Albertsons: Awesome Tostitos Scenario!

October 4, 2011 37 Comments | Disclosure

Check out this AMAZING deal combining a promo and doubles at Albertsons! Today is the last day to try it:

Buy 8 Tostitos Chips $3.49 (Buy 2, Get 2 Free)
2 Tostitos Queso Dip $3.49
2 Diet Pepsi 2 lt $1.67
4 Lipton Iced Tea $1
Use the following coupons:
(2) $1/2 WYB 1 Totstios and Dip from Moments to Save insert-10/2
(2) FREE Diet Pepsi WYB Tostitos and Dip from Moments to Save insert-10/2
$1/4  Lipton Iced Tea from Moments to Save insert-10/2
Double 3 coupons
Total OOP: $18.94
Get back (2) $5 catalinas
Final price for all 16 items $8.94 or $.55 per item! Yeehaw!

To see the rest of the coupon match-ups head over HERE.

Deal and photo credit go to Coupon Connection!



  1. sesame street says:

    What is the CAT deal on this?

    • We know that the 1st comes from the P&G/PepsiCo spend $20, get a $5 cat promo running, but no one knows why the 2nd one prints. It’s possible it is printing a second one because the before coupon total is over $40, but that RARELY happens!

      • That is exactly what happens.  The $40 total does it.  The store manager at my Albies explained that the limit is 2 cats per $40 transaction.

  2. Was the BOGO in Oregon? I didn’t see it in the ad???

  3. What doubles? I bought 3 copies of the Sunday paper and there were NO doubles – not even an ad!

  4. Stephanie says:

    The buy 2 get 2 is unadvertised but the cashiers should have the info on it. My cashier told me yesterday that this dies include dips so if you buy 2 dips, you get 2 more for free. I did not receive the cat when I went shopping in Battle Ground, Wa and they told me because the computer calculated it after coupons.

  5. I did this and it works because the total “retail price” or all the above is around $ 44…and the Pepsi promo is for every $20 you spend you get $5. So technically before coupons you meet that promo twice..hence the (2) $5. I showed several ladies in the store how to do it. It worked for all of us! Good luck ladies :)

  6. Instead of the four lipton tea you could just get two more dips and you would still get the two catalinas.

  7. get this….my (lame) store in Twin Falls would NOT let me use the free pepsi coupon wyb a chip and dip WITH my $1/2 chip and dip coupon.  I went around and around with them and spoke to the cashier, the cashier supervisor and the asst store manager and they ALL just couldn’t get it thru their heads.  SUPER frustrating!!!  I am done with Albertsons.  I explained to the new asst store manager that if she was going to manage this store that deals with A LOT of coupons then she really needed to learn how to use them. She was completely clueless.  She read that coupon over and over and over and still didn’t get it.  I explained it and even used visual aids and not one of them understood.  grrrrr!  Needless to say I left all of my groceries and walked away.

    • Our local store is the same.  They will not let you use a dollar off coupon with a coupon that is a B1G1.  That’s why this and the Dove won’t work.

    • We did this deal Late Sunday night and they happily accepted our coupon for the free Diet Pepsi. There was not even a question about it. Sorry to hear that the Twin Falls store is not being consistent with their customers.

  8. Dawn Feller says:

    where do you get the moments to save coupons/insert


  9. Jennifer Loveless says:

    Didn’t work for me at Mill Creek Albertsons…they said it is not a Catalina company promo and thT it absolutely is supposed to be AFTER coupons. Said the store manager spoke with each cashier and told them absolutely NOT to give anyone a Cat is total after coupons is less than $20. They’re supposed to throw them away even if one does print…

  10. Did this here in WY and only got one $5 cat, which is still good.  I suggest going into the deal to only expect one and if you get two, well then happy birthday to you!!  I think I might go do it again today cuz its still an awesome deal.  Didn’t know the dips were B2G2 free like the chips, I’ll get four of those instead of those teas.

  11. Jacqueline says:

    Our local Albertsons is saying that $20 value is after coupons as well, sucks for us :(

  12. I live in Boise ID.  Anyone done this in the area and have it work.  I hate going there to not have it work!

  13. Did the deal in Idaho Falls this morning: 8 tostitos, 4 dips and 4 diet pepsi and I got 2 $5 catalinas.


  14. Just did this deal in Richland, WA and I got 2 CATs ($5 each)

  15. Did this at two different Albertsons in Spokane, WA and only got one $5 cat each time.  Not sure why…if the CAT is printing on *before coupon totals* then it shouldn’t even print one since my total was 18.94 and on the second transaction I used a $3 CAT also so my total was 15.94.  Do you think I should ask at Customer Service?  Still a good deal…especially if your hubby eats tortilla chips like mine does…just not *as* good!

  16. Did this at mine. 8 bags of tostitos, 4 jars of tostito salsa, 4 diet persist, used 4 save $1 on tostitos and salsa, used 4 of the free diets with purchase and used 3 doubles. Oop was$15.91 and got back 2 catalinas for $5 each. Basically $5.91 for all.:)

  17. Katherine says:

    Our Albertsons (Roseburg, OR) had Tostitos on sale 4 for $7.

    I bought 4 bags ($7) and 4 jars of dip (13.96) for a total of $20.96.

    Then used 4 of the $1 off chips and dips and 3 doubles (-$7).

    Paid $13.96 OOP, and got $5 catalina.  Little more than a dollar each!!

    Did this 3 times! Chips and dip go really quick in our house!

  18. Thanks for posting this, it was an awesome deal!  I did it as described and got the 2 $5 catalina’s!

  19. Completely bummed. Drug my 2-year old with me to Albertsons after work and the chips were not B2G2 in Bellingham, WA. They were priced at $3.49 each though. I even asked 2 cashiers and one other person stocking the shelves. No one knew what I was talking about. I got my granola bars and a pumpkin for my pumpkin and called it good. So bummed.

  20. So happy! I did this exactly as stated and got my CATS!! And the cashiers were so helpful and nice :) Love love love my Albie’s!!! Thanks for posting!!!!

  21. Asked the friendly worker at Alby’s if the chips were B2G2 cuz they were not marked and he checked and said they weren’t….but I couldnt resist so I tried it anyway and sure enough they were!!! This deal was awesome. I did it twice and now we are stocked for fall football sundays with chips and dip!!! Thanks ladies :-)


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