81% Savings of Albertsons NW with FREE and Money Making Items!

August 27, 2012 51 Comments | Disclosure

Here’s what I got today for my family of 10!

I love to shop, it’s no secret. This was the most heart stopping couldn’t breathe shopping trip I have ever done! Not only because of the awesome deals I found, but, we hit a deer on the way to the store! My husband was driving, it was dark out still, and all of a sudden this deer ran out of a field right into us.  Our suburban took a beating and sadly the deer did not make it. Thank goodness we were alone without the kids and we were wearing our seat belts. We are okay just a little more grateful today for our lives and family!  My husband delt with the car insurance and I went shopping!

Here’s how you can score these same deals:

Transaction 1:

Buy 4 A&W Rootbeer 2 ltrs $5.32
Buy 4 7 up 2 ltrs $5.32
Buy 4 Sunkist 2 ltrs $5.32
Buy 4 Kellogg’s Cereal $7.52
Buy 3 Stride Gum $6
Use {2} $1/2 Kellogg’s Cereal peelies
Use {1} $1/3 Stide or Trident Gum Multi Packs (8/12 SS)
Use {3} Twice the Value {Double Coupons}
Pay: $23.48
Receive (3) $5 catalinas (1 $5 cat for each set of 4 sodas)
{Did you see that all 12 Soda’s were $.96 or $.08 each after Catalina?}

Transaction 2 & 3:

Buy 3 Planters Sunflower Seeds
Use {3} $1/1 Planters product (excludes Pistachios) (6/24 SS)
Use {3} Twice the Value {Double Coupons}
Pay: $.57

Transaction 4:

Buy 6 Kens Salad Dressing $6
Use {3} $1/2 Ken’s Dressing 16 oz  (8/12 SS)
Use {3} Twice the Value {Double Coupons}
Pay: NOTHING (except for tax of course)! It’s FREE!

Transaction 5:

Buy 3 Velveeta Shells & Cheese $6.87
Use {3} $1/1 Velveeta Shells & Cheese Printable Coupon {need 2 computers}
Use {3} Twice the Value {Double Coupons}
Pay: $.87
Receive $2 Catalina!

Transaction 6:

Buy 2 Trident Multi Pack Gum $4
Buy 1 Stride Multi Pack Gum $2
Buy 4 Chex Mix $4
Use {1} $1/3 Stide or Trident Gum Multi Packs (8/12 SS)
Use {2} $.50/1 Chex Mix (8/05 GM)
Use {3} Twice the Value {Double Coupons}
Use $2 Catalina from Transaction 5
Pay: $2.50

Transaction 7:

Buy 2 Mini Pop Tart Crisps $3.76
Buy 2 Pop Tarts $3.76
Buy 2 Quaker Granola Bars $3.32
Use {2} $1/2 Pop Tart or Mini Crisps peelies
Use {1} $1/2 Quaker product peelies
Use {3} Twice the Value {Double Coupons}
Pay: $4.48

Transaction 8:

Buy 2 Quaker Granola Bars $3.32
Use {1} $1/2 Quaker product peelies
Use {1} Twice the Value {Double Coupons}
Pay: $1.32

Total OOP: $33.79
Total Savings: $130.88
Still have $15 in Catalina’s from Sodas!

What are You finding at Albertsons this week? Need some more Double Coupon Ideas? Don’t forget about our Double Coupon Report for even more ideas!

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  1. When did you shop? The $5 CAT for the 2 liters was a misprint and all stores were told to post signs by Wednesday afternoon AND the register system was updated – this info has been posted on many blogs ever since Wednesday. How did you skirt the system?

    • Hmm, she just shopped this morning. Monica and Becky ran to their stores to confirm if it works or not. We’ll keep you posted.

      • We’ve confirmed it’s working at other stores as well!

        • In idaho falls at least the albertsons i shop at. The CAT is printing when you buy 4 A&W but not when you buy 4 Sunkist. My cashier brought a manager up to talk about it because i told her there was mixed info on whether this was right or a misprint. At the store the only retraction that was listed was that the 7-up would generate a 2.00 CAT, not 5.00. Nothing was said about the A&W and Sunkist. SO per the manager since it was stated in the ad and the CAT on the sunkist did not print she had the cashier give me 5.00 off my order under “store coupon”. So it looks like depending on where you are this may or may not work.
          For me it was great only paid 4.25 out of pocket for 12 2liters of soda and still have a 5.00 CAT left. (the sunkist at my store had 55cent off hangtags on a few of them too bad all my dlbrs were already gone lol)

      • what is wice the value double the coupon

        • Some of the newspapers in the NW area pair up with Albertsons and put out a “double coupon”. It is a coupon that makes your coupon $1 or less double.

    • I didn’t “skirt” the system. My husband went last week on Wednesday they said it was a misprint and the Catalinas didn’t print. So they had to force a $2 catalina. Then this morning when I went shopping a cashier said that someone just went through and bought 12 and it worked printing out 3 $5 catalinas. So I though “SCORE!” I ran the transaction and it printed them out. There was no sign up at the soda section at all. I hope you don’t think I am not honest in my couponing. I work hard to follow all the rules and guidelines. It did exactly what the ad stated.

      • What a GREAT trip!!

      • Well that WOULD be awesome news! My store manager, who is VERY coupon friendly, is the one who first told me and there were signs at my store. then I got home and found the same info posted on 2 blogs. Maybe they went back on it?

      • I just wanted to say that I TRULY appreciate all that you do in keeping us up to date on savings. My family of 7 is EXTREMELY grateful! You’ll never please all people, for sure but I for one am tired of the negativity that is common these days in the world of “couponing”. Why can’t we just champion one another and be excited for others?

        I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are not trying to “skirt” the system and that the integrity of this site is one of the main reasons it’s my GO TO site!

        Keep up the good work! You’re doing a GREAT job for your family, and that’s what really matters anyway! 😉

  2. Helen in Meridian says:

    Hope your poor vehicle isn’t too crunched. Glad you got this great high after that. We love Root beer floats so I’ll be there. Yesterday on QVC they had Vitamix demos and have recipe for REAL tasting orange julius, and the secret is “dead” orange pop, as well as milk sugar orange juice concentrate, egg substitute. So save our some “dead” orange pop and try that.

    • Sounds yummy! Thanks – yes had we been driving my husbands car….let’s just say we know the outcome would not have been the same. The suburban is so much stronger and higher so it helped take the blow.

  3. Wanted to know which store had the peelies? I check my Albies and no luck.

    • I general shop in Ontario Oregon store. I live about 20 minutes away from it but, I love the staff. I checked the Payette store the other day and they had a peelie even on the Kellogg’s cereal for $1/1 Gallon of milk wyb 3 Kellogg’s cereals. I guess it really depends on the store and manager with the peelies. As the manager sometimes they have some. The ones I had were just on the boxes I bought. Good luck they were great money savers!

  4. Lindsay Hendricks says:

    We went last week and it ended up being a money maker on the pop by like 5.00. We paid 10.00 and got back 15.00 we questioned the cashier as to why we were aking 5.00 but she of course didn’t know and so we each did it again. The manager told us that was the mistake and to shop while it was still working. But the 3 5.00 cats were not the mistake I dont think. Anyway it worked for my fiends and I last week and one friend went again today and the cats were still printing in Nampa.

  5. God bless you, glad no one was hurt.

    • Thanks! <3 We are grateful! Someone picked up the deer from the side of the road before we were done shopping because on the way home it was gone. So I guess 2 families were blessed!

  6. I used a $1/1 Ken’s dressing which makes it a $1 moneymaker with a double coupon. Is that right? The coupons for Ken’s is usually $1 off 2 but I noticed it just said $1 on Ken’s dressing so I was worried I might have got that wrong. Any ideas? I buy the Sat. advanced edition of the Seattle Times.

    • Sadly you can’t make money off doublers. If your coupon states $1/1 Kens dressing then use your doublers for something else. Look at it as a “Bonus” doubler!

      • I realized that was wrong. They do not do overage at Albertsons, you are only supposed to get it free which you do with the coupon. Double something else!

  7. Helen in Meridian says:

    Do you know which WINCO has the Oscar Mayer hotdogs for $1? I couldn’t find them at the Boise Overland/Milwaukie store.

    • I personally don’t, the closest Winco is an hour from me. I will pass this on to our Fab Team and see if I can get you some answers. Thanks!

    • Helen, I found them at the Fairview/Milwaukee store just today. You had to really look for them though…there were some on the top shelf where the hot dogs were (there were other Oscar Mayer hot dogs on the shelf for more so just keep looking) Then, there were some more over by the dairy cases. Hope that helps!

    • Helen, you might also want to look on the main aisle right inside the front door, where they have promotional items. There’s a refrigerator section at the end of that aisle (close to the produce); I spotted them there.

      I ususally shop at the Eagle store on State Street, but I think the Milwaukee store is laid out the same.

  8. Thank you for posting and sharing. Awesome job! And sorry about the car. Glad family wasn’t hurt.

  9. I wish we had doublers in our area(Eastern Montana)….we never get them!!!

  10. we didn’t get doubles in seattle i get the seattle times and everett hearld and nothing in either…:(

  11. I went to 3 Albertsons today in Meridian. Ten Mile, Meridian Rd, and Five Mile and they were all out of Ken’s dressing-I mean not 1 bottle. Any idea if I could get a rain check?

    • YES! For sure that is a great time to get a rain check. You can hold it until doublers come out again, because doublers were out when the sale was going on them. This way in a couple of weeks you can get them for FREE again! Great point, sorry you didn’t get any but thanks for asking about rain checks!

  12. Where in the ad does it mention the cat for A&W? I can’t find it anywhere and I actually have coupons for the 2 liters!

  13. Yesterday I bought 4 7-ups and got the $5 catalina. My store was out of A & W so I stopped in this afternoon and they were restocked. I bought 4 of them and today the total came to $4 plus tax-received the $5 catalina so they were actually a money maker for me today. My store still had the signs posted that there was an error in the ad and there would only be $2 for your next visit-still printed out the $5 though! I really appreciate the information I get from this website.

  14. Stingy Diva says:

    Is the pop Catalina over? I haven’t gotten there yet this week.

  15. This is great! I haven’t had time, but always wanted to understand how to make coupons work for me. Now that I do have time, I’m very excited to learn the ways! Can you just tell me, the multiple transactions- is that so your doublers are used on the coupons you want instead of lesser valued ones? And so you can use the Catalinas you get from one purchase, on the next? And how do you know which products will give you a Catalina? Maybe this will be covered in the DVD I just bought… :)

    • There is a list on our site under store deals that has a list of current catalinas. We try to keep you informed when we post the ad/coupon match-ups. When a Catalina prints you can “roll” it on to the next transaction. When you are finished then you can use it on meat or fresh produce or anything else in the store. It’s a great way to stock up on things that don’t have coupons. In this shopping trip I broke everything up in multiple transactions because I was using doublers. You can only use 3 doublers per transaction, so you want to break thinks up to save more. This information is covered in our great DVD. If you ever have ANY questions please ask! I look forward to being here for you!

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