15 Days of Gift Guide Giveaways: {Day 9}

November 26, 2013 115 Comments | Disclosure

Woot! It is day 9 of our 15 days of giveaways!


Things You Need to Know:

  • Each day come to the blog to see what the new mystery prize is!
  • Don’t miss DAY 15 Cyber Monday (December 2nd) for the HUGE grand prize!
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Today’s Prize: Your favorite game 4 Star rated and under $30!

We LOVE playing games!  Here are just a few of our favorites! The game that you choose NOW is the game that we’ll award you!
Qwirkle      Blokus      Spot It       and        Settlers of Catan
are just a few of our personal favorites! See more of my favorite games.


Use the Rafflecopter to enter. Just follow the directions (there are several different ways you can enter!).  If you don’t see a big box right below this text, give it a moment to load).  🙂

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Hope you enjoy these giveaways as much as we do!
It’s just one way that we can show how grateful we are for you!
Thanks to you, we’ve been blogging for 5+ years!!

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  1. Tami Dymock says:

    We have always wanted Qwirkle. Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Jennie Grimes says:

    We love games, too! I think we’d like to try Qwirkle.

  3. Would love to win the Spot It game!!!

  4. Lets win!

  5. So many games – I actually to have to think about this for awhile! 🙂

  6. Jamie Altenburg says:

    Awesome giveaway! Would love to try Qwirkle 🙂

  7. Piikea McVey says:

    Love games! Blokus 🙂

  8. Clue, it has always been my favorite!

  9. Qwirkle would be cool.

  10. Blokus

  11. We love board games!! We try to play often! Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. Jessica Davenport says:

    The kuds would love spot it!

  13. Settlers of Catania!

  14. Qwirkle

  15. Stephanie Key says:

    We do not have Blokus. It looks cool! Thanks!

  16. carrie singleton says:

    We’d love to try Blok us!

  17. I love Settlers!

  18. We played Blokus at a friend’s and loved it. It’s been on my list to pick up.

  19. we would love to have these games!

  20. Tiffany W. says:

    We love family game night. I would like to get Settlers of Catan it looks fun!

  21. Would love to win Settlers of Catan for my family.

  22. Our Family loves games! all games!

  23. I would love to try the Settler’s of Catan! I’ve heard good things!

  24. Carrie degraw says:

    Would love to try ticket to ride.

  25. I would love to win Settler’s of Catan. That looks like a fun game.

  26. Megan Behr says:

    I would LOVE to win Settlers of Catan!!!

  27. Carolyn Chamberlain says:


  28. Our family needs some new games.

  29. We would love to try settlers of catan!!

  30. Just saw your site on FB and I have used it all week! Love it!

  31. Such a fun prize for the family!

  32. Blokus!

  33. I can’t decide. My younger kids would like Spot it, but my teenagers would like Settlers of Catan.
    I think I would go for Catan, since they will all turn into teenagers at some point.
    Thanks for the great blog!

  34. I love Qwirkle – but I would get Spot it.

  35. I think Spot it would be fun.

  36. Emily Nelson says:

    Spot It is on our list this year!!

  37. I would love to try spot it.

  38. spot it

  39. Ooh, I love board games!

  40. So many choices! I might go with Cooties!

  41. would love to try blokus!

  42. We LOVE playing games!! What a great give-a-way

  43. We have been wanting to try Quirkle for a long time. Looks fun!

  44. Candice Steele says:

    I would love the Settlers of Catan extension pack.

  45. Would love Quirkle!!

  46. Sadie Steffens says:


  47. Blokus!

  48. These would be fun games!!!

  49. Beth Lawson says:

    Blokus or Spot It would be cool.

  50. Melissa Rupert says:

    I would choose Connect 4 – I’ve always loved that game!

  51. I’d pick Settlers or Ticket to Ride

  52. I’ve been dying to try Blokus!

  53. Merideth M. says:

    Qwirkle is a fun one!

  54. Qwirkle! We love that game!

  55. Spot it!

  56. I love finding great games to play with my family. Thanks for the great chance!

  57. I think Spot It would be great!

  58. Suzanne Chapman says:

    Qwirklwe looks awesome!

  59. I’ve been looking for Spot It! at a good price. I’ve heard its a great game.

  60. Danielle Marshall says:

    We love games! One we want to try (that wasn’t listed here, hope that is ok) is Enchanted Forest. It gets great reviews!


  62. qwirkle

  63. Great Giveaways!

  64. Cassandra Eastman says:

    If I won i’d love the Richard Scarry Busy Town Eye Found It! Game!

  65. We would be grateful for any thing that we win

  66. Erica Farnes says:

    I would love to play these games with my lil family!

  67. The Settlers of Catan

  68. Looking forward to winning. 🙂

  69. Leslea Ferguson says:

    I would choose Settlers of Cattan!

  70. Love to win freebies!

  71. Quirkle for us

  72. I am leaning towards Blokus but Qwirkle has peeked my interest!!

  73. Alison Hoeh says:

    hi ho cherry oh was my favorite and i think my youngest would finally be able to play a game with my older kids.

  74. We would love to try Spot It.

  75. Christy Van says:

    I would love to win Spot It! 🙂

  76. Dawn Harelson says:

    We love Qwirkle and would love Settlers of Catan.

  77. Spot it is on our list for this year!!

  78. Qwirkle looks cute, they all do!

  79. laura snyder says:

    I love scrabble, quirkle looks similar.

  80. spot it!

  81. I would choose either Blokus which I have heard a lot of good about or Catan which I just heard the other day. We love board and card games as a family!

  82. Settlers of Catan

  83. Michelle Brooks says:

    pick me! pick me!

  84. spot it!

  85. We love playing games at our house! I think Quirkle or Blockus would be fun!!

  86. We have the MindWare Imaginets on our wishlist. Already ordered Sneaky Snacky Squirrel for Christmas or that would’ve been my choice.

  87. They all look fun! I think I’d pick Spot It.

  88. Quirkle sounds like fun 🙂

  89. Leah Hanson says:

    I’d want to try Tellestrations!

  90. Great for family fun night.

  91. Settlers of Catan

  92. Would love Settlers of Catan!!

  93. Tina Thomas says:

    I LOVE Qwirkle! Blokus is fun too. I would love to try the other two games with my game loving family

  94. Settlers of Catan – we have all the other ones!

  95. I would choose Headbanz!

  96. Spot it!

  97. Megan Warren says:

    The Telestrations the Telephone Game Sketched Out! looks like fun!

  98. I would pick Logo!

  99. Leis Williams says:

    Lego Creationary is on my kids lists – but its 30.25:(
    Don’t think we have quarkle…

  100. Rochelle Mullin says:

    Tough to choose just one!!! I think I’d either go with the Monopoly Las Vegas or Monopoly Hello Kitty.

  101. Jessica Harwood says:

    I really enjoy Ticket to Ride. It’s one of my favorite games!

  102. Ticket to ride, Settlers of Catan

  103. Terressa T. says:

    we would love blokus

  104. Would love Catan. Have heard a lot about it.

  105. Ticket to ride is awesome! Spot it would be fun too, or bananagrams.

  106. qwirkle!

  107. Donna Keech says:

    So many fun games; I’ve never played any of them, but I would like to!

  108. My daughter loves to play qwerkle at school!

  109. Settlers of Catan would be great.

  110. Any game would be great to play as a family and build our collection for many many more family nights.

  111. Spot it!

  112. I’ve heard about it, so I would choose Settlers of Catan.

  113. We would like Battleship. There are so many other great games.

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