$1/1 Miracle Whip Coupon

February 23, 2011 | Disclosure

There’s a new $1/1 Miracle Whip coupon on facebook!  Just tell them why you like Miracle Whip and you’ll be able to print it!

Use this at Target this week to get 30 oz. jars of Miracle Whip for just $1.00.

Miracle Whip Jars $2.50 (30 oz., on price cut down from $3.94)
$1/1 Miracle Whip facebook coupon
and use the $1/2 Kraft Items Target coupon (Miracle Whip is listed when it prints)
Final Price: $1.00 ea


  1. Lisa Lewis says:

    I absolutely love Miracle Whip. I have eaten it since I was very young.

  2. mmm

  3. I love it in salads. My husband eats it on everything.

  4. Bruce Tietz says:

    I love Miracle whip because of its unique tangy taste


  6. it is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I HAVE TIRNED SOOO MANY PEOPLE ONTO MIRACLE WHIP! It is just so easy, everyone I show it to loves it!!!!

  8. Absolutely fabulous!

  9. Our whole family loves the sweetness and creaminess that Miracle Whip has.

  10. Is Great with every thing!!!

  11. Thee BEST salad dressing EVER!!!!

  12. its the best

  13. Kristy Akemon says:

    Love it!!!

  14. Jessica Temple says:


  15. It is only a sample on fb, not a coupon!!

  16. Saundra says:

    only thing i will use ..the taste is the best

  17. Saundra says:

    only product I will buy..the taste is smoother and richer

  18. Christine says:

    it is tangy and yummy!!!!

  19. Brittany says:

    My family eats miracle whip EVER day, forget mayo!!! bring us the whip.

  20. Angie Hill says:

    It makes the best B.L.T.’s!

  21. The best and i wouldn’t use anything else!!! it goes great on everything!!! especially dipping French fries in it YUMMMMY!!!

  22. christine says:

    miricle whip give every food just the right flavor..MMMMMMMMM!

  23. christine says:

    mmmmmmmmm !!!! great taste

  24. Dawn Staton says:

    Great taste. Just love it!

  25. love it!

  26. Kathleen Beisel says:

    I have always enjoyed they great taste of miracle whip.

  27. tangy

  28. I love the sweet and tangy taste

  29. Jerry Natale says:

    I don’t buy anything but Miracle Whip. I have eaten bologna sandwiches as a child and BLT’s as an adult. I am now a senior citizen and use it as a base for making my own salad dressing
    for tossed salad and slaw. Many recipes that call for Mayonnaise are much better with MW

  30. Julie LOughridge says:

    I absolutely Love Miracle Whip ! Been eating it with everything that I can actually eat it with since childhood . Now My children love it as well . Can’t live without Miracle Whip !!

  31. i didnt see any coupon just a free small sample

  32. It is so simple. Just add miracle whip and no other spices needed for potato salad or deviled eggs.

  33. Sandwiches would not be the same without Miracle Whip. It’s the only one I will eat.

  34. My husband does not eat any sandwich, meat, without it. I usally can not be without it, simply but. He lovessssssssssss it.

  35. My husband eats everything with miracle whip. He loves it.


  37. Is there any other kind???

  38. Miracle Whip is the only one for me!!!!!!

  39. rosalie says:

    love it on sandwiches

  40. I love Miracle Whip!! I has less calories than mayonise. When I was a kid my sister and I would have a picnic of Miracle Whip sandwiches (just bread with Mircale Whip spread on it).

  41. Monique Simmons says:

    I love Miracle Whip because a sandwich just ain’t a sandwich without that zangy taste of Miracle Whip!

  42. there is NOTHING that don’t taste good with Miracle Whip!!!

  43. I love Miracle Whip because a sandwich just ain’t a sandwich without that zangy taste of Miracle Whip!

  44. I eat miracle whip with all my breads

  45. My mom makes the best potato salad with Miracle Whip!

  46. I love Miracle Whip because of its tangy ness

  47. Have used MW all my life can not eat anything else. It is the secret ingredient in my fabulous potato salad.

  48. I absolutely love Miracle Whip! I will not use anything else! It’s a family tradition!

  49. I absolutely love Miracle Whip! I will not use anything else! It’s a family tradition.

  50. charlotte says:

    love miracle whip

  51. My family loves it.

  52. Mary Southerland says:

    Miracle Whip make a sandwich great!