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February 12, 2011 12 Comments | Disclosure

Before I couponed I did almost all of my shopping at Costco because I had learned that buying in bulk could save you money. I would spend about $6,000 a year at Costco. Now that I know how to coupon I do most of my shopping at Albertsons. Do you want to know how much I spent at Albertsons using coupons last year? $900, plus I have lots more food in my pantry.

I will still go to Costco for things like bread, milk and eggs if they are not on sale some where else. I still keep my membership. I think Costco has a lot to offer you can read about that here. But when it comes to items you can buy with coupons many times Costco can not compete!

I did a little price check at Costco today to show you how much the Albertsons Con Agra Promo going right now ROCKS!


Costco Price: Snapple 24 ct $16.99 = .71 each

Albertsons Promo price:

Snapple  $5.00/$3.00 (12pk .25 each or 6 pk .50 each) before coupons!
DOUBLE $1.00 from 1/30/2011 SS
Final Price $1.40 ( .12 or .24 each)
Submit the Snapple Rebate!** HUGE MONEYMAKER

More than 100% savings with Albertsons catalina Promo and coupons and rebate.

imageCostco Price: Swiss Miss 60 ct $6.79 = .11 each

Albertsons Promo Price:

Swiss Miss Cocoa $1.00/$.60 10ct (.06 each before coupons)
DOUBLE $0.50/2 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa All You Jan 2011
Final Price $.10 (.01 each)

90% savings with Albertsons catalina promo and coupons!

imageCostco Price: Chef Boyardee 8 for $6.95 or .87 each

Albertsons Promo Price:

Chef Boyardee $1.00/$.60 (cheaper even before coupons)
Buy 4
DOUBLE (3) $0.35/3  from 1/2 SS
and B4G1 Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta All You Jan 2011
Final Price $.18 or (.36 if you do not have the B1G1 and buy 3)

80% savings with Albertsons catalina promo and coupons

imageCostco Price: Healthy Choice 10 for $9.89 = .98

Albertsons Promo Price:

Healthy Choice Soup $1.00/$.60 15oz (cheaper even before coupons)
DOUBLE $1/2 from 1/2 Smart Source
Final Price: FREE

More than 100% savings with Albertsons catalina promo and coupons

imageCostco Price: Hunts Snack Pack 36 for $7.49 = .20 each

Albertsons Promo Price:

Hunts Snack Pack Pudding 4 pk  $1.00/$.60 (.15 each before coupons)
DOUBLE (3) $0.60/3 from 1/2/2011 Smart Source
Final Price $.20 (.05 each)

75% savings with Albertsons catalina promo and coupons

Average of 90% savings with catalinas and coupons!

So coupons rock right?! Now email this to all of your friends that say couponing is not worth it! :) Just Sayin!


  1. Me and My Gang says:

    These are really good deals, IF YOU CAN GET THEM WHEN YOU GET TO THE STORE!
    I stopped shopping at Albertson’s awhile back on the count that by the time I drove the 45-50 min. to get to the store, the store had been wipped out. I tried placing an order and twice they “forgot” to order it or lost the order (I recieved two different stories), then they started limiting the transactions you could do at the check out before you had to go out of the store and come back in. After being met with horriable attitiudes and empty shelves I wondered, what was the point? Plus let’s be realistic Doublers are a real pain in the…!!!
    Do I coupon? You bet! At Albertson’s? NO WAY! I won’t waste my time! Do I still get stuff for free? ABSOLUTELY! I have just found a better way to do it! Good Luck to you all.

    • Bummer, I am sad you had such a bad time. :(

    • PS We have missed your comments here on fab frug. You used to comment a lot back in May, but it has really been a while. Hope all is fab for you! :)

      • Me and My Gang says:

        Thanks Monica I appriciate it. Things are well I have just adopted a system that works better for me, now I create my own deals and buy things my family needs. Thanks again.

  2. RSCouponer says:

    I wish Costco took coupons like BJs does. If I can’t find what I want on sale in a “regular” grocery store, I can use my coupons at BJs. That means BJs gets more of my business these days than Costco.

  3. I think of Costco as buying in bulk so I don’t run out of a certain item quickly. I buy toilet paper there because it’s a six month supply for us and I hate running out. It’s not a bad price but I’m saving money by buying it there. I pay for the peace of mind that I’m not going to have to keep up with the toilet paper sales. On the other hand I stock up on paper towels at the grocery or drug store when they are one sale and I have a coupon. I like to have paper towels but I can live without them until the next sale if I run out. I agree that the bulk of your shopping should be done on the sale at grocery stores but I’ve also been to stores with cleared shelves. It’s happening more and more often. You’d think the stores would follow the local blogs and order more to avoid empty shelves.

  4. Be careful taking pics at Costco. My hubby is in mgmt there and if an employee catches you, they will ask you to leave. Just saying….Be careful.

  5. Who said Costco is cheaper than using coupons, doubling them and getting the items for free or darned near it??? Not me, the cost for the membership is pretty high for not that many conveniences the only way I would shop at Costco is their prescriptions are open to anyone and they are very very low on those..other than that I think Costco is just too much money and the lines waiting to get checked out give me a break!!!!!!!!!! not for my time and efforts at all…just saying like you say in your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This post, and the other Cetaphil (sp?) post you did may just be my favorites. Especially as we are trying to find the balance to determine if a Costco membership is worth it. Keep ’em coming, and THANK YOU!!!

    • I do buy formula at Costco, which for me is worth it by itself. We also like the uncooked tortillas, and I buy eggs and broccoli there. I split my membership with someone, so i only pay for half of it each year. In the summer, I buy strawberries there if they’re not on a good sale somewhere else. We don’t make it very long without fresh strawberries when they’re in season. They also have good pineapple. Sometimes Walmart has the same price per pineapple but they’re a lot smaller and usually not as good. I also buy my kids Gummy Vites there when there are coupons in the monthly mail-out.

  7. I have to admit, I really like Costco. We don’t buy many grocery items there (milk, bread, some veggies) but we do buy lots of landscaping items in the spring and if we need a new mattress, that is the first place we check. We don’t “pay” for our membership because we have the $100 one (can’t think of the name) and we spend enough each year on everything else that we get a rebate that more than covers the membership price. For grocery items, we shop at Cash & Carry. They have really great sales there and they sell the best ice cream (in 3 gallon tubs)! There regular prices on produce are pretty good too. 10lb mushrooms for 1.79/lb!(cheaper if they are on sale) Last time I got onions they were $.18/lb (had to buy 50lb bag but we use ALOT of onions). I love when they have eggs on sale, can be as low as $.70/doz, again buying in bulk 5-15 dozen. Last summer they had cantelopes for $.77 and watermelons for $2.98. I could go on and on LOL If you happen to stop in, they have 2 different sales flyers.

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