{CLOSED} 5 Days Left to Shop at Fred Meyer + a $50 Giftcard Giveaway!

December 20, 2011 | Disclosure

Fred Meyer is having one-day Sales, everyday now until Christmas!

Make sure to enter our $50 FM Giftcard Giveaway at the bottom of the post!

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Here are the deals today:

All Sleepwear and All Splippers for Men, Women and Children 60% Off
Use 15% off in-ad Apparel Bonus Coupon

Sony Bloggie HD Camcorder, $89.99 (reg. $149.99)
Use 10% off in-store coupon
Final Price:  $79.99

TomTom Via 1505 GPS $99.99
Use 10% off in-store coupon
Final Price:  $89.99

All Barbie and Monster High Dolls by Mattel 30% off
Use 10% off in-ad Home Bonus Coupon

Vtech Mobigo Touch and Learn System, $44.99
Use 10% off in-ad Home Bonus Coupon
Final Price:  $40.49

Hoover Agility Cyclonic Upright Vacuum $79.99
Use 10% off in-ad Home Bonus Coupon
Final Price:  $71.99

Black & Decker All-in-One Laser Level, Smart Select 12V Drill or Li-ion Driver Save 50%

All Pyrex & Baker’s Secret Bakeware Set 50% off
Use 10% of  in-ad Home Bonus Coupon

Chia Pets 50%

Sony Cyber-shot DSC W530 $79.99 (reg. $119.99)

See the entire 1 Day Ad HERE

See this week’s Fred Meyer Coupon Deals Here.


Win a $50 Fred Meyer Giftcard if you can guess how much I paid.


This is what I purchased:

(1) Marie Callender Frozen Pie, 5lb Box of Satusuma Mandarins, (1) Gallon Mountain Dairy Milk, (1) Tillamook Ice Cream, (2) LifeSavers books, (2) Challenge Butters, (1) Broadway Nail Kit,  (3) Sinful Nails Nail Polishes, (1) Zhu Zhu pet

Here’s how to enter:

  • Take a guess at what I paid before tax.
  • AND in the same entry, tell us why you love shopping at Fred Meyer.
  • Whomever is closest without going over wins!
  • In case of a tie, a winner will be randomly chosen.
  • Contest ends Wednesday night (12/21/11) at midnight.
  • You MUST live near a Fred Meyer to win.
  • Fred Meyer provided me with a gift card to shop in the store. This post was my idea and my opinions expressed here are my own. Fred Meyer is also providing the gift card for this contest.

A BIG THANKS to Fred Meyer for this super fun giveaway!


  1. $18.21. I love shopping at Freddie’s because I love how freshe the produce and meat department are. I also like being able to get all my shopping done in one spot….The $0.10 off a gallon for gas is a nice added extra as well. :)

  2. $23.67

    I love Fred Meyers because they have such a large selection of food, I can always find everything I need.

  3. Dora Mondragon says:

    I’m gona say $14.00. I love Fred Meyer because of their weekly deals, especially the cheese! I love their coupons and the nice casheirs.

  4. I’ll guess $25.70. Fred Meyer has the best produce and meat in town!

  5. Kathleen Hanson says:

    I love shopping at Fred Meyer because it is a one stop shop for me and when you have kids with you that is helpful!

  6. $22.14

    I love that Freddies is a reasonably priced ‘one-stop shop’ for those days I need milk and socks and other misc stuff!

  7. $26.95

    I love the Daycare Center!!!!

  8. I will guess $25.70.
    I love that there is a daycare drop off so I can shop kid free!

  9. Ooops just realized someone else did $25.70. My new vote is $25.95 : )

  10. Jennifer Satter says:

    I am going to guess $13.99

  11. Lydia Denning says:

    I love the produce at Freddys. It is always fresh and a great price.

  12. $12.18 and I love Fred Meyer because I can get everything in one place!

  13. $11.97

  14. $3.50, Love the rewards!

  15. My guess is $18.38

  16. Shannon Cunningham says:

    i’m thinking $17. 89 and i love shopping at fred meyer is because its an all in one place to shop… and i always love their bonus coupons in the ads to save even more money!

  17. I’m going to say $8.39

  18. $29.08
    I love the daycare and their blended yogurt…yum!

  19. Joanna Mashler says:

    $18.32 I love Freddy’s playarea so I can shop in peace!!!

  20. Jennifer Whipple says:

    $29.75 I love shopping at Fred Meyer! Great deals all the time and right around the corner.

  21. $14.27. I love fred meyers coupons and rewards

  22. $22.87

  23. I’m going to guess… $27.53!

    • Oh… and I love shopping at Fred Meyer because they have so many of the great gluten-free products that my family uses!

  24. Kimberlee Rios says:

    my estimate is $11.19 … I love how Fred Meyer’s has everything, it’s like a Safeway and a Sear’s under one roof! I also love their fresh sushi made right there …

  25. Michelle R says:

    $14.90 is my guess

  26. $16.43. One stop shopping is why I LOVE Fred meyers!!

  27. Cindy Morgan says:

    $14.58 – You’ll find it at Fred Meyer!

  28. 15.27

    I like shopping at Fred Meyer, because I can get everything I need, and the quality I want

  29. My guess is $13.07. I like Fred Meyer because if I’m doing a big shopping trip with my kids, they have the ‘family friendly’ line and if I am just doing a quick alone trip, there is the U-Check.

  30. $16.22 and I love shopping at Fred Meyer because I can use my Walgreens RRs!

  31. ROBIN GERVAIS says:

    $17.85….I love the convienance of the store. Also, it is always clean.

  32. Nichole Diemert says:

    $14.29 I Love fred Meyer because it has great deals, is never as crowded as places like walmart, great customer service (I can always find someone to help me) and has the organic things I need. I love that they have great brands and wonderful clearance sales!

  33. Kelly Branderhorst says:


    I love Fred Meyer for their Rewards – and it’s a one stop shop baby!

  34. Gina M Maddox says:

    $13.01. Fred Meyer is always fully stocked! Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  35. Retah Franklin says:

    $27.38. I love shopping Freddy’s because the great customer service and their great sales!!!

  36. 23.15! I love Fred Meyer for their convenice for having EVERYTHING when I need it quickly!

  37. Tami Melum says:

    31.28 – I love Fred Meyers because it is a one stop shop and they always have everything I need without having to go somewhere else.

  38. $9.27
    LOVE to stack store and manufacturer coupons!

  39. $16.47 They always have such friendly people working their and always very helpful.

  40. Alida Willmore says:

    14. 62 I love Fred Meyer it is never too crowded and nice to shop in.

  41. Melissa Huddlestun says:

    My guess is $14.55
    A Fred Meyer is close to me and very convenient.

  42. I’m guessing tax was: $14.44

    I love Fred Meyer because they have the latest and greatest grocery items. I am a “packaging whore”… and they have the coolest stuff (water bottles, candies and organic groceries) that no one else carries. When people walk into my kitchen, they fel like they are in a California kitchen in the hub of trendiness… instead of the reality of being in my Idaho home. Fred Meyer keeps me hip looking! 😉

  43. I’m guessing $23.14. I love the produce and the variety throughout the store!

  44. Katie Beverley says:

    $9.27…..trying to remember all the sales and coupons out there….yeah. I will stick with that. :)

  45. I guess $3.87 I love Fred Meyers home decor section !!! =)

  46. Brittany w. says:

    $22.13 – I love Freddie’s because of their free 1 hr child care, amazing produce, and fantastic prices!

  47. Tiffany Young says:

    $7.68. I Love the great clearance deals at Fred Meyer!

  48. $14.78
    I like how I get $.03 off each gallon of gas.. and the double points for gift cards lately has been nice… been breaking into the $.10 off a gallon of gas territory frequently lately..

  49. $26.50… I love FM cause they are right around the corner so when I need something I can make a quick stop there!

  50. $18.75 and I love them for their big and tall section. They are one of the few stores that has good sales on clothes for a VERY TALL husband!

  51. $11.29

  52. The cost is 19.49

    I do all my shopping at Fred Meyer because Freddies has my groceries, drugs, apparel, housewares, is convenient & competitively priced.

  53. Lora Sundell-Bahrd says:

    Hi I love shopping at Fred Meyers I can always find a good deal. Of course I always use my coupons as much as possible. They seem to be very coupon friendly as well.
    I am guessing you paid approx. $18.22 for your FM trip.



  54. Fred Meyer is one of my fav stores! I love their deli and sales!!

  55. Sorry, forgot to put my guess! 17.63

  56. $15.57 I love shopping there since they are so close, open late and have great deals. Especially when you can stack numerous coupons

  57. 10.00….I love the play place for my kids

  58. 18.18 I love the experienced friendly staff. They know how to run the registers and how to scan the coupons and NEVER roll their eyes when I hand my coupons over:)

  59. I love Fred Meyers for their great prices and awesome kids carts that help entertain my daughter! My guess is eight dollars!

  60. Tahnee Runions says:

    I LOVE Fred Meyer, live close to 3 of them. Great customer service, great prices and convenient.

  61. $8.49 before tax. I love Fred Meyer for the one stop shopping, including allergy-free and organic foods!

  62. Fred Meyers is so great with it”s rewards, coupons, clearance and sales. It’s one Blessing stop everytime you shop.

  63. $26.29. I like Fred Meyer for their coupons and cheap milk.

  64. 26.65 Love FM because its close, convenient and have great produce and meats.

  65. $18.28, I love Freddie’s great toy deals and can get everything (including gas) all in one stop.

  66. $26.43. I love Fred Meyer because they sell everything, including organic food.

  67. $14.91 is my guess. Love shopping at Fred Meyer as it can be one-stop-shopping (and they have great sales)!

  68. I love FM and its the only store close by!

  69. $30.36 You can’t beat their sock sale the day after Thanksgiving!!!!!

  70. $26.50

    I love how Fred Meyer always has fresh produce for a good price. My husband lost his job a few months ago and thankfully we can eat fresh on a budget.

  71. $23.70…I love shopping at Freddies cause of the one stop shop!

  72. $19.51 I like Fred Meyers pet food prices.

  73. $20.19, I love shopping at Freddies because when I don’t have a coupon, they usually have a good sale anyways!

  74. $26.91…. and I love the clearance and the in-ad coupons!

  75. I think the total is $26.70…..and I love Fred Meyers Pharmacy!!

  76. $15.01 love Freddy’s. has EVERYTHING!

  77. Cassie Thompson says:

    19.67. I love the Fred Meyer Pharmacy!

  78. Love the great extra savings coupons/ deals from Fred Meyers..
    My best guess for the total purchase is $27.54

  79. $23.31 I love shopping at Fred Meyer because it’s well lit, isles are wide, the employees are friendly and helpful, I can usually find what I am needing, the great prices, the rewards rebates, I could go on forever. I love Fred Meyer.

  80. Great coupons to load on your Fred Meyers reward card, my guess for the total is $26.59

  81. $17.48 – I love FM produce!

  82. $17.30

    I love shopping at Freddy’s because they always have great deals. Their in-store coupons help a ton for great name brand items at a cheap price. On my way out the door, I am able to get wedding ring cleaned, and cheap gas with my reward points! Usually $0.10-$0.15 cents off a gallon! If you ask me, you can’t beat cheap gas on top of cheap groceries!

  83. $13.45 (after coupons, before tax)
    I love how Fred Meyers is a one stop shop.

  84. $18.11
    I love Fred Meyers gluten free food section!

  85. 20.08 I love that FM has so much organic.

  86. $13.70. Our family loves Fred Myers. Our cousin is a mgr there and always gives us fam and friends disc cards. FM is great, they have great customer service. And they treat their employees great.

  87. 10.16 and I love the playland!

  88. My guess is 26.46 – I love Fred Meyer for everything! My favorite shopping place, hands down! Some of the empoyees are exceptional at my local store.

  89. $18.78

    We love Freddy’s (Fred Meyer) for the products they carry – a lot of the natural/organics, the feel of the store, not nearly as crowded as most grocery stores, the fact I can get more than just groceries in one stop and the awesome customer service they’ve always provided us with!

    Oh, and the rewards certificates that come in the mail … awesome!

  90. $15.99….My local FM ROCKS!!!!! The cashiers are so helpful

  91. 11.66…love the freshness of their produce and the quality of all of their products!

  92. Darcy Herrell says:

    Freddys employees are always very friendly/. One stop shopping-who doesn’t love that?

  93. 18.28….love the one stop shop!

  94. $18.27 I love shopping at Fred Meyers because the sale associates are so helpful and friendly!

  95. 23.96….I like Fred Meyer for lots of reasons! Friendly and convenient are just two.

  96. 5.97…I like their fuel rewards!

  97. $17.69 I love shopping there because of the variety!

  98. $21.83 They have something for everyone.

  99. Kiley Thompson says:

    27.48. love Freddy’s!

  100. $26.24. I love Fred Meyer because of the variety and all of the coupons and sales.

  101. minh nguyen says:

    23.66 I love the fresh produce

  102. 26.70. Fred Meyers Pharmacy Rules!

  103. I’ll say 12.89 and I love PLAYLAND

  104. Valann Youngs says:

    $14.67 and I LOVE being able to get coffee, clothes and my grocery done all in one which is the best with a 2 year old

  105. Amber Patterson says:

    $6.49 I love Fred Meyers because they have everything I need in one super store!

  106. 15.37 is my guess. FM is my fav grocery store. Love love love their store brand TP and pape rtowels.

  107. $30.00…I love the variety of home shopping I can do at Fred Meyers…