14 Days of Gift Giveaways {Day 14 – CLOSED}

December 10, 2012 67 Comments | Disclosure

It’s day FOURTEEN of our 14 days of giveaways!  For the past two weeks we’ve been having a daily mystery gift giveaway! All you have to do is answer the question about our mystery gift to enter to be entered to win the prize.

Today is the grand prize drawing…

How This Works

  1. Answer the mystery question to enter.
  2. This giveaway ends on 12/10 at 11:59 pm MST)
  3. Winner will be emailed and announced the next day.
  4. Winners have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.

Today’s Mystery Question:

Which Kindle do you think is the best value for your money? You can see the kindle family here. The answer is your opinion, but be sure to give a specific answer. If you don’t know the specific models check out the kindle family here.

Enter the giveaway here: 


If you are reading this in a reader, you’ll need to come to the post to answer the question on the form.

Don’t forget to enter daily so you’ll have more entries for the grand prize on Dec 10th! 

Day 1 Giveaway Winner:  Kristen C.
Day 2 Giveaway Winner: Anna O.
Day 3 Giveaway Winner:  April Leanne W.
Day 4 Giveaway Winner: Kara F.
Day 5 Giveaway Winner: Crystal B.
Day 6 Giveaway Winner:  Ashley B
Day 7 Giveaway Winner:  Julie N.
Day 8 Giveaway Winner:  Angela H
Day 9 Giveaway Winner: Tammy D
Day 10 Giveaway Winner:  Celeste P
Day 11 Giveaway Winner: Julie M.
Day 12 Giveaway Winners: Linda C., Melinda S.
Day 13 Giveaway Winners: Ashley F., Betsy and Gail J.
Day 14 Giveaway Winner (this one): Terri C.

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  1. Christina Amouzou says:

    Kindle fire HD 8.9 looks amazing to me! 🙂

  2. Kindle fire looks awesome!

  3. Kindle Fire HD 8.9 looks like a great deal to me. It’s a size I like, decent cost, with all the goodies I like to have.

  4. The Kindle Fire 7″ LCD Display, Wi-Fi, 8GB, has all the features I would you on a daily basis. Plus, it’s a BARGAIN price! With the money I saved by buying a basic model, I can load it up with movies, books, games, etc.!

    Note: If I win this giveaway… I will gladly accept any model with a big cheesy smile on me face 🙂

  5. Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ from Amazon is the best deal for me!

  6. Kindle fire hd is the best one so far….

  7. Mechelle Mills says:

    My daughter saved up here money from last Christmas & her birthday and bought herself a Kindle Fire. It was the best thing she’s bought and now I’d love to have one too!

  8. I think the KIndle Fire HD 8.9 is the best.

  9. April Johnson says:

    My son could REALLY use this for college! =)

  10. Katie Beverley says:

    The Kindle Fire HD looks amazing!

  11. Kindle fire HD 8.9

    Got the “Oops, something went wrong.” message when I entered. Hope I get entered anyway. As of now, I’m reading books on my kindle app…on my little phone! haha.

  12. I also got the “something went wrong” message but my answer was the Kindle Fire HD!

  13. Anyone else having troubles with the form? Can’t get the entry to take….

  14. Amy Bertlow says:

    It will not let me enter in the form. I have tried at least 10 times to submit it and it will not work.

  15. also got the “oops” error message 🙁

  16. Nicole Bailey says:

    The Kindle Fire HD seems to be the best so far.

  17. I got the “Oops something went wrong” message too. 🙁

  18. Ricci Roberts says:

    I am having trouble submitting too so I will just say my comment here and hope it counts. — I think the regular Kindle Fire is the best value.

  19. Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ because of the size of the screen. Love the bigger screen option and fast wifi capabilities! 🙂 And love you guys too!

  20. Jodi Gibeault says:

    Kindle Fire 7″

  21. Kindle fire hd looks amazing! But for the price, kindle fire is a win 🙂

  22. Lora Gastrock says:

    Kindle fire is the best one for your money! It’s not only for books! You can do a lot more the fire than the others in the kindle family! And it’s colored! No black and white screen!

  23. On day seven it says Julie N. but I never received an Email????? Did I win???

    • It was a different Julie and she claimed her prize. 🙂 Sorry.

      Our form is fixed so everyone should be able to enter now!

  24. Yippity-do! What a fun giveaway!

  25. kindle fire hd 8.9, looks like the perfect size for traveling!

  26. Kindle fire HD 8.9!!

  27. I would say a free one is the best one =] LOL

  28. Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless without special offers. When it comes to electronics, bigger is better!

  29. Kindle Fire HD 16gb. Seems jam packed with all the features you need but with simplicity!!!

  30. I would love a Kindle Fire HD!!! My laptop broke so I am borrowing a computer until I can get a new hard drive. With the kindle I wouldn’t need a computer!

  31. Jamie Rogers says:

    The kindle fire HD was the best option for us. It’s has all the great features at the best price for us!:)

  32. Kindle fire HD 8.9 in

  33. Karen Flores says:

    The Kindle Fire HD is the best.

  34. julie banton says:

    I would LOVE the Kindle Fire HD 8.9

  35. Would really be happy to get a Kindle Fire HD 8.9!

  36. Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE Wireless because it offers WIFI and the anti-glare is a great feature.

  37. Colleen foster says:

    Kindle Fire Hd 7 in is good enough and maybe I can save that much to get one for my son. He would love it and be great for reading and entertainment. like the parental control and the unlimited kid stuff.

  38. Suzi Waters says:

    Fire HD 8.9

  39. Kindle fire HD 8.9 from amazon was the most amazing deal I have seen. The tablet seems to do everything you would need and then some!!! I can’t wait to get one!!!

  40. The Kindle HD 8.9 looks fun. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  41. Kindle fire HD 8.9 wifi 16GB has everything I would like out of the Kindle choices.

  42. shennon Lucia says:

    Thank You for this great opportunity. My on would Love the Kindle Fire for his Birthday

  43. Shannon Harrison says:

    The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 looks like the best to me!

  44. Kindle fire HD 8.9 looks great!

  45. I would love any kind of Kindle Fire HD!

  46. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! :]

  47. Barbara Germany says:

    Oh, today’s my birthday. I would be so excited to win this!

  48. Amanda Moss says:

    Kindle Fire HD 8.9!

  49. Ellen Casper says:


  50. blacarly2@q.com says:

    Am I too late? I want a Kindle Fire soo much!!!!! I hope I’m not too late!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway anyway…

  51. Kindle Fire HD

  52. Nicole Swenson says:

    I would love the Kindle Fire. 🙂

  53. For the money, definitely the Kindle Fire. But if I had to choose the one that I really want, probably the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 🙂 However, I would be happy with any of the models!

  54. Cindy Myers says:

    Kindle Fire looks awesome.

  55. Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 16GB would be awesome for us! Thanks

  56. I am Terri C. Did I win the kindle fire?

  57. I am Terri C. is it me?

  58. Am I the right Terri C?

  59. mindy ranck says:

    Just the regular kindle would be great in my opinion. I don’t really need the HD

  60. Ah man! One letter off! Congrats to the winner!

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