Albertsons Double Coupon Match-ups!

December 11, 2010 38 Comments

We’re getting DOUBLERS Sunday in the Newspaper! They will be good for 3 days: Sunday (12th) through Tuesday (14th)!

Double Deals not found in the Ad

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to Go $1
DOUBLE: $0.75/1 any Clorox Disinfecting Wipes printable Coupon
Final Price: FREE
Bestlife Buttery Spread $1.99
DOUBLE:$1/1 Bestlife coupon or from 8/29 RP (Not in Idaho)
Final Price: FREE
Darigold Singles Milk $1.00
DOUBLE:$1.00/2 from 9/12 SS + doubler
Final Price: FREE
Guerrero tortillas, 18 count corn tortillas $1.29
DOUBLE: $1/1 printable
Final Price: FREE
Purina Friskies Cat Treats $1.69
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 9/12 RP
Final Price: FREE
Tic Tac’s $1.19
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 10/3 RP {Not in Idaho}
Final Price: FREE
Reach Floss $1.89
DOUBLE: $1/1 Floss coupon
Final Price: FREE
Zone Bars $1.39
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 10/31 SS
Final Price: FREE
Ronzoni Pasta $1.69-$1.99
DOUBLE: $1/1 Ronzoni coupon {Facebook Coupon}
Final Price: FREE

More Twice the Value Coupon Deals:

Halls Drops $1.19
DOUBLE: $1/2 from 11/7 SS
Final Price: .19¢
Guerrero tortillas, 30 count corn tortillas $2.29
DOUBLE: $1/1 printable
Final Price: .29
Coffeemate Creamer Holiday Flavors $2.29
DOUBLE: .75/1 printable coupon $1/1 Coffee Mate Coupon
Final Price: as low as .29
Dannon Yogurt 6 oz .50
DOUBLE .50/6 Dannon Coupon or $1/6 Dannon Coupon
Final Price: as low as .16 each
Celestial Seasonings Tea $2.50
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 10/3 SS {Not in Idaho}
Final Price: .50
Rhodes Warm N Serve Rolls $2.50
DOUBLE: $1/1  Rhodes coupon
Final Price: .50
Ronzoni Pasta $1.69-$1.99
DOUBLE: $.55/1 Ronzoni coupon {zip 90210}
$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste
$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste
$0.75/1 Ronzoni Smart Taste
$0.75/1 Ronzoni Garden Delight
$1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest
$1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest

Final Price: as low as .19
Eco Foil Roaster $2.24 {for turkey}
Double $1/3 Eco-Foil Items Coupon
Final Price: $1.58
Eco Foil 8×8 3pk or 13×9 $1.59
DOUBLE: $1/3 Eco-Foil Items
Final Price: .93
Blue Diamond Almonds 6 oz can $2.50
DOUBLE: $.60/2 from 8/22 SS
Final Price: $1.90
Juicy Juice 64 oz $2.50
DOUBLE: $1.00/2 Nestle Juicy Juice Coupon (registration required)
or $1/2 Juicy Juice Coupon
Final Price: $1.50
Truvia sweetener 40 packets $3.69
DOUBLE: $1/1 Sweetner coupon
Final Price: $1.69
8th Continent Milk $3.79 {organic}
DOUBLE $1/1 from 6/6 RP or $1/1 Organic Milk Coupon
Final Price: $1.79
Muir Glen Tomato Paste $1.59
DOUBLE $1/2 Muir Glen Coupon or $1/1 Muir Glen Product (IE) Printable (FF)
Final Price: .59- FREE
Muir Glen Diced or Crushes Tomatoes 28 oz $3.49 {organic}
DOUBLE $1/2 Muir Glen Coupon or $1/1 Muir Glen Product (IE) Printable (FF)
Final Price: $2.49-$1.49
Hefty Trash Bags $5.99
DOUBLE $1/1 Hefty Coupon
Final Price: $3.99
Jose Ole Taquitos or Mini Tacos $4.49
DOUBLE: $1/1 Jose Ole coupon
Final Price: $2.49
Febreze Air Effects $2.50
DOUBLE: $1/1 from 9/26 PG
Final Price: .50
Playtex Living Gloves $2.19
DOUBLE: $1.00/1 from 10/3 SS
Final Price $.49
Karo Syrup $2.99
DOUBLE $.40/1 from 10/3 SS
Final Price $2.19

Double Deals from this weeks ad………………

Betty Crocker Hamburger, Chicken or Tuna Helper 4.4-9.2oz $1.00
DOUBLE $.75 off 3 coupon from the 11/7 smart source
Final Price: $.50 each when you buy 3
★Progresso Vegetable classics Soup $1.00
DOUBLE $1.00/4 from 12/5 GM insert
Final Price: $.50
Pillsbury Sweet Moments $2.50
DOUBLE $1.00/1  from 12/5 GM or Sweet Moments Printable Coupon
Final Price: $.50
Carnation Evaporated Milk 12oz $1.00
DOUBLE $.50/2 carnation coupon
Final Price: $.50 each
Gerber 2nd Food 2-3. 5pk $.99
DOUBLE $1/3 two-packs of Gerber NatureSelect 2nd Foods Purees (If you printed already)
Final price $.33 each
Huggies Wipes Refills 184-216 ct $5.99
DOUBLE $1.00 off coupon from 12/5 smart source
Final Price: $3.99
Hefty Zoo Pals $1.50
DOUBLE $1.00/2  Hefty Zoo Pal coupon
Final Price: $.50
Glade Plug In or Scented oil refill $2.50
DOUBLE $1.00/1 Glade Coupon
Final Price: $.50
Glade Candle $2.50
DOUBLE $1.00/2 Glade Coupon
Final Price: $1.50
Colgate toothpaste 6.4oz $1.00
DOUBLE $.75/1 from 12/5 smart source or Colgate Printable Coupon
Final Price: FREE
Colgate Toothbrush select varieties $1.00
DOUBLE $.40/1 adult or kids Manual Toothbrush (ex Colgate plus or Extra clean)
Final Price: $.20

Buy 4 at $2.50 save $3.00 instantly promo:

Purchase in increments of 4 in order to get the $1.75 price

General Mills Chex Mix 15oz
DOUBLE $.50/ Chex Mix Coupon or $.50/2 from  12/5 GM insert
Final Price: low as $1.25
Nature Valley Granola Bars or Nut clusters
DOUBLE $.50/1 granola bar coupon or $.50/1 Nut Cluster coupon
Final Price: $.75

General Mills cereals ( Cheerios, Lucky Charms)
DOUBLE $1.00/2 cereal coupon or from the 11/16 GM coupon insert
Final Price: $.75

Instant savings spotlight promo

Purchase in increments of 10 in order to save $5.00 instantly (basically $.50 off each item)

Pillsbury Cookie Mix $1.49 /$.99
DOUBLE .40 or $1.00/2 coupon from 9/26 red plum (Idaho did not get)
Final Price: FREE
Pillsbury Brownie mix or Funfetti Brownie mix $1.49 / $.99
DOUBLE .40 or $1.00/2 coupon from 9/26 red plum (Not in Idaho)
Final Price: low as FREE
Pillsbury Easy Frost $1.49 /$.99
DOUBLE .40 or $1.00/2 from 9/26 red plum (Idaho did not get)
Final Price: low as FREE
Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk 14oz $1.99 /$1.49
DOUBLE $1.00/2 coupon from 11/7 red plum
Final Price: $.49
Darigold Butter lb $3.49/ $2.99
DOUBLE .40 coupon from  11/14 smart source
Final Price:$2.19
Pam Cooking Spray $2.49 / $1.99
DOUBLE .35 or .50 coupon from 11/17 smart source
Final Price: low as $.99
Marie Callender’s Fresh Flavors steamers, large pot pies, dinners $2.49/$1.49
DOUBLE $1.00/1 printable coupon
Final Price: FREE
Marie Callender’s Bakes $4.99 /$4.49
DOUBLE $1.00/1 printable coupon
Final Price:  $2.49
Healthy Choice Select Entrees, Lunch steamers or Natural Entree’s$1.99 /$1.49
DOUBLE $1.00/2 printable coupon
Final Price: $.49

Have you found anything fab?


  1. Kristy Etu says:

    I love the Shopping lists! Please contiue to do these!

  2. Ustick and Five Mile had $.69 Propel with $1 off 2 peelies on them, so it’s a good deal with and without doublers. They also had a cart full of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes To Go for $.10!

  3. Well I was at Albertsons today I got a couple of really great deals, one being on accident (I didn’t read the coupon correctly and the cashier didn’t catch it.) Well I won’t let you in on the accident but I was able to use one $.75 colgate toothpaste coupon with two ivory $.25 coupons from SS 11/21, combined with the doublers I paid $.16 OOP! We were in the need for soap so I thought this was great.

  4. Albertsons on Eagle and McMillan does not carry Zoo Pal paper products.

    • It is a “seasonal” item. As in, they don’t have a spot on the shelf. It goes in a display on the ground and when they are gone, they aren’t getting any more. I went to Meridian/Fairview and that is what they said. They called 2 stores to see if they had them and all 3 stores were out. I snoozed and I lost out on that deal.

      • Don’t feel bad – I was there bright and early the first day of the sale, and went to THREE stores (I really wanted those Zoo Pals!) and NONE of the stores had them. :( (Eagle/McMillan, Eagle, and Cole/Fairview, and later at Cherry Ln) I never saw the displays, though. I asked at each store and they said they simply do not carry them anymore… Please let me know if anyone found some – I still have a few hours left!

  5. Were the doubles on glossy insert? I can’t seem to find mine in any of my 4 Statesmans. Ugh!!!

    • Yes! Glossy. If you get your paper delivered call the statesman and let them know! They should correct it for you in the future. Today may be too late. sorry.

  6. I saw Redenbacher Poppycock for $2.49, I have 1/1 coups from inside the movie promo popcorn which makes it 49 cents yummy!

  7. Stingy Diva says:

    I have tear pad coupons for the Hershey chips that are $1.50 this week. The coupon is buy two get one free. A dollar a bag is stock up time for us!

    • Stingy Diva says:

      Actually had the tear pads in the store and they took $2.50 off, so I paid $.50 a bag! Worst case should be three for $2.50.

  8. Heads up people…. if you still have the Safeway Thanksgiving booklet… You can use the $1.00 off Bisquick coupon for the mini shake and pour bottles… they are priced $1.99 each. Use with a double coupon and you’re looking a FREE PANCAKES!!!! The coupon DOES NOT BEEP!

    I’ve been doing this for the last few sets of doublers!

  9. I am bummin’ cuz I am going to be IN DISNEYLAND… and other CA attractions this week… no double action for me… but my friend is going to pick up some DIET DR PEPPER for me; it is on sale at my store 24 pack for $4.99 I have a $1/1 and a doubler… $2.99 for 24 cans of heaven…..

    also: I believe they have Tillamook cheese for $3.99? $1/1 Facebook coupon….. $1.99 for 2#’s cheese….

    what a great friend right?
    love my bestie that’s for sure!

    • i could be wrong on the cheese… i swear i read it somewhere! but can’t find it now and the ad online says 1# for $4.99…

      • The Tillamook cheese I saw on sale that would a good deal were the following:

        Tillamook 8 oz blocks on sale $2/4
        Double the $1/1 Tillamook Facebook coupon
        FREE Cheese!

        or Tillamook Shredded Cheese 8 oz $2/5
        Double to the $1/1 Tillamook Facebook coupon
        $.50 per bag

        • You can actually still print the coupon as well although before when I printed it I printed 2, but now they have added Limit One Per Person onto the coupon so to be honest you should only use it once.

  10. I have two questions. 1.) Where is the Colgate toothbrush coupon? I really hope it is in an insert as we need toothbrushes(toothbreesh? what is the plural lol) for our stockpile and our 72 hr kits.
    2.) I like the printable list idea. My only problem is it won’t print. Argh! I press print and nothing happens.

  11. Yaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  12. All I can say is HAPPY DANCE!!!! I love getting up at the crack of doawn on double coupon Sundays!

  13. Does anyone know if Albertsons will have the Gerber Cat like Safeway did? I think it was buy $10-$19 get $5 cat.

    • yeah I was bummed I didn’t get to do that gerber deal at safeway, I don’t live near one?? that would be great if albertsons did it too.

  14. Will the doubles be on a flyer or in the paper- do you know? Also, will we be able to get some at the store? I heard there may have been a change? (I was out of town last time.)

    • They should be on a flyer in your Sunday paper…and whether or not you can get them in your store varies…ask at customer service, most stores will give them out.

  15. I was just thinking the same thing as Amanda. I’m really hoping this is new, I want some of those mini brownies!

  16. Um…. Just curious when this starts. It says now through Thanksgiving?


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