Albertsons Double Coupon Deals 11/18-11/22

November 15, 2012 34 Comments | Disclosure

Stock Up On FREE Muir Glen, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Cranberries, Knorr Gravy Mix, Pasta and CHEAP Progresso, Chloraseptic, and ACT Mouthwash!

Albertsons Double Coupon Deals (or TWICE THE VALUE)


TIPS for shopping with double coupons at Albertsons:

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links… this means if you choose to print some of these coupons, we might make money. Thanks for keeping our site up and running.


★- means the price is better than generic/wholesale/mass store prices!
– means this is when we stock up!!! {aka Extreme Couponing… done right}
No star: If we don’t star an item but it is listed here, that means it is still a decent price. It’s not necessarily better than any competitor’s price, but it will save you a trip across town.

Albertsons Ads vary by region. This ad match-up is reflects deals for the Northwest Region (CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, NV, & WY ).


Double Coupons will be good for 5 days this week!  Sunday-Thursday!

Click HERE to see a full match-up of this weeks Albertsons Ad!


  1. Thanks for the list. But I do have a question. There is an store coupon in my ad for $3.00 off a fresh truckey and I have a coupon for $1.00 of butterball turkey can I combine these two coupons and double the $1.00 off coupon I have even though it says on the $3.00 coupon no other discounts can be applied, such as doublers?????

    • If the $3.00/1 Fresh Turkey is a store coupon in the circular, you won’t be able to combine it with a double. Albertson’s considers the Double Coupon a store coupon as well and you can only use one. But you could use the $3 coupon in the ad and combine it with the $1.00 Butterball coupon assuming it is a manufacturer’s coupon!

      I haven’t read the policy in a while, so this may have changed and maybe someone else can provide some input, but in my experience you can only choose one store coupon to use per item.

  2. oops meant turkey. LOL

  3. So…I have to ask because I haven’t seen you guys talking about it, but what’s up with Albertsons doing doublers every weekend now?! And I really hate to complain about it (but I am a little) because I love savings so much money every week (I get 5 Sunday papers), but its becoming a challenge to fit all this shopping into my schedule!

  4. what size is the international delights creamer that’s 1.99?

  5. Just an FYI – when I was in our store this morning I noticed the display of Dixie Ultra Holiday plates and such B1G1 Free. Sweetens the double deal!! So, if my calculations are correct(50/50 chance..haha) that would make it $0.49 for two packages of holiday plates…right?

    • If they are 2.49 and BOGO, and then $1 off with coupon- that would be .75 each. If you used a double, then .25 each. I guess maybe you aren’t supposed to double a coupon on a free item?? but the $1/2 may be a grey area.

      • I figured it this way:

        Buy two and the register automatically takes off the second one leaving a total of $2.49. $1/2 coupon and one TTV leaving $0.49.

  6. I have a question, can I apply that $3 off coupon in the ad on turkey that comes 39c per pound after you spend $50?

    • I heard that Albertsons changed their policy to only allow you to double three a day. No going back in line or anything. Is this true?

    • No you can not. You will notice the $3.00 off is for fresh Turkey, like the ones in the meat department. The other is only for fozen Turkeys in the Freezer section. The ones in the Freezer section are at cost so people will come in and buy all they need for Thanksgiving at once. It would be mean to try and get those Turkeys for less.

  7. The $3 off a turkey store q in the ad is for fresh turkey, so it wont work on a frozen turkey right?

  8. I sure hope the Oregonian will soon be on the list to get extra Sunday papers at a reduced price. Such fun to get all the good deals at Albertson
    This is such a great site to help make couponing easy. Keep up the good work.

  9. Powerade is only .30 each:) when you buy 10 you pay 5.00 and get a 2.00 cat back!

  10. I have never seen the Muir Glen tomato sauce in Boise…I see the canned tomatoes, and tomato paste only. Is it normally with the other tomato sauces/has anyone local seen it?

    • i saw Muir Glen at Winco on Front St. the other day. It was in the canned tomato products section. Don’t know about Albertsons though…

    • In our Albbies in Ketchum Idaho it is with all the organic items. I know weird but that is where it is so maybe take a look there at your store.

  11. These “Save $5 instantly” prices aren’t accurate, are they, when you can only double 3 coupons per transaction and you have to buy 10 items in a single transaction to get these prices? I WANT these prices to be right, but don’t think they are… :-(

    • You can only double 3 coupons in the transaction of 10 but you can use other coupons that match the other items ! Each final price they posted would be what it would cost if you doubled the coupon for that particular item ! I will be getting 10 items and paying $11.40 by doubling 3 $1 coupons and then using coupons for all the other items in the transaction ! Try to find as many coupons for more than one item, that helps too ie; $1/2 or $1/3 then you can double 3 coupons for like 6 or 9 items and have less to pay on the remaining items :)

    • They always write it this way. The 3 you use the double coupons for is the price listed. The other 7 you can NOT use a double with so those prices are higher. They are just giving you all options. I wish this were the price for all too!!

    • One way to use the 3 doublers in a 10-item Savings Spotlight transaction is to pick your 3 manufacturer and doubler coupon products, (ex. 2 Planters Peanuts, 2 Hershey Kisses, 1 Best Foods Mayo – use 3 M coupons, 3 Doublers, saving $6 in coupons,) – then buy 5 PowerAde or FUZE drinks at 50 cents each in order to fulfill the required 10 items.
      Just a helpful hint that enables us to get the most out of our doublers. Hope this helps. :)

  12. Got a surprise in the Albertsons ad this morning: Save $20 oyno when you purchase $100 in gift cards!!!! ITunes, amc, Lowes, Kohl’s Macy Applebee’s, sears, Bass pro shop, Regal

  13. Eugene lady says:

    My Albertsons said they will not accept the bogo coupon with a bogo promo, talking about the beggin strips! They said they were informed to have the customer pay for one, and get two free, 1 for the promo and 1 for the coupon. I’m so angry over this! How can they go about changing all their rules 1. Without letting to customer know 2. When it is clearly stated differently in their coupon policy! Has anyone else had an issue with this?!

    • Call customer service and have them email you the policy…..I did it a while ago and printed it and took it to the store.

  14. FYI: The Nabisco cracker coupon says you can not double or triple =(

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