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Cathy’s expertise on… I started this blog on October 8, 2008 so my family and friends from church could follow what I was doing.  I had been couponing for barely a month, so I was learning as I wrote.  Shortly after, Monica started emailing me some deals she was doing, and in November I added her as an author to the blog.  We didn’t know each other very well at that time, and no idea what we were getting ourselves into!  She and I used to write nearly all of the content and handle all the emails and comments.  In March of 2009 we started teaching classes together, and in April of 2010, after tweaking and reining the class to perfection, we filmed it to offer to readers everywhere in DVD format (use coupon code CATHY to save 50% by the way!).

Now that we’ve expanded our team of women, I don’t do much writing anymore.   But I am still very heavily involved on the blog.  Most days of the week you’ll  find me working behind the scenes handling emails, facebook, technical issues, support for our DVD sales, and maintaining relationships with brands and other bloggers.  There is also alot of time spent marketing our blog, our DVD, and our live class.   Monica and I also continue to write Albertsons coupon match-ups together, because Albertsons is where our hearts are at!

The most frugal thing Cathy has ever done is… I honestly used the believe that coupons were nothing but clutter.  I didn’t think the time and effort of keeping track of them was worth the measly savings of a $1 here and $.50 there!  As the economy started to get unstable in the summer of 2008, I really worried about our family.  We lived paycheck to paycheck at that time and had just discovered Dave Ramsey.  I decided it was time to build some food storage, and I was going to do it by stocking up on food my family would eat.   As I blogged hopped, I saw shopping trip pictures that amazed me and I decided I needed to figure this couponing thing out.  My first shopping trip was 9/9/08… you couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face that day!

Cathy’s frugal fashion tips… I’m not a great fashionista.  Nor am a I great frugal fashion shopper.  BUT I don’t have expensive taste either.  You’ll rarely find me clothes shopping at a garage sale, but you WILL find me checking out clearance racks and stacking retail coupons with sales.  Even before my couponing days, I’ve ALWAYS waited for a good sale before I would buy clothing for myself or kids.

Cathy’s favorite place to shop online… For clothing:  Old Navy… because if you don’t like the item, you can return the item to the store!  I always shop through ebates because I can earn cash back on my purchase!  For everything else, I love shopping on Amazon!  I almost ALWAYS find it cheaper on amazon… here are 10 reasons Why We ♥ Amazon!

Cathy has not always been frugal… Not gonna lie… frugality is NOT in my blood.  But I’ve come a long way as I’ve seen how far I can stretch my dollar!  I started hitting garage sales for kids clothes the past few summers.

Every family size can coupon… I have 7 children.  Yes.  That is right.  7 children and they all belong to me and my hubs.  😀  Wanna know how much Cathy spends on groceries each month… In my pre-coupon days, I could easily spend $1000.00/mo on groceries.  When I coupon actively, I can get by on $100/week.  That includes diapers (I have 2 of them in diapers).  I’m not a full time couponer though.  My family and this blog keeps me quite busy, and there are times you’ll find me paying (gasp) full price for cereal if I’ve missed too many cereal sales!  But you know what I’ve decided.  It’s OK!  You do what works for YOU!  I don’t feel like I need to keep up with everyone else and their big stockpiles.  Every little bit I save is still better than not saving anything at all!

This is what Cathy HAS TO have that is not frugal… I guess that would be my smart phone.  I can’t live with out it.  :)

Cathy ‘s favorite thing to stockpile… I love having cheap cereal in my stockpile, as well as Sweet Baby Ray’s, and Campbell’s Cream of Chicken soup.  I also LOVE getting my diapers on Amazon. It’s the easiest bargain shopping I’ve ever done!

Cathy realized she was addicted to couponing when…  I got cereal for $.88 a box on my very first shopping trip.  I decided that day that I’d never shop with out a coupon again.  Of course that was unrealistic, but saving money on groceries is pretty awesome!

Do you think Cathy would still coupon if she had 1 million dollars… Paying full price for said cereal still sickens my stomach.  I would still have to get my favorite bargains!  Although I might pay someone to do it for me.

This is how couponing changed Cathy‘s life… Where do I start?  Had I not started couponing, I certainly wouldn’t have started this blog.  Had I not started this blog, I would have missed out on some pretty awesome friendships.  This blog has been there through thick and thin.  My husband lost his job just 7 months after my first coupon trip.  What a blessing it was to (for the first time EVER) have an abundance of food that we could live off of.  And although it took 2.5 years, this blog allows me to work from home, and support my family.  It has also been a blessing for several other women who are on the Fab Frugal team!  I feel honored to be able to write them a check each month for all of their hard work!   It certainly does take a village.

Email Cathy at cathy {at} fabulesslyfrugal {dot} com

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