

    Later today I stopped by the Albertsons at 36th/State. I don’t normally shop at that store so I’m not sure what their usual procedure is, but they would not give me any doublers. Not even one sheet. I was told that “corporate” no longer allows the stores to give them out, and the only way to get them was to buy a newspaper.

    I had a few $1/1 and $.75/1 coupons for the Ronzoni pasta, so I picked up a few boxes without doublers since I was there anyway and didn’t feel like going to get another snow in the snowstorm we had this evening, but I won’t be going back to that store this time around.

    BTW, we had the new Ronzini “Garden Delight” pasta tonight for dinner. It was very good.

    • I have shopped 36th/State numerous times and they have always given me coupons. Even offered them when I didn’t ask for them so maybe this is something new. The last time there were doublers, the store on Broadway/Beacon had stacks of them at the door along with the weekly ad.

    • I have also shopped at the 36th and state st. Generally they have the doubles at the registers for when you need them and as many as you need. Costumer service will not give you any.

  9. The American Beauty Quick Cook pasta is also on sale at Albertsons this week for $1. There’s a $.50/1 coupon here, so free with doublers.

  10. does anybody know if the Store in Keizer, OR has doubles?

    • I don’t know Judith, but I just called all the stores I wanted to check on today. They all had no problem telling me if they had them or not. So maybe you could do that?? I called 4 stores, and they all had them except for one, and that store NEVER has them, so I wasn’t surprised. Anyways, I had no problem getting doublers today and I live in the Sherwood/LO/Tigard area. HOpe that helps!

  11. Here in Pocatello they have doublers at customer service, one sheet per customer per day was what I was told. What I do is have my husband stop by in the morning on the way to work and then also on the way home. He gets two different customer service workers and two sheets. Thought I would mention this in case it would also work for you. Had a great experience. No problems at all, the store is actually well stocked for once, as for Walgreens…that’s another story.

  12. There are peelies on the Squirt and Crush 12packs of soda for $1.00/1 that when you buy 4/12pcks and double your coupons with the Pepsi sale make it $2.36 for 4 12packs of soda. Awesome deal!

  13. I noticed something weird with my doublers. Usually they are numbered 1,2,3. This time they all have a number 1 on them. Has this caused anyone any problems?

    • That IS weird!

    • Mine also were all labeled 1 so I clipped them all up separate assuming that I would have to do 1 double per transaction. Turns out they ring up as 1,2, and 3, which did cause me problems at the Overland and 5 Mile store. My cashier couldn’t find which ones were 1,2, and 3 for my transactions and tried to tell me I needed to BUY another set in order to have the right ones, even though I had enough. She finally scanned some she already had on hand when I made it clear that it was not my fault that the doubles were misprinted.

  14. I had two different experiences, as well. Albertson’s on 16th and State said they didn’t get any and that I had to buy the paper. So, I went to Winco and bought some papers. Then, I went to Albertson’s on Glenwood and State and they were happy to give me as many as I needed while I checked out at the cash register. So, I am not sure if they are all different or if it has something to do with staff on duty. The Albertson’s on 16th has been incosistent. Some cashiers are easy going and will give me multiple copies. Others only give me one sheet. Hmmmm?

  15. It’s Ventura County Star, my local newspaper.

    • So I am assuming you are in Ventura county CA? California does not usually get the doubles in the ad. :(

      I believe you have only recived a few times.

  16. Vista & Overland store — I asked for doubles and was told they there were NO doubles, she said they had them last week so there would not be any. LAME

  17. If anyone would like Swiss Miss coupons, I have extra. I ordered some off ebay and they sent me my order for twice, so I have about 25 extra coupons for $1/3. email me at if you would like some. I live in SW Boise and work around Eagle Rd and Fairview or could mail them.

  18. Look for a peelie on Sierra Mist 2 liters. They are on sale for $1.25 the peelie is for $0.50 off with double makes them $0.25 each. Also I found the CA pizza kitchen coupon on it is $1/1

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