15 Days of Gift Guide Giveaways: {Day 10}

November 27, 2013 209 Comments | Disclosure

It is already day 10 of our 15 days of giveaways!


Things You Need to Know:

  • Each day come to the blog to see what the new mystery prize is!
  • Don’t miss DAY 15 Cyber Monday (December 2nd) for the HUGE grand prize! (ipad mini) Shh!
  • Vote FOR the DAY 14 PRIZE HERE!

Today’s Prize: Goose Down Comforter <—– Check it out!

Cathy ordered this Goose Down Comforter a few weeks ago and she says it is amazing so she wanted to share one with all one of you! Winner can choose queen or king size!


Use the Rafflecopter to enter. Just follow the directions (there are several different ways you can enter!).  If you don’t see a big box right below this text, give it a moment to load).  🙂

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Hope you enjoy these giveaways as much as we do!
It’s just one way that we can show how grateful we are for you!
Thanks to you, we’ve been blogging for 5+ years!!

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  1. Chris Berry says:

    There is nothing I love better than cuddling up under a down comforter with my honey.

  2. Just found your site and I love it!! THanks!!

  3. I Love Down!

  4. Would love a king!

  5. I need a twin badly for my daughter

  6. Queen size.

  7. I’d want a king or queen sized! So we could all snuggle to watch tv on the couch!

  8. I would love a Queen sized down comforter!

  9. Would love a king;

  10. Jody Simmer says:

    I am so glad to have found this site!!

  11. I would love to win a queen size.

  12. King please 🙂

  13. I would love a new comforter!

  14. We need a new comforter so bad & I’ve never had anything nice like this!

  15. jeanna tripp says:


  16. A queen would be delightful for our cold MN winters!

  17. II’d love to win a King size comforter

  18. Wonderful giveaway! The queen would be perfect for me!

  19. This would be really warm in Northern Michigan!

  20. I would love a King size down comforter!

  21. A king size would keep me warm!

  22. I would love a queen!

  23. I have never heard of goose down; we have a King size bed, that would be amazing!

  24. I will need a queen size! Thanks!

  25. I don’t live in a super cold climate, but what I love about a down comforter is that it’s not too hot, even in the summer, yet keeps you so warm in the winter!

  26. Queen please!

  27. charlotte a pardue - sparks says:

    Wouldn’t a queen or King be Nice!

  28. Irene Taylor says:

    A king size is what we would need. It would be won’t
    Derful to win.

  29. Jennifer Perry says:

    I would love a Queen!

  30. A king size. Right now I have a queen size comforter on a king size bed , and you can imagine how that looks …

  31. Having grown up in Germany, down comforters have always been a part of that upbringing. Would love to get one that will fit my Queen size bed!!

  32. Queen!

  33. I love your site and LOVE a snuggly comforter!

  34. It’s getting cold. I need down!

  35. King!

  36. This would be PERFECT for our bed!

  37. A king size would be great…so lovely

  38. Jordan Sanders says:

    Would love a King Size!

  39. Would love to win a queen size comforter. Thank you!

  40. Would love to snuggle under a king sized one!

  41. King size would be lovely

  42. A king would keep us warm this cold winter

  43. I would love a queen size we used these when we lived in germany

  44. Pam Gordon says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! I would need a queen size. Thank you 🙂

  45. I would like to win the comforter, but also need a new comforter. Queen size, thank you.

  46. King

  47. King…..all the way baby ;+)

  48. I would love a king!

  49. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity! I would love a queen or king down comforter.

  50. April Anderson says:

    A friend just told me about your site! It’s amazing ! I would love a king!

  51. I’ve been dying for a king down comforter!

  52. Jennie Grimes says:

    We could use a queen size!

  53. Amber Toone says:

    King size comforter please.

  54. Would love to win this! I have always wanted one!

  55. Diana Smith Hill says:

    I need a king size!

  56. Queen

  57. My bed is fit for a queen 🙂

  58. I would need the king- thanks for the give away!

  59. King.

  60. In desperate need of a queen.

  61. Queen size! Thanks, for the opportunity. Goose on the loose!

  62. I would need a king!!

  63. Shelly Merritt says:

    I would love to win a King Size down comfortor. This would be nice for cold winter NC nights.

  64. I would love a king size! Thanks for hosting these fabulous giveaways!!! 🙂

  65. I would love a king size.

  66. King size would be great!!! Thanks.

  67. We need a cal king but I’ll make a king work.

  68. Oooh Snuggly!

  69. Kristin Church says:

    A warm toasty queen one sounds nice!

  70. KING Me!

  71. I would need a king size

  72. Kimberli Loveman says:

    King size of course — Thank you!

  73. J. Macall Arnold says:

    Queen would be wonderful!

  74. I need this in my life! King!

  75. Would so love a queen to snuggle with my hubby and kiddos!

  76. Nothing better than a down comforter this time of the year!

  77. Your timing couldn’t be more perfect.. we would love to have a down comforter! Any size will do though king would be better 😉 Thank you, Fabulessly Frugal!

  78. We would LOVE to win a KING SIZE comforter! :o)

  79. Snuggly! I’d love a King size. Thanks!

  80. King size would be great!

  81. I would love a Queen.

  82. I would love a King size. They are so nice and cozy.

  83. King

  84. I love down comforters!!!

  85. King size for our bed big enough to hold the kids and the cats!

  86. Melissa Rupert says:

    A queen would work for me!

  87. Yes, Please!!

  88. Queen

  89. I would love a king for my bed! Ive been on the hunt for a good deal on one for a while! 🙂

  90. King size

  91. It’s so cold here! I could really use either a twin or a queen size down comforter…

  92. Could definitely use a new comforter!

  93. Love down comforters and need a new one!

  94. Robin snider says:

    Queen 🙂

  95. I would love a king. Looks so comfy!

  96. Jaimee Sorensen says:

    I would love a queen size!

  97. I love down! Especially cuddling in the winter with it 🙂

  98. i would love a queen size please !

  99. Minnesota winters get REALLY cold! This would be great!

  100. Mollie Uselman says:

    My old comforter is embarrassed to come out of the duvet on laundry day. King me, please!

  101. King me 🙂

  102. I would need a king size 🙂

  103. Dawn Harelson says:

    King size please!

  104. Queen please!

  105. I would love a king, please! 🙂

  106. My KING sized bed is cold and needs this.!

  107. Double size. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  108. I would love a new comforter! 🙂 Happy birthday and merry Christmas to me!

  109. joann boswell says:

    would love a full size for my daughters room!

  110. I would love a king Size to Keep me nice and toasty

  111. Laura Kathryn says:

    My daughter freezing in her college dorm would love to win the queen size.

  112. King me!

  113. Karen Williams says:

    I would love this for our king bed!

  114. A king would work for us!

  115. I need a KING 🙂

  116. My husband would LOVE this!!

  117. Deb Dziedzic says:

    I’d love to win a queen size.

  118. Would love a King size!! Great post!

  119. This would be wonderful. 🙂

  120. Love the warmth of a goose down comforter!!

  121. Would love a King!!

  122. We would love either size!

  123. Milena da Costa says:

    King size for me!!! Thanks!

  124. Tara Liebing says:

    I would need a King size

  125. amy robinette says:

    King sized baby!

  126. Queen size

  127. I love following you on Facebook! If I won it, I would love a KING size one. Thank you so much!!

  128. Love down comforters!!! Queen size please 🙂

  129. queen for me!

  130. I would need a queen!

  131. My husband and I recently moved into an apartment in a very drafty old house. How sweet it would be to have a down comforter to keep our tootsies warm!

  132. Would love this!

  133. king for me please!

  134. Queen for me please 🙂

  135. Kristi Ryder says:

    We would need a King!

  136. I would love to win a king size comforter.

  137. mari lubberstedt says:

    Just need a blizzard for an excuse to snuggle up in it

  138. I would LOVE a king size one!!!

  139. a king size would be great!!

  140. Queen please

  141. Vanessa Clausen says:

    Queen size please!!

  142. Queen!

  143. I would love to win a King size!

  144. King!

  145. Jennifer T. says:

    A queen size please!

  146. I need a queen!

  147. Alissa Farias says:

    King Size Comforter

  148. Christy Van says:

    I would love to win a king size comforter. 🙂

  149. I would love this, King size

  150. Perfect winter gift!

  151. Would love a queen

  152. Queen wow great giveaway!!

  153. Queen!

  154. Myself and two kids are moving into our first and very own apartment! This would be perfect for my new queen bed!

  155. I would need a king size.

  156. I would love a king size please. Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would pick Queen

  158. twin. <3

  159. I need a king size.

  160. I would love to win this….I have been soooo cold lately! Thanks Fabs!

  161. I would need a queen!

  162. King please!

  163. I would love a queen!!

  164. Queen please!

  165. Wendi Lopez says:

    King, Please!

  166. Marcy Ellsworth says:

    Queen would be perfect for my bed.

  167. Would LOVE a king comforter!

  168. would love love a queen!!

  169. Jennifer Idzi says:

    Queen size

  170. Julie Stinchfield says:

    I would love a new comforter! Ours was beautiful but has seen better days 🙁

  171. Julie Stinchfield says:

    Oops, forgot to say that I would love a Queen size!

  172. ceana strong says:

    King sized please!

  173. King size please!

  174. Trisha Graves says:

    A king! my hubby would be soo happy! I run hot so poor guy is always freezing!!

  175. I would love a king size one. The one we currently have sounds like a tarp it’s so rough!

  176. Queen please!

  177. King for me!

  178. Jammi Smith says:

    I would love a queen size 🙂

  179. Jennifer L says:

    king please!

  180. King size 🙂

  181. king

  182. Andria Bonbright says:

    QUEEN please 🙂

  183. I’d love a king please

  184. A King size please!

  185. Love a queen!!!!!!

  186. Rochelle Mullin says:

    I’d like the Queen size, please!

  187. Would love a king size one for our bed.

  188. I would love a king!

  189. My old one is shot..I would love a new one queen size..you gals are so awesome.

  190. Thomas Murphy says:

    I would like the king size.

  191. King please and thanks!

  192. I would need a double

  193. Koritza Mayorga says:


  194. Trish Wells says:

    Looks great! Size Queen please!

  195. Very nice! I would need a queen size.

  196. queen, please!!

  197. Glenda Rhoades says:

    Queen please and thank you!

  198. King please, my hubby would love this!

  199. Queen please!

  200. Queen would be an amazing gift for my husband

  201. Love this one!

  202. Oops forgot the size – queen 🙂

  203. king please 🙂

  204. We need a queen size.

  205. Queen please

  206. Need a queen bee

  207. Thank you so much!!!! I’m so excited!!!!

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